Gaza Under Attack – Protest

15 November 2012 — PSC

In protest at Israel’s latest escalation of violence against Palestinians whom they have blockaded in the Gaza Strip, local Palestine Solidarity Campaign groups, together with many other organisations are organising protests up and down the country.

These are the protests we’ve received notification of so far. As more are organised they will be posted onfacebook
Birmingham: Friday 1730 outside Waterstones, Birmingham High St 
Bradford: Today, Thursday at 16:30 Bottom of Sunbridge Road, Bradford
Brighton: Today, Thursday at 1730 in Brighton at Victoria Gardens in Brighton
Bristol: Friday at 1700. The Fountains, Bristol Centre (opposite the hippodrome)
Cardiff: 1400 Saturday at the Nye Bevan statue in Queen Street, Cardiff
Durham: Today, Thursday 1600 at the Market Square
Edinburgh: Saturday 12:00 Charlotte Square
Leeds: today, Thursday 1300 Parkinson Steps, University of Leeds, LS2 9JT
Today, Thursday 1730-1930 outside Israeli Embassy
2 Palace Green London W8 4QB
Saturday, 1400-1600 
outside Israeli Embassy 
2 Palace Green, London W8 4QB
Manchester: today Thursday1700, Picadilly Gardens
Newcastle: Saturday 12 noon, Grey’s Monument
Nottingham: Today, Thursday 17:30 Old Market Square, Nottingham NG1 2GR
Oxford: Today, Thursday 1600 at Cornmarket St 
Sheffield: Saturday 1200, outside Sheffield Town Hall 
For more events check ourfacebook page>>
Gaza Under Attack – Protest 
As the Gaza Strip is being bombed and shelled from land and sea, the number of injured and dead is increasing. In response, protests are taking place around the country, and internationally – more details on our facebook and website.
A community built list with protests around the world is available here>>
What you can do:
  1. If you can, join one of the many protests.
  2. Contact the Foreign Office to ask them to take a stand against the continued attacks on Gaza, a people living under siege. See here for the Foreign Secretary’s appalling statementon the escalation of violence. Tweet William Hague today>>
  3. If you hear biased reporting by the BBC complain immediately –complaints form here>> 
National Lobby of Parliament for Palestine 
It is now more important than ever that you contact your MP in support of the National Lobby of Parliament for Palestine. Please contact your MP today and ask for a meeting. 

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