Bradford can’t afford the EDL

4 August, 2010 — Hope Not Hate

“The EDL are coming here to provoke further trouble – trouble this city cannot afford.”

That’s the warning from Ian Greenwood, the leader of Bradford Council. He knows his city. He knows that the English Defence League’s march of hate will hurt Bradford. Over the last few days, over 17,000 people have co-signed our letter to the Home Secretary asking that the march be banned, including almost 10,000 from Bradford itself.

Our focus is on Bradford, and to run the necessary campaign to stop the EDL we need more leaflets, posters, stickers and banners. To take our campaign to the next level, we need to raise £6,500 in the next 6 days – can you donate?

We can – and will – oppose the EDL every time they try to march. But we are only going to put an end to the EDL threat by changing Government and policing policy.

Over the summer, the EDL will stir up hate across the country. Their vicious lies about the Muslim community is an attempt to divide us all.

We’re planning to step up our campaign to expose the EDL. We’ll be lobbying the Government and the police, demanding that they take the EDL more seriously and recognise the threat they pose.

And we’ll be producing national literature to expose the EDL’s extremist agenda and challenge the Islamaphobia they pump out.

The EDL are the number one threat to community cohesion in Britain. To stop them, we need your help. We need an extra £6,500 in our campaign fund to step things up, can you donate £15 now to play your part?

When local Council leader Ian Greenwood wrote to me earlier this week, he said, “Thank you again for everything you are doing and I am sure that by working together we can stop the EDL’s march of hate.”

He’s right. This time, if we build a big enough campaign, we do have a real possibility of stopping the EDL. Let’s show him how powerful our movement is.


We can stop the English Defence League

2 August, 2010 — Hope Not Hate

We need to move quickly.

In the past few days I’ve been getting scraps of information from my sources within the English Defence League that “The Big One” – the violent and racist groups event in Bradford – will be bigger and more dangerous than we first thought. We are now looking at up to 5,000 EDL thugs descending on Bradford.

We simply can’t let anti-Muslim violence spill onto the streets.

And this time we can stop them. The EDL have actually applied for a march in Bradford, rather than a static protest as they have done in other places – so the Home Secretary has the power to stop them.

I’ve just written a letter to the Home Secretary, the Chair of Home Affairs Select Committee and the Chair of Communities and Local Government Committee which demands that act to stop the EDL’s outpour of violence.

I want your name to be one of the first that co-signs this letter – we’ll then hand the letter in with my, yours and thousands of supporters’ signatures directly to the politicians. Add your name now:

We need to draw a line in the sand right here and now. History has shown us that groups like the EDL can spark mass riots if they’re given the chance to attack local communities. As we saw in Oldham and Bradford in 2001 – this can set back community cohesion by years – and creates an environment in which the BNP thrive.

We’ve come too far to let groups like the EDL try and rip our communities apart. And on this occasion we have an opportunity to stop the EDL in a way we’ve not been able to in recent months.

This one’s up to me and you. The Home Secretary has the power to ban the EDL march, so let’s send her and the committees that oversee policing a deafening and unified message – we won’t stand by as violent thugs target our communities.

Because when you attack one of us, you attack all of us. Please sign our letter now:

I’ll be in contact as soon as I hear more information from our sources in the EDL – but for the moment – please forward this email to everyone you know and get them to join our campaign.

Thank you.