NATO Newslinks 25 May 2011: Obama, Cameron predict success in Libya

25 May 2011 —

WRAPUP 4-NATO ups strikes in Tripoli, sees no Iraq parallel
By Matt Faloon and Joseph Logan LONDON/TRIPOLI, May 25 (Reuters) – US President Barack Obama warned Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on Wednesday there would be ‘no let up’ in pressure on him to go, following a second successive night of heavy NATO …

NATO pushes Taliban back in east Afghan district
Kansas City Star
A joint NATO-Afghan assault has pushed Taliban fighters back after they
seized control of half of a remote district in the mountainous east.
Nuristan provincial governor, Jamaludin Badar, says the counter-attack
Wednesday expelled the Taliban from a …

German, NATO soldiers killed by Afghan bombings
Monsters and
Kabul – Two soldiers of the NATO-led International Security Assistance
Force (ISAF) were killed in roadside bombings in Afghanistan, officials
said Wednesday. One soldier died from a roadside bomb in the northern
region Wednesday, the military said in …

Obama, Cameron predict success in Libya
CBS News
(AP) LONDON (AP) — Predicting success in Libya, President Barack Obama
said Wednesday that Moammar Gadhafi would ultimately be forced to step down
if NATO keeps up its military campaign with the US playing a key role. “I
believe that we have built …

Senate to Vote on Libya Resolution
Fox News (blog)
John Kerry, D-Mass., and John McCain, R-Ariz, have been working for some
time on a nonbinding resolution to express support for the US involvement
in the NATO mission in Libya (also involved: Sens. Levin, Feinstein,
Graham, Chambliss, Lieberman). …

NATO Parliamentary Assembly to be held in Kyiv on July 5-7
Kyiv Post
The annual NATO Parliamentary Assembly will be held in Kyiv on May 5-7,
Interfax-Ukraine has learned from the NATO Information and Documentation
Center in Ukraine. According to a source at the center, during the event,
meetings of the NATO-Ukraine …

Spy Planes Help Set Targets in NATO Air Campaign Over Libya
New York Times
Two months into the Libya air campaign, allied officers insist they have
worked out the kinks in an operation initially plagued by NATO’s
inexperience in waging a complex air war against moving targets and botched
communications with the ragtag rebel …

2 British pilots have been sent back from NATO’s Italy base for boozy misbehaviour
The Canadian Press
LONDON — Two pilots have been sent home from the NATO-led campaign
against Moammar Gadhafi’s forces in Libya for what the British military
delicately described as “an alcohol-related incident.” The BBC says that
the pair were disciplined in late March …

William Hague: Deployment of Apache helicopters would not mark Libya escalation
The Guardian
“And indeed about a quarter of all the sorties, all the flights of the Nato
operations in and around Libya, are United States flights.” It was “quite
right that the UK, France, and many other nations, also play a leading
role”, he added. …

Ukraine initiates cyber-attack protection meeting with NATO
NRCU – Ukrainian Radio
Ukraine plans to organize a meeting with NATO representatives to discuss
the protection against cyber attacks in September, Stepan Havrysh, the
Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine,
told Ukrainian journalists in …

Envoy to NATO nominated US Ambassador to Armenia
Armenian Reporter
by Emil Sanamyan Washington – John A. Heffern, a career member of the
Senior Foreign Service and current deputy chief of the US Mission to NATO,
was nominated to become the next US ambassador to Armenia, White House
reported on May 18. …

NATO air campaign in Libya has limitations: Obama
Radio Netherlands
US President Barack Obama admitted on Wednesday that NATO’s campaign in
Libya had limits as South Africa prepared a diplomatic push to offer
strongman Moamer Kadhafi a way out, officials said. Libya is expected to be
one of the main themes of a summit …

NATO Secretary General sees progress in Herat
NATO HQ (press release)
The NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, visited Herat, in
western Afghanistan, as part of his on-going visit to Afghanistan. The
Secretary General arrived in Kabul on 23 May. He met with NATO’s Senior
Civilian Representative in Afghanistan, …

Ground troops likely to follow attack helicopters into Libyan fray
Vancouver Sun
By Jonathan Manthorpe, Vancouver Sun May 25, 2011 2:10 AM The French and
British-led NATO campaign against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has taken
another step toward deploying troops on the ground with the announcement
that attack helicopters are to …

FN SCAR PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) Compact Select-Fire 5.56mm NATO SBR for …
Defense Review
DefenseReview would like to perform a side-by-side range T&E (test and
evaluation) with the FN SCAR PDW and one of the FERFRANS SOAR select-fire
gas piston/op-rod or direct-gas-impingement (DGI) 5.56mm NATO AR SBRs
(11.5?, 10.5?, and/or 7.5? barrel …

Karzai meets Petraeus after bloody Afghan demos
KABUL — President Hamid Karzai met the US commander of foreign troops in
Afghanistan General David Petraeus Wednesday over a NATO-led operation
which triggered violent protests in which 17 people died. The protests
happened earlier this month in …

NATO strives to bombard Libyan leader in submission
Today’s Zaman
NATO has carried out its heaviest air strikes against Libya’s capital in
more than two months of bombing, amid upbeat comments from France and the
United States on progress toward ending Muammar Gaddafi’s rule. Six loud
explosions rocked Tripoli late …—to-bombard-libyan—leader-in-submission.html

NATO air strikes bomb Tripoli again last night
Katharine Whitehorn (1928-) NATO air strikes bomb Tripoli again last night.
British Summer Time, with expectations and previous figures in brackets.
00:50 JP April Trade Balance –464B yen versus +189B March. 03:00 JP Bank
of Japan Minutes of April 28th …

Libya: Nato’s Libya intervention debated
China Worker
… supporting Libya’s rebels has agreed to set up a special non-military
fund with pledges of several hundred million dollars, while calling for
patience after seven weeks of Nato-led bombing that have failed to oust
Muammer Gaddafi’s regime”. …

Will Nato start bombing Spain?
The Nation, Pakistan
Nobody can assure us that in its agony, the empire won’t be dragging human
beings down to catastrophe. As we know, while our species remains alive,
everybody has the sacred duty to be optimistic. Ethically, any other
behaviour wouldn’t be admissible. …

Mosaic News – 05/24/11: NATO Escalates Libya Airstrikes
Morocco’s February 20 Movement adamant about reform, NATO unleashes
heaviest bombing campaign yet on Tripoli, defiant Syrian protestors take to
the street at night, and more. Mosaic is a Peabody Award-winning daily
compilation of television news …

A week in review
La Voz Nueva
By Staff Targeting Gadhafi: NATO forces destroyed eight Libyan warships.
According to NATO, the warships were being used to target civilians and
prevented the entrance of humanitarian aid. Bhutan royal wedding: King
Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, …

News Transcript
Department of Defense
DAVID LAPAN (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Media Operations):
I’d like to welcome to the Pentagon Briefing Room for the first time Dr.
Jack Kem, who serves as the deputy to the commander of NATO Training
Mission-Afghanistan [NTM-A] and …

The ‘Limited’ US Role in Libya: Today’s Q’s for O’s WH – 5/24/2011
ABC News (blog)
What we’ve said since then is that we — again, we would consult with NATO,
consider requests, but that the nature of our commitment was always going
to be limited in scope and duration. I will say, however, that the
contributions we’re making now are …

Ukraine seeks EU membership, not NATO expansion- foreign minister
Ukraine does not want to enter NATO, but rather become a member of the
European Union, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Konstantin Grishchenko told a
German daily in a recent interview. “Although we don’t want to be a NATO
member, we do want to be a member …

Preview: SOCOM: Special Forces
He’s actually a NATO Special Forces Operations Commander, and different
regions give him different accents, but for us, he’s an Aussie. This
wouldn’t normally present too much of a problem, however the exaggerated
accents for him and his teammates get …

Cooperation with NATO hinges on ABMs – Russia
The Voice of Russia
Russia’s cooperation with France and other NATO countries will depend on
the constructive resolution of missile-defence issues. Chief of the Russian
General Staff Nikolay Makarov said this at a press-conference in Moscow
following his talks with his …

NATO vs. Cyber Attackers: Internal Memo Reveals ‘Robust’ Efforts to Counter …
Spiegel Online
An internal NATO memo obtained by SPIEGEL shows just how worried the
alliance is about cyber threats and how it plans to confront them
“head-on.” It also warns members that, if their shared defenses are to be
robust and secure, each one needs to …,1518,764714,00.html

Pressured for More US Assets in Libya, President Obama Says ‘Super Secret …
ABC News (blog)
The president argued that with the NATO agreement on not sending in ground
troops, there is only so much air assets can accomplish. Nonetheless,
President Obama argued at a joint press availability with Cameron, “time
is running out” for Libyan leader …

NATO hits Tripoli; US says rebels can open office
NATO launched its most intense bombardment yet against Muammar Gaddafi’s
stronghold of Tripoli Tuesday, while a senior US diplomat said President
Barack Obama has invited the Libyan rebels’ National Transitional Council
to open an office in Washington …,7340,L-4073430,00.html

The frontline club
The Independent
At one point a Canadian Sea King helicopter, part of a Nato force enforcing
an embargo, ordered our boat to turn back. The ship’s captain barely spoke
English so I had to go on the radio to try and persuade the aircraft to let
us proceed. …

No end in sight for Nato in Libya – News – Mail & Guardian Online
The military campaign in Libya had begun with what seemed a narrowly
defined mission: to enforce a no-fly zone and protect civilians from

OpEdNews – Article: Dispatch From Tripoli—NATO’s Feast of Blood
The real foreign policy behind the US’s mad rush for Empire in Africa!

Libyan war updates/Stop NATO news: May 24, 2011 “ Stop NATO
By richardrozoff
As NATO intensified its airstrikes, the American State Department’s
highest- ranking Middle East official, Jeffrey D. Feltman, was in Benghazi
on Tuesday on a visit aimed at providing fresh impetus to the rebel cause.

Israeli News: NATO develops terror tactics in Libya
By admin
The NATO’s continued strikes on Tripoli amount to a totally different
military tactics. It is not a military campaign in the sense of mutual
attacks, nor a peacekeeping operation which aims at preventing hostilities.

NATO air strikes in Tripoli kill 19 civilians: Libyan TV
NATO air strikes in Tripoli kill 19 civi…NATO warplanes stepped up their
bombing of governm…”Nineteen civilians were killed and 150 were …NATO
said in a statement that the air strikes targ…The revolt in Libya, which
began in …

Daunting Task for NATO in Libya as Strikes Intensify | See ads
Tags: allied officers, rebel fighters, central intelligence agency, moving
targets, british officials, loyalist forces.

NATO pushes Taliban back in east Afghan district | The Associated …
By The Associated Press
A joint NATO-Afghan assault has pushed Taliban fighters back after they
seized control of half of a remote district in the mountainous east.
Nuristan provincial governor, Jamaludin Badar, says the counter-attack
Wednesday expelled the …

By ephemeris360
The parliament called for efforts to be made in various areas, in order to
halt the illegal attacks carried out by NATO. They also called for Libyans
to be allowed to resolve their own problems in a secure and stable
environment. …

Tripoli gets heaviest NATO pounding yet |
By marketmaker
Loud explosions rocked Tripoli overnight as NATO unleashed its heaviest
blitz yet of the capital in a bid to speed up the ouster of Libyan leader
Moamer Kadhafi as rebels gained diplomatic ground.Six powerful explosions
struck late …

NATO Aircraft has Crashes in Western Afghanistan – Silobreaker
By Jon GambrellA roadside bomb has killed 10 workers in southern
Afghanistan, and NATO has again promised that the coalition would not
abandon the country even if some members plan to withdraw their forces.Two
high-ranking government …

NATO pounds Libya capital hardest yet –
By Imed Lamloum, Agence France-Presse
Loud explosions rocked Tripoli Tuesday as NATO unleashed its heaviest blitz
yet of the capital in a bid to speed up the ouster of Libyan leader Moammar
Gadhafi while rebels gained ground diplomatically.

Tripoli gets heaviest NATO pounding yet | Top Stories | BigPond News
Loud explosions rocked Tripoli overnight as NATO unleashed its heaviest
blitz yet on the Libyan capital.

American Power: Cynthia McKinney Statement on Libya: ‘NATO – A …
By Donald Douglas
While serving on the House International Relations Committee from 1993 to
2003, it became clear to me that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
(NATO) was an anachronism. Founded in 1945 at the end of World War II, NATO
was founded by …

NATO airstrike kills 19, injures 130 in Tripoli | Home “ Other …
A NATO airstrike killed 19 people and injured over 130 others in the libyan
capital Tripoli overnight Tuesday, a government spokesman said on

NATO air strikes rock Libyan capital – American Banking News
By ABMN Staff
A series of large blasts shake the Libyan capital as NATO air strikes
continue, including footage thought to show a missile homing in on
Tripoli.’NATO air…

Internal memo reveals cyber attacks against NATO cause “wide-scale …
By Jorge Benitez
From Spiegel: An internal NATO memo obtained by SPIEGEL shows just how
worried the alliance is about cyber threats and how it plans to confront
them “head-on.” It also warns members that, if their shared defenses are to
be robust and …

NATO strike sorties exceed 3000 to date | Libya TV
By Libya TV
NATO said it conducted 149 air sorties yesterday, 52 of them strike sorties
that aim to identify and hit targets but do not always deploy munitions.
NATO officials said bad weather had limited the number of targets hit in
the past two …

Attack helicopters to boost NATO in Libya – Africa – Al Jazeera …
France and Britain will send attack helicopters to better target Gaddafi
forces, while NATO strikes rattle Tripoli.

NATO strikes near Gaddafi’s Tripoli compou… JPost – Middle East
Angry crowd attacks journalists; Tripoli says rebels are criminals, al-
Qaida militants; NATO says Gaddafi weakened by bombing campaign.

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