NATO Newslinks 8 June 2011

8 June 2011 —

NATO: Time to plan for post-Gadhafi Libya
CNN International
By the CNN Wire Staff NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen: “We will keep up the pressure for as long as it takes.” (CNN) — It is time to start planning for what to do in Libya after leader Moammar Gadhafi’s departure “because Gadhafi’s reign …

NATO Defense Ministers Plan to Raise Pressure on Qaddafi Regime
By Patrick Donahue and Viola Gienger – Wed Jun 08 08:58:26 GMT 2011 NATO
plans to step up pressure on Muammar Qaddafi’s regime as the alliance gains
momentum in its air campaign over Libya, underscored by daytime strikes
yesterday that leveled parts of …

Hoti blames US, NATO of involvement in Upper Dir incursion
The Express Tribune
DIR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Ameer Haider Hoti on Wednesday
blamed the US and Nato of involvement in last week’s cross-border incursion
by Afghan militants in Upper Dir. Chief Minister Hoti made these remarks
during his visit to Upper Dir …

NATO says Kosovo civil emergency force not intended for riot control, policing
The Canadian Press
A NATO spokesman in Kosovo says the military alliance is urging local
authorities not to give policing duties to the country’s civil emergency
force made up of former rebels. Capt. Hans Wichter, the spokesman for the
force known as KFOR, …

NATO-Russia drill aims to prevent September 11 attack
By Thomas Grove MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian and NATO forces conducted joint
counter-terrorism exercises Tuesday aimed at preparing for the type of
hijacked aircraft attack that destroyed New York’s World Trade Center
towers on September 11, 2001. …

NATO rejects Russian missile-defense proposal
Washington Times
By Stephen Levy NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Tuesday
that Russia cannot be a direct participant in a planned missile-defense
system. “NATO cannot outsource to nonmembers collective defense
obligations which bind its members,” he …

NATO wants more allied support in Libya
AP NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen is urging allies to get
more involved in the Libya campaign at a meeting in Brussels Wednesday.
(Virginia Mayo/Associated Press) The NATO secretary-general was pressuring
allies Wednesday to step up their …

Russia embarks on mediation in Libya
The Voice of Russia
Both the opposition and the NATO-led coalition welcomed Mr. Margelov’s
mission. In conditions when the resource of the UN Security Council’s
resolution on Libya has been virtually exhausted, the signs are that the
parties involved are beginning to look …

President Barack Obama owes us answers on Libya policy
This debate is not about whether the administration has the moral high
ground in joining NATO in its attempt to stop the slaughter of civilians by
forces allied with the government of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. The
1973 War Powers Act spells out …

Muammar Gaddafi still defiant amid thunder of NATO assault
The Australian
Thick smoke billows into the sky over Tripoli as a result of heavy NATO
airstrikes that have centred on Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s compound
in the capital. Picture: AFP Source: AFP MUAMMAR Gaddafi stood defiant as
the heaviest and most punishing …

Opposition raises concerns as MacKay meets with NATO counterparts on Libya
Vancouver Sun
OTTAWA — With Defence Minister Peter MacKay off to Brussels to meet with
fellow NATO defence ministers, the Opposition is raising concerns about the
timing as Parliament has only just resumed and has yet to debate extending
the mission. …

LIBYA: Fighting To The Death
Strategy Page
June 8, 2011: In the last week, NATO air strikes have concentrated on
targets in and around Tripoli. It appears that the NATO goal is to destroy
Kaddafi’s key assets (communications, weapons and ammo supplies) and,
unofficially, kill Kaddafi and his …

Sweden to remain part of NATO-led mission in Libya
Monsters and
Stockholm – Sweden will remain part of the NATO-led operation in Libya and
contribute jet fighters to ongoing reconnaissance operations, Foreign
Minister Carl Bildt said Wednesday after securing support from two
opposition parties. …

NATO strikes on Tripoli pause, mission strained
TRIPOLI – NATO bombing of Tripoli paused on Wednesday morning after some of
the heaviest bombardments of the Libyan capital since air strikes began in
March, but rebels said Moammar Gadhafi’s army continued to shell their
positions. …

NATO ready to focus on post-Gadhafi Libya
Hurriyet Daily News
NATO pledges no let up of its relentless air war in Libya after Moammar
Gadhafi vows he will never surrender, declaring that the alliance is ready
to help plan for post-Gadhafi era. Meanwhile, Russia’s special envoy says
he is ready to meet Gadhafi and …

Slain Writer’s Book Says US-NATO War Served Al-Qaeda Strategy
Inter Press Service
By Gareth Porter* WASHINGTON, Jun 7, 2011 (IPS) – Al-Qaeda strategists have
been assisting the Taliban fight against US-NATO forces in Afghanistan
because they believe that foreign occupation has been the biggest factor in
generating Muslim support for …

Imran hints at surprise blockade of Nato supplies
The News International
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Isaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday
hinted at a surprise and unannounced blockade of the Nato supply line in
different parts of the country during the current month. Imran said if the
government used force against the …

Empty words over hopeless Afghan war
Center for Research on Globalization
by Aleksey Pushkov NATO troops in Afghanistan have recently once again hit
people’s houses, causing civilian casualties. White House spokesman Jay
Carney said Washington was taking the situation “very seriously.” Time
and again Americans have said …

France: Diplomacy progressing in Libya as NATO strikes continue
Monsters and
The resolution authorized governments to take ‘all necessary measures’
against Gaddafi in response to his repression of pro-democracy protesters.
‘You have seen the results (of NATO strikes) these last days,’ he said.
‘But at the same time we are …

Internet access is changing teaching methods in Afghanistan
NATO HQ (press release)
But things are changing, thanks to a NATO-sponsored project which is
providing internet connectivity to over 70 000 students in universities in
the capital and provinces. For students like Atai, access to the internet
is hugely important. …

NATO and partners will stay the course on Libya
NATO HQ (press release)
Today, NATO Defence Ministers met with the Defence Ministers of the partner
countries that are contributing to Operation Unified Protector to protect
civilians in Libya. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen concluded
that “everyone at the table …

NATO deploys helicopters in Libya
The United Kingdom and France has begun helicopter attacks against Colonel
Moammar Gadhafi’s military forces in Libya, as part of the NATO campaign to
protect civilians. The Apache helicopters were launched from the British
ship HMS Ocean and the …

Q+A: Transition in Afghanistan
Attention has focused on the security side, as soldiers from the NATO-led
International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) step aside to let the Afghan
police and army take the lead in the fight against the Taliban. But equally
important is the civilian …

More of the same in Macedonia?
The Economist (blog)
The opposition campaigned on claims that the government had failed
significantly to dent unemployment—officially 30.9%—curtailed media
freedom and flopped on the country’s agenda of joining NATO and the
European Union. The media freedom issue focuses …

Fears for the future
BBC News
But as Nato prepares to transfer control of parts of the country to Afghan
forces in July, riots, suicide bombings and high-profile killings point to
an ominous decline in security. The BBC’s Bilal Sarwary reports. Last week
the memorial service for …

Pak envoy emphasizes timely NATO/ISAF action to prevent border incursions
International News Network
BRUSSELS: Jalil Abbas Jilani, Ambassador of Pakistan to Belgium, European
Union and Luxembourg met with Mr. Martin Howard, Assistant Secretary
General (Operations) of the NATO HQ to convey Pakistan’s concerns on the
recent cross-border incursion from …

Armenia’s Defense Minister to participate in NATO/ ISAF Defense Ministers …
Information-Analytic Agency
The delegation headed by Armenia’s Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan left for
Brussels to participate in the NATO/ ISAF Defense Ministers’ Meeting on
Afghanistan. The meeting will be held on June 9, the press service of
Armenia’s defense ministry …

Nato wants Dutch to do more in Libya, sources tell Telegraaf
Nato wants the Netherlands to take a more active role in the bombardment of
Libya, the Telegraaf reports on Wednesday, quoting senior Nato sources.
Defence minister Hans Hillen will take part in a Nato summit in Brussels
later in the day and the Libyan …

Georgia Working with Eastern-European Georgia
William T. Nesbitt welcomes NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen to
Dobbins Air Reserve Base during a recent visit. Georgia National Guard By
Maj. Gen. William T. Nesbitt The nation of Georgia is perhaps best known
(if it is known at all) by …

Mutassim Gaddafi Is Dead: Killed in Brega by NATO airstrike
The officer reportedly witnessed the dead body of Muammar Gaddafi’s son
after a NATO strike on the city where fierce fighting has been raging for
weeks. This news is trending on Twitter and cannot be independently
verified. …

Moroccan Navy takes part in NATO exercise
World Tribune
The Royal Moroccan Navy contributed personnel to Phoenix Express-2011, held
at a NATO base in the Greek island of Crete. Moroccan sailors joined their
counterparts from Croatia, Greece and the United States in maritime
interdiction simulations held at …

Pakistan conveys to NATO its concern over cross-border incursion
Pakistan Daily Times
ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of Pakistan to Belgium, European Union and
Luxembourg, Jalil Abbas Jilani met Assistant Secretary General (Operations)
of the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Martin Howard on Tuesday to convey
the country’s concern over the recent …

NATO intensifies airstrikes on Libya — RT
Fresh airstrikes hit Tripoli in the early hours of Wednesday as NATO
continues its assault. At least ten more explosions were reported in the
capital hours later.

NATO Bombs Destroy Gaddafi’s Compound – The Daily Beast
NATO dropped more than 60 bombs on Tripoli Tuesday, destroying much of
Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s compound. Libyan officials said 31
were k.

Slain Writer’s Book Says US-NATO War Served al-Qaeda Strategy by …
By Gareth Porter
Al-Qaeda strategists have been assisting the Taliban fight against
U.S.-NATO forces in Afghanistan because they believe that foreign
occupation has been the biggest factor in generating Muslim support for
uprisings against their …

At Least 31 Killed as NATO Pounds Tripoli — News from
By Jason Ditz
NATO’s latest escalation in the city of Tripoli took an even more deadly
turn today, as warplanes pounded targets across the Libyan capital killing
at least 31 people, including an unknown number of civilians. …

NATO unleashes blistering airstrikes in Libya | Home “ Other …
Moammar Gadhafi stood defiant yesterday in the face of the heaviest and
most punishing NATO airstrikes yet — at least 40 thunderous daylight
attacks that sent plumes of smoke billowing above the Libyan leader’s
central Tripoli compound.

NATO, Russian jets hold first ever joint exercise | Air Force News …
NATO and Russian fighter jets held their first ever joint exercise Tuesday,
teaming up in a bid to prevent attacks such as the September 11, 2001
strikes on the.

Qaddafi’s Daughter Files Lawsuits Over NATO Campaign | Ya Libnan …
By syh
A NATO-led alliance has launched air strikes on Libya under a U.N. Security
Council resolution aimed to protect civilians from Qaddafi’s forces.
Tuesday marked the heaviest and most punishing NATO airstrikes yet — with
more than 40 …

NATO Launches Fierce Daylight Attacks in Libya – World – CBN News …
NATO planes hit Libya hard Tuesday, attacking the city of Tripoli at least
40 times in rare daytime strikes.

NATO, Russia Organize First Joint Anti-Terrorism Simulation
By The Huffington Post News Team
WARSAW, Poland — NATO and Russia teamed up Tuesday to test their ability
to fight terrorism, using a military transport plane to simulate a
hijacking over Poland and sending in fighter planes to save it, an official

Going Rogue: NATO’s War Crimes in Libya | MyFDL
By slindauer
NATO is wrong. So long as NATO governments provide the funding, assault
rifles, military training, ground advisers, support vehicles and air power,
they are fully responsible for the actions of their soldiers in the war
zone. …

NATO to push for more involvement in Libya strikes | The …
By The Associated Press
With NATO war planes pounding Tripoli in daylight raids, the alliance’s
secretary-general was pressuring allies Wednesday to step up their
participation in what appears to have become an escalating mission to oust
Libyan leader Moammar …

NATO unleashes blistering airstrikes in Libya – World news
Moammar Gadhafi stood defiant Tuesday in the face of the heaviest and most
punishing NATO airstrikes yet — at least 40 thunderous…

Going Rogue: NATO War Crimes in Libya | Dissident Voice
By Susan Lindauer
Lindauer claims serious war crimes are being committed by NATO in Libya.
The drawback is that her account lacks solid evidence.

Waves of NATO aircraft intensify strikes on Tripoli | Libya TV
By Libya TV
Smoke rises in the sky after a NATO air strike in Tripoli today.brNATO
planes bombed the Tripoli compound of Muammar Gaddafi for the second time
today. There was fire in the Bab al-Aziziya compound and heavy black smoke
was seen …

NATO Unleashes Blistering Daytime Airstrikes On Tripoli at Pat Dollard
By Pat Dollard
TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) – Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi stood defiant Tuesday
in the face of the heaviest and most punishing NATO airstrikes yet, at
least 40 thunderous daylight attacks that sent plumes of smoke billowing
above the …

Waves of NATO aircraft intensify strikes on Tripoli — War in Context
By News Source
The nightly propaganda tour to NATO bombing sites around the Libyan capital
— the main component of every foreign reporter’s routine in a city
controlled by Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi — led to a rustic backyard in the
predawn hours of …

Libya: Raising the Heat on Gaddafi, NATO Concerns Turn to the Day …
By Tony Karon
NATO’s daylight bombing of Tripoli on Tuesday appears to be part of an
effort to bring the Libya conflict to a crescendo that topples Muammar
Gaddafi: French and British ground attack helicopters have also been
deployed in the effort to …

NATO The Icelandic Foreign Services
NATO. Website of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization … Delegation of
Iceland to NATO Brussels. Boulevard Leopold III 39 1110 Bruxelles …

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