Video: First interview while in Russia: Snowden talks to German NDR – reports

10 May 2014 — Voice of Russia

Former employee of US special services Edward Snowden, who revealed thousands of secret documents, has given his first interview since coming to Russia, the website of the German TV company NDR says.

The site says that Snowden, in strict secrecy, talked with journalist Hubert Seipel.

During the interview, Snowden particularly, said that the US National Security Agency also engages in industrial espionage. If there is information about, for example, the Siemens company, which is not linked with issues of national security, NSA would also use it, Snowden said.

Edward Snowden also said that at present, he has no confidential documents on his hands. He has already handed everythinhg he posessed over to journalists.

The full version of Snowden’s interview will be broadcasted by the NDR TV channel on Sunday at 22:00 GMT.

In June 2013, Edward Snowden gave several secret materials concerning the NSA’s secret surveillance activities to reportets from The Washington Post and The Guardian newspapers. The NSA claims that up to 20,000 secret documents may have come into journalists’ hands.

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After handing over the papers, he flew to Hong Kong. From July 23, 2013, Snowden stayed in the transit zone at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport until August when the Russian government granted him temporary asylum for one year.

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