Bradley Manning Newslinks 20 February 2012

20 February

Free Bradley Manning!
World Socialist Web Site
As the Socialist Equality Party’s candidate for US president, I condemn the persecution of Bradley Manning and demand his immediate release. Manning’s formal arraignment is scheduled for Thursday, where he will be charged with 22 counts, including that …

WikiLeaks, a Postscript
New York Times
The Army private accused of divulging three-quarters of a million secret documents to WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning — who was at first kept in such inhumane custody that the State Department spokesman quit in protest — is scheduled to be arraigned …

23 Feb: Vigil at US Embassy, London as Bradley Manning is Arraigned in US
Indymedia UK
Stand in solidarity with Bradley Manning in London as he is arraigned for Court Martial in the US. The Vigil will take place at the hour the arraignment is starting at Fort Meade, Maryland. Meet in front of the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square.

Op-Ed: War with Iran, led by headlines of the week
And why aren’t they held accountable in the same fashion as has been Bradley Manning? These anonymous sources are, after all, government employees, in the same fashion as Bradley Manning. A likely scenario would be this.

SMELLIE ON SMEs: Breaking the law and whistleblowing
Yahoo!Xtra New Zealand News
At its most extreme, you get Wikileaks, and the American defence force legal system is still working out how to deal with the single intelligence officer, Bradley Manning, who dumped that trove of top secret treasure into the public domain.

Anonymous: Political force in moral grey zone
The Dominion Post
In late May, a hacker offshoot of Anonymous, Lulzsec, hacked into the American PBS to protest what they saw as an unsympathetic portrayal of military whistle-blower Bradley Manning in their recently featured documentary.

Mary Keck: An Open Letter About Pfc. Bradley Manning
By Mary Keck
If the allegations that he leaked information to Wikileaks are true, he fulfilled his oath to protect and serve the citizens of the United States. His actions should be celebrated just as we would the deeds of any courageous service member.

UCBerkeley Whistle-blowers conference to support Bradley Manning
Admission is free; however, a donation to either Bradley Manning‘s defense fund or to the conference itself is strongly encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Bradley Manning Vigil at The US Embassy » Veterans for Peace UK …
On Thrusday 23 Feb 2012 Bradley Manning will be arraigned at Fort Meade, … Veterans for Peace UK will be holding a vigil in support of Bradley Manning at …

012 | GlobalPost
Bradley Manning, who allegedly leaked US documents to Wikileaks, was nominated for the Prize by The Movement of the Icelandic Parliament.

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