Information Clearing House Newsletter 14 December, 2010: Michael Moore: Why I'm Posting Bail for Julian Assange

14 December, 2010 — Information Clearing House

Julian Assange Granted Bail
By Mark Tran
Founder of WikiLeaks granted £240,000 bail at Westminster magistrates court after celebrities stand sureties.

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Release Delayed
“The Swedes won’t abide by the umpire’s decision. They want to put Mr Assange through yet more trouble, more expense, more hurdles.

Why I’m Posting Bail Money for Julian Assange
By Michael Moore
I am publicly offering the assistance of my website, my servers, my domain names and anything else I can do to keep WikiLeaks alive and thriving as it continues its work to expose the crimes that were concocted in secret and carried out in our name and with our tax dollars.

Sign the petition
WikiLeaks: Stop the Crackdown

By Avaaz
We urgently need a massive public outcry to defend our basic democratic freedoms. Sign the petition to stop the crackdown — let’s reach 1 million voices this week!

Funding Illegal Israeli Settlements?
By Bernard Keane
Visa, Mastercard and PayPal all enable donations to be made to US-registered groups funding illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank in defiance of international law. It appears at least one of the major credit cards also enables donations to an extremist Jewish group that has placed a bounty on the lives of Palestinians.

The Soft Restraints of Ignorance
Aldous Huxley Would Be Proud

By Kelley B. Vlahos
Propaganda, the suppression of the truth, particularly in democratic societies, Huxley argued, would bring upon an age of human enslavement, where instead of yokes and chains, people in celebrated “free” societies like America would be bound by the soft restraints of ignorance, incuriousness, distraction and irrationality.

US Surge In Afghanistan ‘Not Working’
By Ben Farmer
America’s surge strategy in Afghanistan is not working and it should begin peace negotiations with Taliban leaders according to experts on the country who have written an open letter to Barack Obama.

WikiLeaks Exposes Pakistan’s Rhetoric
By Aparna Pande
The cables show that contrary to what was said in public the military leadership, including General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, approved drone strikes against Al Qaeda targets and approved US Special Forces being embedded within the Pakistani army fighting in the north-west.

Tony Blair Attacked on Iraq War ‘Fortune’
By Craig Woodhouse
Tony Blair should give up millions of pounds he is earning from the Kuwaiti government as reparations for the Iraq war, campaigners said today.

Terrorist by Association
By Jeremy Gantz
The Justice Department targets nonviolent solidarity activists.

Taliban want end to US ‘colonial sway’:
The militant group said the Americans should give up the idea of colonial rule in Afghanistan.

Holbrooke’s Last Words: “You’ve Got to Stop this War in Afghanistan”:
In his final words before emergency heart surgery, Richard Holbrooke, the influential U.S. diplomat who died on Monday following complications from the surgery, urged an end to America’s nine-year old Afghanistan conflict.

“If I had to choose sides today, I’d choose the Taliban,” Afghan President Hamid Karzai:
As he spoke, he grew agitated, then enraged. He told them that he now has three “main enemies” – the Taliban, the United States and the international community.

Afghan government approves gold mine deal:
Brinkley, who directs the defense department’s Task Force for Business and Stability Operations, said the gold mine deal is evidence that Western investors are showing confidence in Afghanistan’s economic future.

Agreement sought on Afghan-Pakistan gas pipeline:
The leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan were in the capital of gas-rich Turkmenistan Saturday to push forward on ambitions to build a pipeline across their countries.

US Kills 4 People In Pakistan:
Four persons were killed in a US drone attack on a vehicle in Miranshah tehsil in North Waziristan Agency on Tuesday.

Three killed in firing at Peshawar shrine:
Three people were killed on Tuesday when unknown gunmen opened fire inside the Ghazi Baba shrine in Peshawar.

Four people killed in attacks on Shiites in Iraq: –
Some four people were killed in separate attacks targeting Shiite convoys in the Iraqi capital and its neighbouring Diyala province on Tuesday.

Palestinians to Mitchell: U.S. must demand talks based on 1967 borders:
U.S. envoy meets with Abbas, who says Palestinians have already submitted their stance on core issues and that the U.S. must now turn to Netanyahu with demands.

Hamas leader in Gaza vows group will never recognize Israel
“We say today that there will be no occupation of the land of Palestine and then we can say there is no future for the occupation on our land. I mean from the sea to the river and from Rafah up to Naqoora.”

Sick joke:
EU to wait until ‘appropriate’ to recognize Palestinian state:

The 27 EU foreign ministers were meeting in Brussels a day after chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat wrote a letter to foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, urging the body to back its efforts to rope in the international community.

Australia at odds with US on Tehran:
Australia is at odds with its major security ally, the United States, over Iran, saying it is not a “rogue state” and its nuclear weapons programme is for deterrence, not attack, according to US cables released by WikiLeaks.

Gillard may get me killed: Assange:
WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange says Prime Minister Julia Gillard has put his life and freedom at risk by publicly pre-judging his actions as “criminal”.

Sydney Wikileaks Protest

Swedish Prosecutor Raises Possible Extradition of WikiLeaks Founder to U.S.:
The Swedish prosecutor who asked British authorities to detain Mr. Assange and send him to Sweden for questioning about possible sex crimes, discussed the possibility of sending him to the United States in a statement posted on the Swedish Prosecution Authority’s Web site on Tuesday.

Restored Hosted by US Web Host:
The newly restored site does not contain any of the controversial leaked cables or content that it previously had prior to being shut down.

Nigeria mulls $250 mln deal to drop Cheney charges:
Nigeria has negotiated a 250 million dollar settlement deal that would see it drop charges against US ex-vice president Dick Cheney and others over a bribery scandal, an official said Tuesday.

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq “1,421,933″

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq:  4,745

Number Of  International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan :  2,263

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Wikileaks Mirrors
Wikileaks is currently mirrored on 2130 web sites

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