Wikileaks Daily News Roundup 28 December, 2010

28 December, 2010 —

WikiLeaks: UAE considered keeping Hamas hit quiet
The Associated Press
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Diplomatic cables recently released by
WikiLeaks indicate authorities in the United Arab Emirates debated whether
to …

WikiLeaks’ Assange Reaches Book Deal With US Publisher
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has reached a deal with a US publisher to
write a book about his life and his organization. The New York publisher
Alfred …

‘WikiLeaks’ storms English lexicon
PTI, Updated: December 28, 2010 16:05 IST ‘WikiLeaks’ has stormed its way
into the English lexicon after meeting every ‘depth and breadth’ of
recorded usage …

Online Only: WikiLeaks: A warning and a wake-up call
Gates-Chili Post
AP FILE – In this Oct. 23, 2010 file photo, WikiLeaks founder Julian
Assange, speaks during a news conference in London. The lawyer for Assange
says that …

Latest Batch of Wikileaks Documents Show Massive ‘Mission Creep’ in Drug War
The Moderate Voice
According to a lengthy analysis in the New York Times, the latest batch of
diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks reveal that the US Drug Enforcement

WikiLeaks probe ‘legal folly’: Lawyer
by Staff Reporter HUMAN Rights Lawyers have insisted that the proposed
WikiLeaks Commission should be impartial also target Zanu PF officials
named in the …

Syria helped orchestrate 2006 Mohammed cartoon riots, WikiLeaks cables reveal
By DPA Tags: Syria WikiLeaks The government of Syria was active in
organizing the 2006 riots that erupted across the Arab world following the
publication of …

US Apologizes to Peru Over Leaked Cables
Voice of America
WikiLeaks published the cables. One cable said that President Alan Garcia
had a “colossal ego,” while making references about his health and personal
life. …

Robert Fisk: WikiLeaks exposed US and Hillary’s hopelessness
Belfast Telegraph
And then up pops the very same cable last week on WikiLeaks, breathlessly
highlighted by The New York Times as if this is an extraordinary scoop. …

Malaysian artist’s TIME of fame
Malaysia Star
By LIM AI LEE PETALING JAYA: The man behind WikiLeaks may not have been
TIME magazine’s pick for Person of the Year, but he has indirectly helped
“expose” …

Anonymous Group Attacks Bank of America in the Name of WikiLeaks
… financial institution announced last week that it would no longer
process payments and/or donations to controversial non-profit organization
WikiLeaks. …

WikiLeaks: UAE considered keeping Hamas hit quiet
AP , 12.28.10, 03:38 AM EST DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Leaked
diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks indicate authorities in the United
Arab Emirates …

Plenty of hypocrisy to go around on WikiLeaks
Asheville Citizen-Times
WikiLeaks has been making news for months by posting previously hidden
information and also in the form of the government’s embarrassment. …

Wikileaks Revelations Open a Window on Worsening Graft Problem
Nairobi, Dec 28, 2010 (The East African/All Africa Global Media via COMTEX)
— Revelations from the WikiLeaks cables that anti-graft czar Edward Hosea
had …

Wikileaks Cable: Inside Mexico Drug War
Mexico City, Mexico – Through the releasing of a cable, the profile of the
prolific drug war is exposed. A timetable of 7 to 10 years is the amount of
time …

WikiLeaks: Where have we heard this before?
Ah, but WikiLeaks is different. When a nasty dictatorship pressures
web-hosting companies and manipulates international law in order to punish
someone for …

Wikileaks cable reveals details on buildup talks
Pacific Daily News
A Wikileaks cable released by the New Zealand Herald last week details what
C. Steven McGann, a US Department of Interior official, said during a
September …

UN chief offered Mugabe deal to step down —WikiLeaks
Toronto Star
… Robert Mugabe a deal to step down and live in a safe haven, but the
veteran leader rejected the offer, according to US documents obtained by
WikiLeaks. …—un-chief-offered-mugabe-deal-to-step-down-wikileaks

WikiLeaks shows US renewed Indonesia military ties after ‘threat’
By agency reporter Government cables released by WikiLeaks have revealed
that Indonesia threatened to derail President Obama’s visit to Jakarta this
year …

An Interactive Interpretation of WikiLeaks’ Theory of Conspiracy by Governance
Leaky World attempts to turn Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange’s essay on
conspiracy into a computer game. Assange’s wacky essay “Conspiracy as
Governance” …

WikiLeaks and civilian-military relationship
Daily Times
By Ali K Chishti “ WikiLeaks cables exposed the politicised military
generals in Pakistan, where the army had turned out to be the biggest
losers as …

WikiLeaks on Kashmir (press release)
Whistle-blower website WikiLeaks, thanks to information technology, has
blown the lid off many cesspools in diplomatic world. …

Wikileaks, Intermediary Chokepoints And The Dissent Tax
We already posted Glyn Moody’s response to Jaron Lanier’s critique of
Wikileaks, but I also wanted to point to and discuss an excellent
rebuttal/debunking …

It’s different with the Kremlin
Boston Globe
AMERICANS ARE entitled to be angry about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
and his anarchistic attitude toward the release of a quarter million US
diplomatic …

‘Norwegians in UNIFIL causing negative view of J’lem’
Jerusalem Post
By HERB KEINON WikiLeaks doc.: Norway laboratory for understanding Israel’s
difficulties in Europe: The country sanctifies dialogue, has an aversion to

Wikileaks truth telling
Kansas City Star (blog)
How ironic that our country would take exception to, and make outrageous
claims about, the WikiLeaks documents. Through Radio Free Europe and other
sources, …

Wikileaks: traditional liberalism with balls? – Boing Boing
By Rob Beschizza
In The New Republic, Noam Scheiber takes for granted that Wikileaks is here
to stay, with relentless pressure on big business and big government that
permanently hampers their ability to prevent leaks. This will result in
smaller, …

WikiLeaks Founder Signs Book Deal –
Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, says Random House’s Alfred Knopf
division will pay $800000 to publish his autobiography in the United
States, and Canongate will pay about $500000 to publish it in Britain.

Bank Of America, Wikileaks And Eric Holder – What The U.S. …
By Dr. Pitchfork
The US attorney general, Eric Holder, has been going hammer and tongs at
the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights in order to silence a news
organization, Wikileaks, which is about to publish bombshell evidence of
corruption — and …

WikiLeaks Reveals Worldwide Drug Corruption | News One
By Casey Gane-McCalla
New cables released by WikiLeaks show the extent of the DEA’s involvement
with the worldwide drug trade.

Poland asked US about missile shield uses: WikiLeaks | Missiles …
By Agence France-Presse
The US told Poland that a proposed American and NATO missile shield aimed
at defending against attacks from Iran or Syria could be used to stop
missiles coming.

What Does Bank Of America Fear From Wikileaks? “ Reflections by …
By Ron Schenone
So what could Wikileaks have on Bank of America? Well if you have the top
honcho of the company not telling the truth, one would suspect that this
kind of behavior could flow downwards. I seriously doubt that any of us
truly believe the …

Post-WikiLeaks World: Hacktivists Strike Back | Opinion | Epoch Times
By By Rebecca Wexler
The furor over the cables released by WikiLeaks has produced the first
Internet civil-disobedience movement.

WikiLeaks and Financial Regulation News to Know This Blizzard
WikiLeaks and Financial Regulation News to Know This Blizzard If you are in
the northeast you are more than likely stranded at home ambac, bank, bank
of america , basel, bofa, financial regulation, mbia, municipal bonds, wall
street, …

Wikileaks show State Dept lied when it told reporters Dubai hadn’t …
By Philip Weiss
Wikileaks has just released a February 24, 2010 cable in which the embassy
relays the specific credit card numbers used by 14 of the 27 known Mossad
suspects to State with a request for assistance from authorities
investigating the …

2010-12-27 Wikileaks writers killed in Kenya March 5, 2009 | WL …
By GeorgieBC
Wikileaks writers killed in Kenya. On Thursday afternoon March 5, Oscar
Kamau Kingara, director of the Kenyan based Oscar legal aid Foundation, and
its programme coordinator, John Paul Oulo, were shot at close range in
their car less …

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange signs $1.3 million book deal – Tech …
By Matthew Humphries
Dec. 27, 2010 – Julian Assange is not in the best of situations right now.
He is under house arrest in London, faces possible extradition to Sweden to
face charges of sexual.

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Strikes Lucrative Book Deal …
WikiLeaks has been embroiled in an international controversy after recently
releasing nearly 250000 classified U.S. State Dept. cables. Several
companies including Bank of America, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal have
blocked donations to …

CIA Response To WikiLeaks: “WTF” – The
By Mark Follman
To some agency veterans, WikiLeaks has vindicated the CIA’s long-standing
aversion to sharing secrets with other government agencies, a posture that
came under sharp criticism after it was identified as a factor that
contributed to the …

Banks and Wikileaks | insignificant thoughts
By Vinny
I’ve been saying since the beginning that I find the fact that banks are
cutting of donations to Wikileaks troubling. The fact that my bank, Bank of
America, can tell me I can’t donate money to an entity that, by any
measure, …

We ask that all people who love freedom close out their accounts …
We ask that all people who love freedom close out their accounts at Bank of

Does your business do business with Bank of America? Our advise is …
Does your business do business with Bank of America? Our advise is to place
your funds somewhere safer.

Air Force cutting off access to WikiLeaks news – CNN
The U.S. Air Force is denying its personnel access to websites carrying
documents released by WikiLeaks, including those of some news
organizations, …

WikiLeaks – Carnegie Mellon University
“WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange and others argue that making these
documents public creates an openness about the practices of the United
States. …

Bank of America Cuts Services for WikiLeaks – PCWorld Business Center
Bank of America has joined the growing list of financial and technology
companies that have cut off services to WikiLeaks, a move that comes amid

CIA Launches WTF To Investigate Wikileaks – Slashdot
krou writes “In an effort to investigate the impact of the leaked
diplomatic cables, the CIA have launched the Wikileaks Task Force, commonly
referred to at …

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