#BurnAusterity: Join a ‘Bonfire of Austerity’ action near you

4 November 2013 — Change:How?

[How indeed? I’m not sure what to make of this stuff frankly. The major sponsor is the Observer newspaper! They seem to come out once a year, talk a lot and then disappear until the next crisis comes along. It’s all slick PR stuff, no doubt pro bono work from a mind-fucker but what does it all mean and does it lead anywhere?  I mean really, “pin the blame on Cameron”? But not on capitalism? Burn your energy bill? I despair WB]

Tomorrow’s ‘Bonfire of Austerity’ looks set to be one of the biggest days of action for many years. Actions are taking place up and down the country as people are forced into poverty, forced to choose whether to heat the home or put food on the table and forced into the hands of legal loan sharks.

This day will say loud and clear that we will not rest until the government abandons their austerity programme.

If you are on an action tomorrow make sure you take lots of pictures and send them into office@thepeoplesassembly.org.uk, tweet using #BurnAusterity and share widely on Facebook.


 – Block Westminster Bridge – Assemble at Jubilee Gardens at 6pm. Bring your energy bills: we will be burning our energy bills on the bridge to highlight the massive rise in energy prices which have left people choosing between heating and eating. Invite your friends and share on Facebook.

Call for volunteers: We need volunteers to help steward the London action tomorrow. We will be meeting at 4:45pm at Jubilee Gardens. If you can help please email office@thepeoplesassembly.org.uk or text 07746330422.


ACTION FOR RAIL Leafleting across the country on NOV 5 – check here for details

Join us at stations across the country, meeting passengers and letting them know about our campaign for a national, integrated railway under public ownership.

Barnet – Assemble at 6pm outside Hendon Town Hall, the Burroughs, NW4 4BG, see here for more details

Birmingham – Assemble at Waterstones, High Str. at 5pm, contact birminghampeoplesassembly@gmail.com

Bolton – Campaigning against Zero Hours Contracts, Bedroom Tax, Pay Day Loans & NHS Cuts, organised by Bolton Trades Union Council

8AM – 9AM Leafleting, petitioning at the Bolton Railway Station

12:30PM – 1:30PM Leafleting, petitions, mock Bonfire outside Sports Direct (Bolton Town Hall Square)

Blackpool – 16:20 outside the Town Hall,  Anonymous Protest

Bridgwater –  “Democracy? They’re Having a Laugh” A mass binning of Tory policies at the Cornhill, Bridgwater (TA6 3BY) 17:00 – 18:00

Brighton – Assemble at the Clock Tower at 12pm, contact pplsassembly.brighton@gmail.com / Facebook

Bristol – 5th November, 5 PM, 5 Campaigns
Assemble at The Fountains opposite Hippodrome

Come along and burn some austerity policies. Bring a placard with a policy you want to burn! We’re going to being making some noise and a presence in the centre of town so as well as placards, some will be in fancy dress, bring drums, whistles, horns or anything else that will grab attention.
Contact bristolpeoplesassembly@gmail.com / 07971630005 / Facebook

Cambridge – Contact cambridgepeoplesassembly@outlook.com
“Break the Chains of Austerity” – Time 5/6PM, details TBC.
We will form a chain gang led by David Cameron, dragging behind him various victims of austerity: a schoolboy/girl, a nurse, a train conductor, a fireman/woman… and march through Cambridge singing the old union song “Which Side Are You On?”
Rehearsal on Nov 4 at 7.30pm, we will meet at the University Centre (Grads Cafe, 3rd floor).
Contact cambridgepeoplesassembly@outlook.comhttps://www.facebook.com/events/570519243017788/

Darlington – Assemble outside at 4.30 pm outside the Town Hall for a protest organised by Darlington Against Cuts and supported by the Teesside Peoples Assembly Against Austerity. Contact TeessidePA@gmail.com / Facebook

Doncaster – Set up a food bank in a bank, Meet at 11am, Clock Tower, Doncaster  contact doncasterpeoplesassembly@gmail.com/ 07587697028

Durham – Protest, 12:30 PM at Market Place,https://www.facebook.com/events/157323847811577/

Dundee – March and Rally
Assemble at Hilltown Park 11.45 am
March to City Square for Rally 12 noon
Followed by Picket of Home Scotland
Contact: 07894901688 /raymond.mennie@googlemail.com /https://www.facebook.com/dundeepeoplesassembly

Ipswich – Contact: suffolkpeoplesassembly@runbox.com
7.00 -8.30 Ipswich Station
Action for Rail – Leaflet to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Rail Privatisation and support public ownership of rail.

11.30 am – 1.00 pm Silent Street, Ipswich
Vigil outside ATOS and Job Centre.

1.00 pm – 3.00 pm near  Boots in Tavern St
Living Wage Activity.  Joint activity with NAPO members on strike.

6.30 pm  Bonfire of Austerity
Consign Austerity to the Bonfire on the Green by Felaw Maltings (assemble in Mather Way)

Kings Lynn – “Pin the blame on Cameron” 11AM – 15pm outside Boots/ Wimpey/ Burtons – If you’re mad at the Coalition, here’s your chance to let them know.
Come and meet Mr Clegg Cameron, your two-faced government.
Let him know how you feel… and why. Contact  jackiemulhallen@btinternet.comFacebook

Kingston upon Hull – Assembly 12:30pm, Queen Victoria Square – Dress up, bring placards, whistles, drums! Make some noise, get your voices heard! Let’s show the people of Hull that there IS an alternative to the government’s damaging policies of austerity. Facebook / Contact

Lambeth – Contact 07913496012 /  lambethpeoplesassembly@gmail.com

Leeds –  4pm in Dortmund square (outside the St John’s Shopping Centre). Action jointly organised by the West Yorks People’s Assembly and Unite Community Branch

Morning action –  7:30am, Leeds train station for a leafletting action with Action for Rail. Contact: west-northyorkshirepeoplesassembly@live.com

Leicester – 4PM – Assemble outside De Montfort University’s Hugh Aston Building
Planning 2 demonstrations – one around the NHS and one around the Bedroom Tax. Contact: Leicester.PA@gmail.com / Facebook

Liverpool –  Contact andrea@merseysidepeoplesassembly.org/ Facebook
10AM – Assemble at St George’s Hall – there will be actions throughout the day.
Join the email list to keep updated (http://www.merseysidepeoplesassembly.org/join-us/)

London (Brent) – 9AM at Brent Magistrates Court  – “No Council Tax Benefit Cuts” Facebook
Protest called by Unite the Union – Community Members, West London Peoples Assembly, Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group, Brent Housing Action, Zacchaeus Trust (Z2K)
Brent Council has summonsed 12000 people for non-payment of cancel tax .   Many  of these cant pay as their council tax benefit has been cut in the new council tax support scheme.  Come and voice your objections to the cuts to the benefit and show support to those who have been summonsed. Debt advice charity Z2K will be at the court giving advice to those who have been summonsed.

London South – Contact peoplesselondon@gmail.com / text 07806545279 /www.carnivalagainstcuts.org.uk / Facebook

10AM – Deptford High Street / New Cross Road  – An action against poverty, led by the local Foodbank
1:30PM – Deptford Lounge public square – A performance against austerity politics
4:30PM – Catford Town Hall to Lewisham High Street – A procession against austerity, the bedroom tax and local cuts. Finishing with
6PM – The grassy Knoll, opposite Lewisham DLR – Bonfire of Cuts with music, speakers and effigies

London West – 12PM – protest against loan sharks – H&T Pawnbrokers and The Money Shop, 22 Uxbridge Rd, Shepherds Bush

Manchester – 5PM – Anti austerity torch lit tour of the city  Assemble at ATOS HQ Albert Bridge House Bridge street M60 GAT  More info

At 8 am we will be leafleting workers as they arrive in the city and local tram and bus depots.

Medway – contact medwaypaaa@gmail.com / Facebook
7am – Chatham Station, leafletting action with RMT
12pm – outside the ATOS centre on Bachelor Street, Chatham
2pm – Picket at the Jobcentre

Middlesbrough  – flashmob-style sing-a-long protest against austerity in the town centre around lunchtime/early afternoon in a location where we suspect it will be noticed. Contact the Teesside People’s Assembly: TeessidePA@gmail.com / Facebook

Newcastle – Assemble from 5pm outside Haymarket metro station.
Actions begin at 5:30pm which will highlight local examples of tax-dodging, loan-sharking and zero-hour-contracting
Contact peoplesassemblyne@gmail.com/ 07515676025/ Facebook 

Norwich – Planned vigil outside the Town Hall, Facebook

Nottingham – Assemble at 5pm, Brian Clough Statue, Market Square – Firesculpture, Fire Breathers, NHS petition. Contact shalforty@gmail.com/ Facebook

Oxford – Contact oxfordpeoplesassembly@gmail.com / 07954365186
9.30 am Lobby County Council
11 am Austerity on Trial: Bonn Square
12 noon Probation officers’ strike begins: St Aldate’s
5.30pm Bonfire of Austerity: Bonn Square
6.30pm Where next? Town Hall Contact oxfordpeoplesassembly@gmail.com/ 07954365186

Pembrokeshire – Saturday 2 Nov –  Dress up as politicians for a symbolic bonfire – actions will focus on post offices, NHS, fire stations. Contact pembrokeshirepeoplesassembly@yahoo.co.uk / Facebook / Website

RCT/ Bridgend – “Unite Against Austerity” – Rolling demonstration – Actions focused on workfair and zero-hour contracts, the Bedroom Tax and local cuts proposed in RCT. Contact bridgend_rct.peoplesassembly@outlook.com / 01443 227996

10:30AM – Bridgend Valleys2Coast housing association. Meet outside the entrance to the shopping centre, Caroline St in the centre of Bridgend.
13:00 – McDonalds on Llantrisant
14:30 – Pontypridd Job Centre
From 16:00 – Pontypridd town centre by the fountain to oppose the RCT cuts.

Salford – Assemble 2PM at Stott Lane by Meadowbrook and Salford Royal hospitals.
Protest against the closure of mental health wards in Salford and Bolton by Gtr Mcr West NHS Trust. The protest is organised by United Service Users Committee and Salford Against Cuts, and supported by Keep Our NHS Public.

Sheffield and South Yorkshire –  4pm at the Town Hall for a celebration and a demonstration – Actions also planned during the day, contact sheffieldpeoplesassembly@gmail.com/ 07814420319 / Facebook

Shropshire – ‘Sit-in’ at the banks in Shrewsbury. Meet at The Square, Shrewsbury between 12-12.15pm. Contact  shropsfightback@virginmedia.com / Facebook

Southampton – contact spaaa4ever@gmail.com / Facebook
12.30 outside the local ATOS centre
1.00pm outside the Job Centre
5.30pm we will be holding a demo at the local BBC studio, Opposite the Civic Center

St. Albans – Contact stalbanspaaa@btopenworld.com

Stroud – Stroud Against the Cuts is joining  @pplsassembly Nov 5th ‘Bonfire of Austerity’ protests:
Assemble outside the Stroud Jobcentre at 12.30PM
and @ Neil Carmichael’s office 4.00 – 6.30PM

Tameside – Contact NIGEL 07709056079


Wilts and Dorset – Sunday 27 October – “Balls to the Cuts” – Gather at 12pm at Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset for a photo of people in a No Cuts formation. Contact wiltsanddorsetpa@gmail.com / Facebook

Wrexham – Gather at Queens Square Wrexham at 10am for a day of rolling action / 12PM for a rally. Contact redmolotov21@googlemail.com / Facebook 

York – City centre from 1pm – Model bonfire of austerity measures

Assemble at 4pm at St Helens Square for ” A festival of free speech against austerity” – an open mic event so bring speeches, poems, songs and anything else, dress up, bring props and join in a festival against austerity. Contact yorkpeoplesassembly@gmail.comwebsite

2 thoughts on “#BurnAusterity: Join a ‘Bonfire of Austerity’ action near you

  1. InI says:

    But what ‘Coalition of Resistance’? Where’s the resistance and where’s the coalition? Having a media fest that doesn’t get reported once or twice a year, means absolutely nothing if for the rest of the year, there’s no activity. It’s shameful! And it’s not even going to go anywhere near ‘old Labour’ never mind socialism!


  2. Jerry Spring says:

    After nearly 70 years of Communist and Left Labour Reformists advising Clement Attlee’s, Imperialist Nato, Labour Party UK on how it can best keep the Trade Unions of the UK happy, it is certainly not going to go anywhere near to even thinking about socialism beyond imperialism.

    And, if Labour does manage to be returned to Government in the next election, and that is the whole point of of the ‘People’s Assembly’ exercise, this lot will puff themselves up in claiming that it was all due to the activism of their great ‘Coalition of Resistance’.


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