The death of David Kelley: First court hearing Mon 19 Dec & vigil from 10am

16 December 2011 — The David Kelly Inquest Fund

At long last a step closer to a coroner’s inquest into the death of Dr. David Kelly. This would be the first time a court would hear the medical anomalies that led many to conclude that Dr Kelly did not commit suicide. Will the lid on the government cover-up about the case and this pandora’s box be lifted?

A special hearing at the High Court to help decide if permission for the judicial review should be granted to judicially review Attorney General Dominic Grieve’s decision not to have an inquest into Dr Kelly’s suspicious death

Monday 19 December, 2011
At 10:30am
Applications for Permission
The public may attend the hearing.

Everyone is invited to participate in the vigil, from 10am, to respect the victims of the war against Iraq, especially Dr Kelly and millions of Iraqis who were either killed, maimed or became refugees. It is planned to have no shouting of slogans. Perhaps banners commemorating the loss of lives in Iraq and that of David Kelly, with no other signs, apart from justice to all the victims.

If you are able to bring placards and banners to commemorate the loss of lives in Iraq or that of David Kelly these will be appreciated. Same for banners calling for justice to all the victims or particularly Dr Kelly.

The vigil will start at 10am outside the Royal Courts of Justice on The Strand, WC2A 2LL
The vigil is organised by individuals concerned about justice and the threat to all of us from a UK government ability to prevent an inquest into a death, possibly killed on its behalf. 

The court hearing is scheduled for a two-hour session and will mark the first time matters relating to Dr Kelly’s death and the Hutton Inquiry will have been heard in open court. It could eventually lead to an inquest. Mr Halpin’s barrister, John Cooper QC, says: “My client has maintained for many years that Dr Kelly, on the evidence available, did not commit suicide. Through the donations of hundreds of people he welcomes the first chance since the death of Dr Kelly to put before a court the kernel of his case.”

Please inform others of this very important court hearing.

Yael Kahn
07880 731 865

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