NATO Newslinks 15 July 2011

15 July 2011 —

NATO disputes Libyan claim of coordinated push on al-Brega
CNN International
Tripoli, Libya (CNN) — The Libyan government is claiming that NATO and anti-government rebels were carrying out a coordinated air, sea and land attack on the strategic town of al-Brega, but the alliance sloughed off the assertion. …

Garry McCarthy to NATO, G-8 protesters: Police will be ready
Chicago Sun-Times
BY FRANK MAIN Staff Reporter/ July 15, 2011 12:01AM Battle lines between protesters and the police are already being drawn for the NATO and G-8 summits that Chicago will host next spring. On Thursday, an anti-war organizer said he was …

NATO to probe Afghan civilian death claims
KHOST, Afghanistan — NATO said Friday it would investigate Afghan claims
that six civilians were killed during a military operation targeting the
Al-Qaeda-linked Haqqani network. Provincial government officials said the
six, one of them an 11-year-old …

NATO, US Said Discussing Removal of Tactical Nukes From Europe
Global Security Newswire
NATO and the United States are discussing withdrawing short-range US
nuclear bombs from several nations in Europe as part of efforts to lower
expenses and to realize disarmament goals, Agence France-Presse reported on
Thursday (see GSN, April 28). …

UK sends more warplanes to Libya
BBC News
The UK is sending four more Tornado warplanes to support the Nato mission
in Libya, in addition to 12 aircraft it has already deployed. Foreign
Office Minister Alistair Burt said the aircraft were well equipped for
surveillance and reconnaissance. …

Troop Drawdown Begins In Afghanistan
WPTZ The Champlain Valley
About 650 US soldiers left the northeastern province of Parwan on
Wednesday, according to Lt. Commander Colette Murphy, a spokeswoman for the
NATO-led International Security Assistance Force. Military officials say
this is the first group of soldiers …

NATO chief: Libya exposes Europe’s dependence on US power
Middle East Online
By Pascal Mallet – BRUSSELS The NATO mission in Libya has laid bare
Europe’s ever growing dependence on US military might to carry out
operations, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in an
interview. Rasmussen warned that shrinking …

Migrants rescue: Nato ‘did not instruct’ frigate to come to Malta
Times of Malta
The Spanish Government said late yesterday that the frigate Admiral Juan de
Borbon, which has rescued some 100 migrants off Libya, never received
instructions from Nato to go to any particular country. The frigate is
currently just outside Maltese …

Rural Internet business converts former NATO site in Carp, Ont.
Winnipeg Free Press
So when the opportunity came along to lease a site NATO used during the
Cold War in a hamlet about a half-hour’s drive west of downtown Ottawa, he
jumped at it. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld CARP, Ont. – Stuart Hodge had
a unique list of criteria for …

Gaddafi’s ultimatum: I’ll blow up Tripoli
Evening Standard
Britain today called for greater unity in ousting Gaddafi from power amid
fears of deepening cracks in the Nato-led alliance. Foreign Minister
Alistair Burt said the dictator could have no role in talks about Libya’s
future as international leaders …

NATO condemns Kurdish rebel attack on Turkish soldiers
Monsters and
Brussels – NATO on Friday condemned attack by Kurdish separatist rebels in
southeastern Turkey, in which 13 soldiers were killed and seven injured. ‘I
strongly condemn the terrorist attack in Dyiarbakir province,’ NATO
Secretary General Anders Fogh …

Chavez Blasts European Powers, Urges NATO to Stop Air Raids
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Thursday criticized European powers for
their military intervention in Libya and urged NATO to stop air strikes
against the North African country. It was particularly wrong that the
European powers continued to carry …

15/07/2011African refugees stranded on NATO ship: officials
Expatica Spain
Over 100 African refugees from Libya rescued in the Mediterranean by a
Spanish NATO ship four days ago have been refused shelter by Italy and
Malta and are stranded at sea, officials said on Friday. The ship was
taking part in the naval blockade on …

Russia Expects NATO Decision on Planned Missile Shield by May
… planned missile shield in Europe, a Russian negotiator said. Russia
expects a decision on whether a compromise can be reached at a NATO meeting
in Chicago next May, the official told reporters, declining to be
identified in line with government policy.

Diplomats meet to find Libya solution
CNN (blog)
Diplomats comprising the so-called Libya Contact Group (al-Jazeera),
including US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, are meeting in Istanbul,
Turkey, today to discuss a roadmap for the ongoing NATO-led military
operation in Libya. …

Afghans rally to condemn civilian deaths in NATO night raid
The Nation, Pakistan
More than Hundreds of people staged rallies in Khost provincial capital to
condemn the recent civilian deaths in a Nato night raid. The demonstrators
said that six civilians were killed after Nato troops conducted a night
raid in Torawaray area in …

Retreat, discontent, and misunderstanding: France in Afghanistan
Foreign Policy
The incoherence between NATO and France’s stated objectives and the means
deployed provides more ammunition for those who argue for greater forces,
as well as those who argue for a pullout. In the context of the ongoing
operations in Libya, …

Pragmatic cooperation remains priority in relations with NATO
NRCU – Ukrainian Radio
This was stated by the Acting Director of the Euro-Atlantic Integration
Department of Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry, Borys Zakharchuk, on Thursday, at
a meeting on the 20th anniversary of partnership between Ukraine and NATO.
“An active political dialogue …

HMS Sutherland left Highlands for Libya Nato operation
BBC News
The navy has now confirmed the frigate was first involved in an amphibious
exercise in the Mediterranean before being diverted to Libya. Warships have
been blockading Libyan ports as part of Nato operations against Col Muammar
Gaddafi and his forces. …

Azerbaijan’s Afghan Contribution (blog)
Late on Tuesday, July 5, an Azerbaijani tanker plane crashed in Afghanistan
en route to US/NATO Bagram Air Base with a load of fuel. The United States
and NATO should mourn the nine crew members who were killed on board, yet
this accident should serve …

NATO destroys three military command posts near Tripoli
Kuwait News Agency
BRUSSELS, July 15 (KUNA) — NATO warplanes in the last 24 hours destroyed
three command and control posts of the pro-Gaddafi forces near Tripoli and
one military storage facility near Waddan. According to a NATO statement
Friday, in the vicinity of …

Two wounded in blast near NATO oil tanker office
Pakistan Observer
Peshawar—Two people were severely wounded in a bomb blast that occurred
near a NATO oil tanker company’s office in Torkham area, at Pak Afghan
border on Thursday. According to sources, the bomb was planted near the
office of oil tanker which blasted, …

National and world briefs
News Sentinel
ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey will seek support for a “road map” to help
end the Libyan crisis when countries backing NATO’s military mission in
Libya gather in Istanbul to rev up pressure on Libyan leader Moammar
Gadhafi to step aside, Turkey’s foreign …

Libya meeting seeks ways to persuade Gaddafi to go
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and European Union foreign policy chief
Catherine Ashton were among more than a dozen foreign ministers attending
the Istanbul talks, along with heads of NATO, the Arab League and other
regional organizations. …,0,4512543.story

Gadhafi regime declared no longer legitimate
Houston Chronicle
Rebels, backed by NATO air force bombers, control much of the country’s
east and pockets in the west. But Gadhafi controls the rest from his
stronghold in Tripoli, the capital. In Friday’s final statement following a
meeting of the so-called Contact …

Transatlantic Fault Lines – OpEd
Eurasia Review
By Majid Mahmood Outgoing US secretary of Defense Robert Gates paid his
last official visit to NATO head quarters at Brussels. The secretary gave a
speech on the contemporary state of NATO, the challenges and its future
prospects. …

Troops welcomed home from Libya
Winnipeg Free Press
Paul Faulkner of 17 Wing Winnipeg is greeted by his daughter, Mackenzie,
and his wife, Sandra, on his return from a two-month deployment with the
NATO-led mission in Libya. A hot stretch of tarmac on Winnipeg’s 17 Wing
was witness to joyous reunions …

Western military strikes in Libya arouse mixed feelings among Rwandans
Rwandan President Paul Kagame has already given a qualified support to the
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)’s strikes on Libya, while noting
that the root causes of threat to civilian protection should also be
addressed. …

NATO in Afghanistan – Georgian ISAF Forces in Musa Qala (Helmand Province)
NATO Community
The Georgian Army has almost a thousand troops deployed in Afghanistan.
Some of the soldiers are helping to secure the district of Musa Qala in
Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Watch more videos like this at

“Isolationism” Now Center Stage in GOP Tent? Oh My!
The New American
Take the NATO war on Libya, for example, in which the United States is a
participant, if not the outright leader. Libya has, so far as is generally
known, committed no recent offense against the United States or our NATO
allies, nor threatened to do so …

news briefs Yoga goes to the dogs
Tulsa World
Kin Cheung/Associated Press By Associated Press Libyan forces repelled a
coordinated attack by NATO forces and rebels against a strategic oil town
in the east of the country, the government spokesman said Thursday. The
announcement came as Libya also …

Turkey Seeks More Pressure on Gadhafi
“Governments supporting the NATO campaign should push the opposition to
protect civilians in areas where rebels have control, especially where some
people may support the government.” Turkey, which is co-chairing Friday’s
meeting together with the …

Libya: Rebel and NATO attack on oil city repulsed – World news
Libyan forces repelled a coordinated attack by NATO forces and rebels
against a strategic oil town in the east of the country, the…

NATO Raid Kills Six Civilians in Afghanistan — News from
By Jason Ditz
The number of civilians NATO is killing in Afghanistan continues to soar
this week, as protesters took to the streets of the Khost Province to
condemn an overnight attack on a house which killed at least six civilians
and wounded two …

NATO commander Petraeus meets Pakistani army chief – The Express …
‘Discuss various topics of mutual interest and ways to improve regional
security’: US Embassy.

Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: June 15, 2011 « Stop NATO
By richardrozoff
BRUSSELS: NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen called on the
alliance’s members to send more aircraft to deliver surgical strikes on
Libyan targets, Western media said on Friday. “I encourage all allies
that have aircraft at …

Italy and Malta Turn Back NATO Ship Carrying 100 Rescued Migrants …
By Niels Frenzen
A political and diplomatic standoff is underway between Malta, Italy, Spain
and NATO. The Times of Malta is reporting that the Spanish frigate, the
Almirante Juan de Borbón, carrying the 100 rescued migrants attempted to
dock at …

Andrew Gavin Marshall: Full-Scale NATO Ground Invasion of Libya is …
By dandelionsalad
“There have been certain Western ground forces in Libya since before the
NATO bombardment,” he said. “In early March the CIA, MI6 from Britain,
special forces from both the UK and US were on the ground. And in April,
France, …

Fun with slopegraphs: NATO defense spending as a percentage of GDP
By Gulliver
Really I was just looking for an excuse to draw some and see if I could
come up with something useful, so I went for a data set that’s simple and
familiar to me: NATO member states’ military expenditures as a percentage
of GDP. …

NATO chief calls for more planes to bomb Gaddafi targets | Libya TV
By Libya TV.
NATO members should supply more warplanes to bomb Gaddafi military targets,
the alliance’s secretary-general said today, increasing pressure on states
to contribute more to the mission. Western powers have become embroiled in
a conflict …

NATO leaders discuss Libya in Istanbul « Shabab Libya
By om.amer
Representatives of the leading countries in the NATO-led coalition’s
campaign in Libya are meeting in Istanbul to discuss the conflict amid
hopes that rebels could be closer to toppling Muammar Gaddafi from power.

NATO secretary general condemns Mumbai attacks
NATO secretary general condemns Mumbai a…”These attacks against innocent
civilians are…He expressed “deepest sympathies to the victi…Three
blasts in India’s financial hub at Dadar, Za…

The 4th Media » NATO will be Defeated in Libya
By Kiyul Chung
Residents in areas where the NATO backed rebels are in control, have
reported that the rebels are looting stores and removing goods and food at
gunpoint. There are also numerous reports of torture, rape and execution of
captured …

Libya: Rebel and NATO attack on oil city repulsed | Wichita Eagle
Libya’s government spokesman says that a coordinated land, sea and air
attack by rebels and NATO forces against the eastern oil city of Brega was

War News Updates: NATO Allies `Snapping`At Each Other Over Libya
By War News Updates Editor
The unprecedented broadside was fuelled by his increasing irritation that
some nations, including Germany, were content to be protected by Nato’s
defence umbrella but unwilling to contribute troops and equipment to
military missions. …

NATO leaders in new diplomatic push on Libya – @BBCNews …
NATO leaders in new diplomatic push on Libya – @BBCNews.

Afghan officials: Up to 16 civilians killed stylish NATO strike
By admin
Kabul, Afghanistan Afghan officials say a NATO airstrike in the sphere of
Logar province Monday killed by slightest nine and up to 16 family.The

Pakistan News Watch – Nato to probe Afghan civilian death claims
KHOST, Afghanistan: Nato said Friday it would investigate Afghan claims
that six civilians were killed during a military operation targeting the al
Qaeda-linked Haqqani network.

Afghan officials: 6 killed taking part in NATO raid
By admin
The force assumed it killed six troop from the Haqqani exchange ideas, a
rebellious unit with Taliban ties so as to operates featuring in
Afghanistan and.

Afghan officials: Up to 16 civilians killed in vogue NATO strike
By admin
Kabul, Afghanistan Afghan officials say a NATO airstrike happening Logar
province Monday killed by the side of smallest amount nine and up to 16.

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