Thousands Protest Irish Nightmare Economy By Leo Panitch

5 December, 2010 — The  B u l l e t Socialist Project • E-Bulletin No. 436

Last weekend in Ireland, thousands of people demonstrated against austerity measures and against bearing the burden of the Irish crisis. Just how did the Irish miracle turn into the Irish nightmare? Paul Jay of The Real News Network recently interviewed Leo Panitch. Panitch is a distinguished research professor at York University, teaches political science there, and he’s the author (with Greg Albo and Sam Gindin) of the book In and Out of Crisis: The Global Financial Meltdown and Left Alternatives.

Paul Jay: So, in your view, how do we get from this miracle economy of Ireland with so low unemployment, and apparently a booming middle class, to bust?

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Wikileaks News Roundup 4-5 December, 2010

5 December, 2010 —

5 December, 2010

4 December, 2010


4 December, 2010 — Gilad Atzmon

Israeli press reported today that the wildfire, which has been raging in northern Israel since Thursday, continued to spread on Saturday morning, burning houses in the pastoral artists’ village Ein Hod.

Ein Hod which lies on the road to Haifa is an Israeli artists’ colony. It is located at the foot of Mount Carmel, overlooking the Mediterranean coast. In the fifties, a group of Jewish artists decided to make Ein Hod into their home. They built studios and workshops. Ein Hod is the only artists’ village in Israel, one of the few in the world. Israel and Israelis are very proud of their artists’ colony. Israelis are totally devastated by the impact of the fire on their beloved artist village.

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2 December, 2010 — Gilad Atzmon

pal-fire-01.jpgDisaster in the North of Israel, at least 40 dead as fire rages across the Carmel Mountains. A mass evacuation has begun.

As I am writing these lines, Israeli Fire fighting crews are battling with the flames. They also express no hope of controlling the fire soon. “We lost all control of the fire,” said the Haifa Fire fighting services spokesman. “There aren’t enough fire fighting resources in Israel in order to put out the fire.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hurried to the scene of the fire on Thursday. He requested the help of the U.S, Greece, Italy, Russia, and Cyprus to send additional forces to aid the Israeli firemen. A normal country would probably ask for the help of its neighbours, but the Jewish state doesn’t have neighbours. It made all its neighbours into enemies.

But the story here goes far deeper. The fire in northern Israel is far from being a coincidence. Israel’s rural landscape is saturated with pine trees. These trees are totally new to the region. They were not there until the 1930’s. The pine trees were introduced to the Palestinians landscape in the early 1930s by the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in an attempt to ‘reclaim the land’ . By 1935, JNF had planted 1.7 million trees over a total area of 1,750 acres. Over fifty years, the JNF planted over 260 million trees largely on confiscated Palestinian land. It did it all in a desperate attempt to hide the ruins of the ethnically cleansed Palestinian villages and their history.

Along the years the JNF performed a crude attempt to eliminate Palestinian civilisation and their past but it also tried to make Palestine look like Europe. The Palestinian natural forest was eradicated. Similarly the olive trees were uprooted. The pine trees took their place. On the southern part of mount Carmel the Israelis named an area as ‘Little Switzerland’. I have learned tonight that Little Switzerland is burned.

However, the facts on the ground were pretty devastating for the JNF. The pine tree didn’t adapt to the Israeli climate as much as the Israelis failed to adapt to the Middle East. According to JNF statistics, six out of every 10 saplings planted did not survive. Those few trees that did survive formed nothing but a firetrap. By the end of each Israeli summer each of the Israeli pine forests become a potential deadly zone.

In spite of its nuclear power, its criminal army, the occupation, the Mossad and its lobbies all over the world, Israel seems to be very vulnerable. It is devastatingly alienated from the land it claims to own. Like the pine tree, Israel and the Israeli are foreign to the region.

Gilad Atzmon

VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 4 December, 2010: WikiLeaks Exposes Israeli Mafia’s Growing Influence

4 December, 2010 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Report: “280 Palestinians, Including 43 Children and Three Women, Kidnapped Last Month”
IMEMC – 4 Dec 2010 – Sunday December 05, 2010 – 04:35, The Higher Committee for Supporting the Detainees stated that Israeli soldiers kidnapped in November 280 Palestinians, including 43 children and three women, in several areas in the occupied West Bank and in occupied East Jerusalem.

Israeli And International Firefighters Continue To Combat Wildfires
IMEMC – 4 Dec 2010 – Sunday December 05, 2010 – 03:40, Despite ongoing efforts of Israeli and international firefighters and rescue teams, fires continue to consume more areas in the Carmel while also spreading to Jerusalem Forrest, and to an area on the Israel-Lebanon border.

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 3 December, 2010: 88th worker shot in northern Gaza ‘no go zone’

3 December, 2010 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Hamas Denies Al-Qaeda Presence but Claims Extremist Group on Rise
IMEMC – 3 Dec 2010 – Friday December 03, 2010 – 17:40, Hamas Prime Minister Haniyeh firmly declared that there is no al-Qaeda in Gaza but also denounced a new group of zealots is rising, the Associated Press reported on Thursday.

Dozens of Injured Due To Tear Gas Inhalation in the Weekly Protest in Bil’in
IMEMC – 3 Dec 2010 – Friday December 03, 2010 – 16:49, On Friday, dozens of people suffered tear gas inhalation during the weekly nonviolent protests against the wall and settlements in Bil’in, west Ramallah; no arrest were reported.

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I pledge allegiance… By Harry Feldman

4 December, 2010 —

While I’ve been dithering, it’s faded from the headlines. But it was quite the controversial topic way back in October.

On 10 October, the Israeli cabinet approved a bill by 22 votes to 8 changing the wording the loyalty oath non Jews seeking Israeli citizenship must take.

The Nationality Law of 1952 provides mechanisms for obtaining Israeli nationality by ‘return’, residence, birth, or naturalization. The residence provisions only apply to those resident prior to the promulgation of the law. Only children of Israeli nationals are entitled to nationality by birth — children born in Israel to non Israeli parents apparently have no claim to Israeli nationality. Jews immigrating under the Law of Return are entitled to Israeli nationality under the ‘return’ provisions.

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