Information Clearing House Newsletter 24 December, 2010: The Government's One-way Mirror

24 December, 2010 — Information Clearing House

Bradley Manning An “Ethical Giant”
Manning Speaks About His Conditions
By David House
Bradley Manning confidant David House reports on the alleged whistle-blower’s confinement.

The Government’s One-way Mirror
By Glenn Greenwald
One of the hallmarks of an authoritarian government is its fixation on hiding everything it does behind a wall of secrecy while simultaneously monitoring, invading and collecting files on everything its citizenry does. Based on the Francis Bacon aphorism that “knowledge is power,” this is the extreme imbalance that renders the ruling class omnipotent and citizens powerless.

Avatar Story Was So True to Life
By Jonathan Glennie
Sadly, the violent displacement of indigenous people by ruthless companies doesn’t happen just on screen.

How Do We Shift Power to the People
and Away from Concentrated Corporate Power?

By Kevin Zeese
Corporate capital dominates the government and prevents the changes urgently needed in so many crisis issues for the nation and the world.

35 Killed as Pakistan militants mount attacks on Afghan border:
Eleven troops and 24 militants killed after insurgents strike five security checkpoints in north-west tribal region

As US drone strikes have increased, so have assassinations, Pakistanis say:
As often as seven times a week, tribesmen there say, corpses appear in fields and on roadsides with dark warnings pinned to their tunics: All American spies will meet the same fate.

Pakistan sells sovereignty:
US pays Pakistan more than $600m in “aid”:
Washington transferred more than 600 million dollars to the Pakistani government this week to pay for its efforts in the fight against violent extremists, the US embassy in Islamabad said Thursday.

2 Afghan civilians killed in US-led attack:
NATO forces attacked a construction company. Two of the company’s security personnel were killed and two others were injured. NATO has claimed that the attack was aimed at a suspicious militant base, but Afghan police say no militants were in the area.

Seven killed in Iraqi violence:
Seven people were killed and eight injured Friday in two separate attacks in Iraq, according to police sources.

Top Shiite cleric says new Iraqi government is sub-standard:
Sheikh Abdel-Mahdi al-Karbalaei, a confidant of influential Shiite spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, said that the new cabinet is ‘below the standards’ Iraqi citizens had hoped for and suggested it could prove to be weaker than the previous government.

US Congress approves $725bn defence spending:
Other provisions in the legislation include: $205m for a programme with Israel to develop a mobile defence system

Military sexual abuse ‘staggering’:
In part two of our series, Al Jazeera examines the often hidden world of rape and abuse in the US military.

US Embassy Cables: : Israel destroyed Syria nuclear reactor:
WikiLeaks: srael destroyed a Syrian nuclear reactor in an air raid just weeks before it went online in 2007, said a US diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks and published on Friday in an Israeli daily.

12 Israeli jets violate Lebanon airspace:
The Israeli jet fighters penetrated Lebanese airspace on Friday in defiance of the UN Security Council resolution 1701.

Egyptian has ‘revealed three Israeli spy cells’:
The confessions of an Egyptian accused of spying for Israel have led to three espionage cells being dismantled in Lebanon and Syria, where an agent was executed in November, Cairo newspapers said Friday.

Turkey probes US nukes at airbase’:
Turkish parliamentarians are discussing a report revealing that the United States has deployed 90 nuclear bombs at Turkey’s Incirlik Air Force base, a report says.

The tyranny of the Israeli majority:
The present political balance of power has created a Knesset that has become an assembly line of legislation that is dragging Israel down to the bottom of the list of civilized countries.

It’s not anti-Semitic to say that Hasidic Jews are intolerant of goyim :
“I didn’t realise that goyim were about as welcome in the Hasidic Jewish shops as Martin Luther King at a Ku Klux Klan convention,”

Cadets For Christ Solicits Letters to the Air Force Academy to Use as Ammo:
This is the most recent development in an outrageous story that has been developing over the better part of this year, so, for those who need to be brought up to speed, here’s what’s going on in as small of a nutshell as I can put it:

C.I.A. Secrets Could Surface in Swiss Nuclear Case:
A seven-year effort by the Central Intelligence Agency to hide its relationship with a Swiss family who once acted as moles inside the world’s most successful atomic black market hit a turning point on Thursday when a Swiss magistrate recommended charging the men with trafficking in technology and information for making nuclear arms.

Cuba puts ‘imperialist’ US Wikileaks online:
Cuba says it will publish on the internet more than 2,000 US diplomatic cables released by the website Wikileaks. It says the documents prove links between Cuba’s “so-called internal dissidence” and the US government.

Assange says ‘high chance’ he would be killed in US jail:
Assange added that if the United States succeeded in getting him extradited from Britain or Sweden, then there was a “high chance” of him being killed “Jack Ruby-style” in an American prison.

US Congress blocks Guantanamo closure:
US lawmakers have effectively blocked President Barack Obama’s efforts to close the controversial terror prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, by approving a Pentagon budge that forbids spending money on the move.

Welcome to America:
Woman arrested at ABIA after refusing enhanced pat down:

“I told them, ‘No, I’m not going to have my breasts felt,’ and she said, ‘Yes, you are,’” said Hirschkind.

ACLU placed on Tennessee terror map for letter to schools:
The ACLU of Tennessee says it ended up on a map of potential terrorist threats after it sent a letter to school superintendents asking them to be “inclusive” in their holiday celebrations.

More anti-war activists subpoenaed, attorney says:
More federal grand jury subpoenas went out this week as part of an apparent investigation into possible links between U.S. anti-war groups and foreign terrorist organizations, according to an attorney for the anti-war activists.

Irish developers still living the high life:
For some property magnates, it’s like the financial crisis never happened.

Deutsche Bank pays half a billion to escape US tax probe:
Germany’s biggest bank, Deutsche Bank, has agreed to pay US authorities $554 million (421 million euros) to end a fraud investigation and compensate the government for lost tax revenues.,,14731114,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-top-1022-rdf

Some investors fear collapse of municipal bonds across nation:
Investors have fled municipal bonds in recent weeks, leading to rising fears about investments in state and local government debt and increasing the potential for higher rates for when governments look to borrow money.

16 US Cities Facing Bankruptcy If They Don’t Make Deep Cuts:
2011 will be the year of the municipal default. At least that’s what analysts like Meredith Whitney predict, as do bond investors that have been fleeing the muni market.

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq “1,421,933″

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,745

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,275

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Wikileaks Mirrors
Wikileaks is currently mirrored on 2194 web sites

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