Wikileaks Newslinks 23 July 2011

23 July 2011 —

WikiLeaks files show Norway unprepared for terror attack
Norway’s intelligence service had previously been criticised for its failure to keep track of suspected terror cells and the country was felt to be complacent about the prospect of a terror attack, secret cables from the WikiLeaks files reveal. …

Hacker group claims WikiLeaks-style joint effort with media outlets on News of …
Yahoo! News Blogs (blog)
By Joe Pompeo By Joe Pompeo | The Cutline – 13 hrs ago The sourcing
collaborations that WikiLeaks struck up with a cabal of prominent
international news organizations last year seem to be something of a
game-changing new media model. …

Lawyer for Assange tweets his phone hacked
CBS News
Mark Stephens, lawyer for whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks founder Julian
Assange, speaks to the media as he arrives at City of Westminster
Magistrates Court in London, Dec. 7, 2010. In a tweet, high-profile lawyer
Mark Stephens said he may have been …

US says WikiLeaks won’t mar relations with Dominican Republic
Dominican Today
The United States Embassy affirmed Friday that the cables disclosed in the
country attributed to WikiLeaks will not undermine the strong relation
between Washington and Dominican Republic. Press attaché Judith Ravin said
the information will not detour …

Senate chief says Wikileaks unmask many countries’ diplomacy
Dominican Today
Senate president Reinaldo Pared affirmed Thursday that Wikileaks’ release
of confidential documents will unmask the manner in which many countries
practice their diplomacy. “I feel that a revolution is going to take
place, as to the manner in which one …

‘Anonymous’ hacking suspect in court
KCTV Kansas City
… is among 14 people the Justice Department accused of participating in a
hacking collective known as “Anonymous,” the group that allegedly launched
cyber attacks against government websites and online services, pledging its
sympathy to WikiLeaks. …

Tender is the might as key Defence deal feels the heat
Sydney Morning Herald
From WikiLeaks to Murdochgate, individuals who are willing to spill the
beans have played a central role in the leaking of often crucial and
sometimes embarrassing information. Now it’s the office of Defence Minister
Stephen Smith suffering that fate. …

The Occupation of Haiti Must End
By MARK WEISBROT U.S. diplomatic cables now released from Wikileaks make it
clearer than ever before that foreign troops occupying Haiti for more than
seven years have no legitimate reason to be there; that this a US
occupation, as much as in Iraq or …

Slavoj ?i?ek: Anti-Capitalist, Enemy of the Left
Big Think
?i?ek believes WikiLeaks is something more than journalism on steroids,
the kind displayed in the film “All the President’s Men” where two
Washington Post journalists take down Richard Nixon. Speaking of Assange,
?i?ek says: “You are a terrorist in the …

Quick News: Murdoch’s hacks also targeted Assange attorney
Press TV
An attorney who represented embattled WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was
targeted by hackers working for the now-shuttered News Corporation tabloid
News of the World, he told reporters with Britain’s Channel 4 News. A
number for Mark Stephens, …

Audrey Young: all go, now the rock is out of the way
New Zealand Herald
WikiLeaks shows the US tried to have closer defence co-operation with New
Zealand when Helen Clark was Prime Minister. She delayed, suspicious of the
US motives. Eventually she agreed to eight new areas of co-operation. They
were not controversial but …

‘Anonymous’ hackers target NATO
The group of computer hackers famous for its support of Wikileaks claims to
have breached security at NATO and accessed a bank of restricted data.
Anonymous says it has around one gigabyte of data, but claims it would be
irresponsible to publish most …

NATO hack attack a sign of the times: analyst
The group has also been supportive of the controversial WikiLeaks website,
which seeks to release secret information to the public. Hackers working
with Anonymous claimed responsibility for attacks on the Visa and
MasterCard websites last December, …

Fai Arrest-US Exigency (press release)
If Wikileaks is to be believed Fai has been a source of providing the
feedback on which the US constitutional bodies conduct their Kashmir study.
Under the heading ‘Separatists in Kashmir’ [Religious and Political
Influences] is marked an in Interview …

No PNP support
Jamaica Gleaner
I cannot see how it is possible for anyone, especially in the business
sector, to see himself or herself supporting the People’s National Party
(PNP), after the damning reports presented by WikiLeaks about certain
elements in that party. …

Bedside Guardian: Your stand-out story
The Guardian (blog)
In 12 months of extraordinary events like the hacking scandal, WikiLeaks,
the Arab spring, the bombing of Libya and the Japanese tsunami, it could be
a vivid report from one of our correspondents or contributors. It might be
an incisive piece of …

Why Are Hackers Becoming So Angry?
ComputerworldUK (blog)
Well-known examples include Wikileaks, Anonymous and LulzSec, but we now
have a new name to add to the list. Step forward ( the possibly
pseudonymous – see comment below) Greg Maxwell, who has been provoked by
the Aaron Swartz saga, which I wrote about …

Murdoch scandal represents a grey area in journalism
At other times, conflicts with authority have made for good copy, such as
cases in which journalists went to jail for refusing to reveal sources and
the decision by WikiLeaks to release thousands of classified government
documents. …

Anonymous hacks Nato and says ‘wait for some interesting data’
Daily Mail
The hacking group is a loosely organized group of hackers sympathetic to
WikiLeaks. Along with its splinter group LulzSec, It has claimed
responsibility for attacks against corporate and government websites
worldwide. Anonymous claims credit for …

Video: A Year of News in 12000 Snapshots of the New York Times Home Page
The Atlantic
Then there was the Republican rout during the midterm elections, WikiLeaks’
State Department cable leaks, and the first of a series of massive
snowstorms blanketing the northeast. But it’s in January that things really
took off. …

An Unbelievable Share Of Donations To Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party Came …
Business Insider
According to documents released by Wikileaks, the government of Japan has
history of lax enforcement of nuclear safety regulations. The government
under the LDP allowed the companies that donated them money to put profit
over safety time and again. …

Cuban court hears appeal from jailed USAID subcontractor
… the arrest has chilled the atmosphere for democracy programs in Cuba,
especially those that hinged on unfettered and hassle-free travel to the
island,” added the cable, made public last year by the secrecy-busting
Website WikiLeaks. …

Abramson charter group’s ties to Gulen movement come to surface
Atlas is also described as affiliated with Gulen in a classified State
Department cable from an American diplomat in Istanbul, which was published
online by the anti-secrecy group Wikileaks. The connection between Atlas
and Gulen was first reported by …

Hacker arrests: Some were on Facebook, some blogged
Fourteen of the arrests were tied to Anonymous’ attacks last December on
PayPal as retribution for dropping WikiLeaks’ donation account; another two
people were arrested on other charges, one related to intrusion and theft
from computer systems at …

FBI gives few details on search in hacking case
Northwest Herald
Investigators say the hackers targeted PayPal after the online service
suspended WikiLeaks’ account in the wake of the release of classified US
State Department cables. Prosecutors allege the cyberattack unleashed by
the “Anonymous” group rendered …

Robert Sanchez: Murdoch’s woes could reach Fox
Nonetheless, strident criticism of the hacking is a bit hypocritical coming
from the New York Times, which recently published material gleaned from
classified US government documents initially obtained illegally by the
WikiLeaks hackers — material …

Murdoch under threat as UK scandal spreads
Sydney Morning Herald
The alleged intercepts are believed to have occurred before Stephens began
representing Julian Assange of Wikileaks. Stephens no longer represents
Assange. “There are some things in life that I consider sacrosanct:
patient-doctor confidentiality, …

Anonymous releases NATO data documents
This week FBI arrested 14 suspects in connection with December attacks
claimed by Anonymous on PayPal, the Internet payment service that had
stopped processing donations for Wikileaks. There were dozens of arrests
globally related to the investigations …

Mending Pakistan-Us relations
The Nation, Pakistan
The case of drone attacks, for instance, has come to be seen a little less
obscurely after the publication of Wikileaks. It is time the double-faced
approach is given up. What is disappointing is the almost total absence of
responsibility of the …

Unfounded attack on Murdoch
National Post
The New York Times, a newspaper that traffics in stolen WikiLeaks emails as
opposed to hacked phone records, produced a story that claimed the British
hacking scandal – involving a dozen or so News Corp. employees out of some
50000 – was a reflection …

Rebecca Black’s “My Moment” and Guido Jesus: Memes you might have missed
CBS News
… raids and arrests of 15 people across the US on suspicion of
participating in recent hacks against corporate websites, including
Operation Wikileaks that brought down a number of multinational e-commerce
sites like PayPal and Mastercard in January. …

Lax security, role in Mideast cited for Norway attacks
Tribune Review
WikiLeaks files suggest that Norway was unprepared for terror attacks and
that the country’s intelligence service had been criticized for failure to
keep track of suspected terror cells. Sweet said Norway has been considered
lenient about its …

Barada TV
ABC Online
I think people perhaps when the story came out via Wikileaks, people might
have had second thoughts, but I think we have proven ourselves in the last
few months that we are in fact the voice of the Syrian people and actually
people in Syria who are …

Marc Beauchamp: Do US newspapers need a bailout?
I have a one-word response: Wikileaks. Julian Assange is the Daniel
Ellsberg of his day. With new media on the beat secrets are harder to keep
these days. With the Internet, consumers of news don’t need to rely so much
on news editors as gatekeepers of …

Times Names David Leonhardt Washington Bureau Chief
New York Times (blog)
She has been a primary editor on the NSA wiretapping story, Wikileaks, and
the paper’s political profiles. Obviously there will be much to say in the
coming days and weeks, including the shape of David’s desk. But let’s take
a minute to toast his …

Buck And No Bang
It was claimed through a leaked WikiLeaks cable in March this year that a
diplomat at the US embassy here was shown “chests of money” by a
political aide to Congress leader Satish Sharma. The money was supposedly
to be used for buying political support …

Author of Facebook Story Speaks in Portsmouth
The woman who received inappropriate texts from Brett Favre, Julian Assange
of WikiLeaks, and the alleged Elliot Spitzer madam all approached him about
telling their stories, but he turned them down. The stories, he said, had
already been written to …

Hackers Get Hold of NATO Files
Anonymous made headlines Tuesday when the FBI arrested 14 members who
allegedly hacked into PayPal, which recently put accounts belonging to
fellow muckraker WikiLeaks on hold. Members of Anonymous also announced
they were the ones who hacked into …

As Chávez Falters, Cuba Faces Uncertain Future
The Atlantic
A US diplomatic cable made public by WikiLeaks claimed Cuba’s economy was
struggling and could be “insolvent” by 2011. Written by a US diplomat in
Havana after a February 2010 breakfast with representatives from five of
Cuba’s largest trading partners, …

Digital Pharma: Pfizer’s Facebook page hacked
The company was sued in Nigeria after a 1996 meningitis trial in which 11
children died during Trovan’s testing, and the case re-emerged late last
year in the US embassy cables released by Wikileaks. The pharmaceutical
industry is already cautious …

WikiLeaks files show Norway unprepared for terror attack …
By Daniel
WikiLeaks files show Norway unprepared for terror attack. July 22nd, 2011.
A memo written in 2009, describes the country’s security service as “in
over its head” and adds “it simply cannot keep up.” Separate cables
state that the …

LulzSec and Anonymous: These hacking collectives are reshaping the …
By Adrian Hon
Right now, both parties seem to have dropped the matter and are probably
relieved to move on, but it does highlight tensions between hackers and
journalists, which were already high thanks to Wikileaks. So, who are the
real targets? …

Media Lens Message Board: Haiti Wikileaks spark political furor …
Media Lens Message Board [ Post a Response | Media Lens Message Board ].
Haiti Wikileaks spark political furor and elite drama. Posted by
emersberger on July 21, 2011, 1:31 am …

‘Hackers’ held in US and Europe |
By Peter Trellis
The US indictment against 14 of those arrested on suspicion of December’s
attack on PayPal said it had been “retribution” for the site closing a
donation account for the whistleblowing website Wikileaks. The PayPal
attack suspects were …

WikiLeaks files show Norway unprepared for terror attack – Telegraph
Norway’s intelligence service had previously been criticised for its
failure to keep track of suspected terror cells and the country was felt to
be …

RevolutionTruth – WikiLeaks and a Truth Revolution? – YouTube We are a group of people from around the
world who have come together to defend WikiLeaks, whistleblowers, and
legitimate …

State Dept. Cables? WikiLeaks Documents? What? Where? » Blog of …
These cables have already been fully disclosed online by WikiLeaks and
distributed by major national and international newspapers. The U.S.
government has …

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to fight extradition to Sweden at …
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was due back in court Tuesday for the
latest installment in his fight against extradition to Sweden, where the
40-year-old …

WikiLeaks Cables Show US Calling Shots in Haiti | Common Dreams
WikiLeaks Cables Show US Calling Shots in Haiti. by Jacqueline Charles. A
month before a newly elected Haitian President René Préval was to assume
office in …

2011-07-16 WikiLeaks Notes: Latest News on #Cablegate Releases …
This is a “WikiLeaks News Update,” constantly updated throughout each day.
The blog tracks stories that are obviously related to WikiLeaks but also
follows …

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