Breaking news: Tragic cholera outbreak in Port de Paix killing scores of Haitians, HLLN, July 29, 2011

30 July 2011 — HLLN

Recommended HLLN Link: Cholera Haiti Whitewashing by Georgianne Nienaber, June 14, 2011, LA Progressive

Zili Dlo: Clean water for everyone in Haiti — Zili Dlo: Dlo pwòp pou tout moun — How can YOU help? –

We just received an urgent SOS from the area of Port De Paix (North western) Haiti on a severe cholera outbreak. Our info is that so many people in that City have taken ill and are dying that there’s no place to even hospitalize all who are sick and dying. Medical help is insufficient. Ezili’sHLLN has been prevailed upon to mobilize media interests in this on-going but neglected tragedy.

If anyone from the media needs more info on this, to save innocent lives ravaged by UN imported cholera, please contact (See also, Cholera Haiti Whitewashing-; How can YOU help? –

To date, the only recent note HLLN could find in the English news of Port de Paix is this:

(PORTLAND, Ore.) – Cholera has resurged in Haiti, with more than 1,000 people affected in the past month. To help address the urgent need, Medical Teams International has mobilized seven volunteers in the country to help health workers in northwestern Haiti to care for the sick near Port-de-Paix.

If anyone from the Ezili Network reading this has further updated info on the Port De Paix cholera outbreak to help direct medical care to this area or detail info with facts and figures from Port De Paix that could assist Ezili’s HLLN to draft an urgent action media and humanitarian release for the people of Port De Paix dying of UN imported cholera, please send it over as soon as possible.

It’s the rainy season again. The UN has admitted to importing cholera but refuses to acknowledge liability and responsibility for the sick, dying and the environmental poison they’ve put into Haiti’s water system. Meanwhile, who knows what other contaminable diseases their touristic troops are further poisoning Haiti’s system with?

As I write this, the UN had done zero to mitigate its damages. And lawyers who should be bravely making new precedent are telling HLLN the UN was grossly, if not criminally negligent in disposing of their poisonous sewage but Haitians have no remedy except to go hat-in-hand to the UN to beg for the favor to sue them internally and then to settle for their offerings!

It’s an outrage. We’ve tried this call before, but here we go with it, once more: Any brave lawyers out there with resources and a staff to help HLLN, please call or write HLLN. Nou pap bay legen. Paditou.

Fragile African-Ayisyen lives suffer endlessly. We die. But, they have the “good doctor,” Paul Farmer on Democracy Now! talking about how cholera was something waiting to happen to Haiti. Haiti may not have had a modern sanitation system, but the people have been bathing in the rivers of the Artibonite for over two centuries if not more, without dying like this. Until the UN imported cholera as self-defined “rescuers?” Paul Farmer and his Columbus/De LaCasas ilks are what “happened” to the African-Ayisyen of today. Just as the “good doctors” from those other genocidal years gone by, “happened” to the Taino-Ayisyen eradicated on the Island of Ayiti.

How many more African-Ayisyen must suffer and die before a court of law ends our wait for justice, accountability and the UN apologists and NGO collaborators are indicted for their collaboration with structural genocide in Ayiti?

Ezili Dantò/HLLN July 29, 2011

Forwarded by Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

Zili Dlo: Clean water for everyone in Haiti — Zili Dlo: Dlo pwòp pou tout moun — How can YOU help? –

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