Wikileaks Daily News Roundup 29 December, 2010

29 December, 2010 —

Julian Assange to keep WikiLeaks afloat with money from book deal
Christian Science Monitor
Julian Assange has signed a book deal worth more than $1 million as a way
to pay WikiLeaks’ legal bills. The business world has had a mixed reaction
to …

Why WikiLeaks Is Unlike the Pentagon Papers
Wall Street Journal
Can anyone doubt that he would have made those four volumes public on
WikiLeaks regardless of their sensitivity? Or that he would have paid not
even the …

WikiLeaks: UAE Debated Silence on Hamas Hit
Voice of America
Diplomatic cables released by the WikiLeaks website show officials in the
United Arab Emirates considered staying silent on the assassination of a
top Hamas …

How WikiLeaks Just Set Back Democracy in Zimbabwe
The Atlantic
And slightly less than one year later, WikiLeaks released it to the world.
The reaction in Zimbabwe was swift. Zimbabwe’s Mugabe-appointed attorney
general …

Voros: WikiLeaks pokes holes in cloud computing
San Jose Mercury News
But that’s what happened this week after WikiLeaks obtained this document
as one of the many thought-to-be-safe communiques distributed via the US

CNN’s Jessica Yellin, Glenn Greenwald Spar Over WikiLeaks (VIDEO)
Huffington Post
CNN’s Jessica Yellin and blogger Glenn Greenwald got into a sparring match
about whether WikiLeaks can be placed in the same category as media outlets
such …

The Nixon Tapes vs. Wikileaks
World Press Review
With all the excitement over the past weeks about Wikileaks’ diplomatic
cables, the Nixon Presidential Library and Birthplace Foundation’s release
of 265 …

Conspiracy Theory Links Israel to WikiLeaks
PR Newswire (press release)
28, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The unauthorized publication of
thousands of pages of classified US diplomatic cables by the WikiLeaks
organization has …

Wikileaks Cable: Martinelli Is a Threat to the Rule of Law in Panama
Cato @ Liberty
A cable released by Wikileaks this week seems to confirm many of these
fears. Dated August 2009 and signed by then US Ambassador to Panama Barbara

US long concerned by Khodorkovsky trial, cables on WikiLeaks show
CNN International
But diplomatic cables obtained by the website WikiLeaks suggest the United
States has long regarded Khodorkovsky’s trial as part of a broader assault
on the …

WikiLeaks founder Assange strikes book deal to cover legal fees
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been forced to sign a book deal worth
USD 1.7 million to pay for legal costs, according to reports. …

WikiLeaks, a Napster-style Internet gamechanger for 2010
Albuquerque Express
For now, WikiLeaks has governments, institutions and individuals around the
world searching for answers to difficult questions surrounding US policy,

Memeburn’s tech winners of 2010: Apple, Microsoft, Zynga, WikiLeaks
As Julian Assange and Wikileaks became water-cooler conversation and the
world watched the story unfold like a soap opera, everyone had an opinion.

WikiLeaks’ DEA Exposé: ‘Mission Creep’ and the War on Drugs
Politics Daily
A handful of conservatives have already weighed-in on the latest WikiLeaks
revelations regarding the DEA’s war on drugs in 63 countries, but I figured
I …

Hey, how’d your Apple get into my Wikileaks? 2010’s Top 15 ZDNet Government posts
ZDNet (blog)
And then there are subjects like Wikileaks, a Web site that’s upsetting the
status quo among nations and national security. Since March, I’ve published
172 …

Wikileaks Leaks US Criticism, Praise Of Chile’s President -Report
SANTIAGO -(Dow Jones)- Wikileaks has disclosed leaked US diplomatic cables
in which Chilean President Sebastian Pinera, who hadn’t yet taken office
when the …

5 Ways To Profit From Ongoing WikiLeaks (VRSN, AKAM, MFE, WBSN, SYMC)
San Francisco Chronicle
5) Verisign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN) operates in two segments: Internet
Infrastructure and Identity Services (3IS), which consists of Naming
Services and …

WikiLeaks: Liberal democracy crisis-ridden?
The Citizen Daily
For more than a week the media in Tanzania has been awash with news stories
and feature articles on WikiLeaks cables that have found their way into the
news …

Turkish journalist blames US, WikiLeaks for loss of job
Hurriyet Daily News
Turkish journalist Fehmi Koru has blamed a former US ambassador and the
WikiLeaks website for causing him to lose his longtime job with daily Yeni
?afak, …

Wikileaks game asks you to connect dots and stop leaks
“Leaky World” is a free Web game based on Julian Assange’s essay
“Conspiracy as Governance” and is the first game to launch as part of the
Wikileaks Stories …

Wikileaks in English lexicon
Deccan Chronicle
28: ‘Wikileaks’ has stormed its way into the English lexicon after meeting
every ‘depth and breadth’ of recorded usage of the language. …

What we can learn from WikiLeaks
Jamaica Gleaner
IT HAS become part of everyone’s vocabulary and, predictably, the world
will be talking about WikiLeaks – the secret-spilling website run by the
Sunshine …

Letter: The fuss about WikiLeaks
Rockford Register Star
The mild diplomatic embarrassment caused by the latest revelations by
WikiLeaks is not serious. If not actually laudable, it is a small price to
pay for …

Louis Chose to Be Heterosexual! Wikileaks, Michael Moore, 9/11 1st Responders …
Midweek Politics
—Audience voicemails and emails about Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Michael
Moore, Louis’ weight and appearance, the 9-11 first responders bill, and
much more …

WikiLeaks cables ‘deliberately published’ by US: Pak survey
Indian Express
Fifty-two per cent of Pakistanis believe that secret US diplomatic cables
leaked by whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks were “deliberately published”
by …

WikiLeaks clones popping up in Europe and beyond
Deutsche Welle
The perceived successes of WikiLeaks have catalyzed would-be
whistle-blowers to launch their own crusades for transparency. …,,14740932,00.html

WikiLeaks: Former Sen. Martinez worked to squelch Spanish torture investigation
The Florida Independent
By Cooper Levey-Baker | 12.28.10 | 1:30 pm Over the weekend, The Miami
Herald used documents unearthed by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks to
publish an …

Memorable tweets of 2010: BP, Aussies, WikiLeaks, Palin, Vuvuzela, Pigspotter
By Amanda Sevasti Whitehouse The World Cup, the BP Gulf oil spill,
Wikileaks, the launch of the iPad, Chilean miners… 2010 was a year with
plenty of …

Q/A: Global Compliance’s Katrina Campbell On Wikileaks, Confidential …
Wall Street Journal (blog)
In this Q&A, she discusses what Wikileaks means for companies dealing with
confidential information, and how companies should handle whistleblowers.

‘Kouchner talked about recognizing Palestinian state’
Jerusalem Post
By HERB KEINON WikiLeaks: Former French FM told Mitchell of idea in Jan
2010; Israeli official says confident this is not now Paris’ policy. …

Wikileaks, Thaileaks, Indoleaks, Pinoyleaks · Global Voices
By Mong Palatino
There are Wikileaks clones in Southeast Asia: Thaileaks from Thailand,
Indoleaks from Indonesia and PinoyLeaks from the Philippines. These
websites were established/revived this month to support the work started by
Wikileaks and to …

Wikileaks document alleges Syrian government role in 2006 cartoon …
By Ed Morrissey
The latest Wikileaks document from American diplomatic files may not
embarrass the US government nearly as much as it might the Assad regime in
Syria. In February 2006, enraged Muslims took to the streets of Damascus in
protest over the …

The Real Reason Amazon Dropped WikiLeaks? Taxpayer Money …
By Charles Davis
Earlier this month, online retail giant portrayed its decision
to drop the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks from its servers as a brave,
moral stand prompted by its tremendous concern f… Read more of this post,
The Real …

The #1 Game-Changer of 2010: Wikileaks By a Landslide – Hit & Run …
By Nick Gillespie
Over at Truthdig, Richard Reeves makes the case that, unlike most stories
clogging annual journalistic top ten lists, Wikileaks is the one big new

The BRAD BLOG : CNN Fails Again on WikiLeaks Coverage
By Brad Friedman
Watch the video, be amazed, and then I’ll have a few more words on it
below, as it mirrors another recent — and embarrassing —
WikiLeaks-related segment on CNN, which we critically covered before later
receiving a response from both …

Could Lula’s Support for Wikileaks Translate into Brazilian Asylum …
By BuzzFlash
Assange has praised Lula for speaking out about Wikileaks, and promises to
release more cables relating to U.S.-Brazilian relations. Relatively
speaking, Wikileaks has already published a great number of documents from
the U.S. …

WikiLeaks vs. The Law of Unintended Consequences “ The Confluence
By myiq2xu
Assange defended one of WikiLeaks’ collaborators, Israel Shamir, following
claims Shamir passed sensitive cables to Belarus’s dictator, Alexander
Lukashenko. Lukashenko has arrested 600 opposition supporters and
journalists since …

on Wikileaks – Hullabaloo
By digby
Greenwald has a good post up this morning about his appearance on CNN
yesterday and what it and the rest of the media’s reaction to Wikileaks has
to say about journalism. There are many fine points in the piece, but he
mentions one …

WikiLeaks, Gawker, OpenBSD, Lineage II – 90 Sec News – Dec 2010 …
By Naked Security – Sophos
Don’t just read the latest computer security news – watch it in 90 seconds!
This month: the WikiLeaks show, massive Gawker password theft, an
out-of-the-blue OpenBSD accusation, and virtual property stolen from
Lineage II.

Wikileaks (The Quiet Road)
By Jim Bliss
Ignoring the snow — which is now news across much of Europe and North
America — a look at the internet media suggests much of the world is
fixated on the Wikileaks saga. And who can blame them? Suddenly the
headline “Website sparks war” …

wikileaks — Lucas Gonze’s blog
By Lucas Gonze
About this Entry. wikileaks was posted on December 28th, 2010 at 10.57am
and is filed under Uncategorized. This entry has no comments (yet). You can
follow any responses through the RSS 2.0 Feed. …

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Says He’s Forced To Write A Book
By The Huffington Post News Editors
LONDON — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he’s being forced into
penning an autobiography to keep his organization from going under. New
York publishing house Alfred A. Knopf confirmed Monday that it had struck a
deal with the …

WikiLeaks: Former Sen. Martinez worked to squelch Spanish torture …
By admin
Over the weekend, The Miami Herald used documents unearthed by the
whistleblower website WikiLeaks to publish an interesting account of how
the U.S. government worked to convince Spanish officials not to pursue an
investigation into …

p2pnet news “ Blog Archive “ Wired’s Poulsen ‘concealed’ WikiLeaks …
By Jon
WikiLeaks technology [was] designed from the very beginning to make sure
that we never know the identities or names of people submitting us
material. That is, in the end, the only way that sources can be guaranteed
that they remain …

PAD and Wikileaks | Political Prisoners in Thailand
By thaipoliticalprisoners
PAD and Wikileaks. Bangkok Pundit has a really fine post regarding the
response of People’s Alliance for Democracy leadership on Wikileaks.
Essentially, PAD leaders accuse Wikileaks and/or U.S. Ambassador Eric John
of making everything …

A Killing in Dubai | FP
A Killing in Dubai | FP

Mossad assassins’ Master Card numbers
Mossad assassins’ Master Card numbers

Conspiracy theories linking WikiLeaks to Israel
Conspiracy theories linking WikiLeaks to Israel

WikiLeaks: Cuba banned Sicko for depicting ‘mythical’ healthcare …
Authorities feared footage of gleaming hospital in Michael Moore’s Oscar-
nominated film would provoke a popular backlash.

Bank of America Cuts Off Wikileaks Transactions – Slashdot
Chaonici writes “The first actual bank to do so, Bank of America has
decided that it will follow in the footsteps of PayPal, MasterCard, and
Visa, …

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