Event: People’s Europe versus Corporate Europe: What should the Left be demanding of Europe?

13 May 2014 — Peoples Parliament

From the proposed TTIP trade deal, to fracking and the privatisation of our NHS, the EU too often operates in the corporate interest. Across Europe we are faced with the choice of neoliberal technocrats or far-right nationalists.

Event to be held at the following time, date and location:

Tuesday, 20 May 2014 from 19:00 to 20:30 (BST)

House Of Commons
Committee Room 19
SW1A 0AA London
United Kingdom

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In this special event just before the European Elections, Red Pepper looks at the possibilities for an alternative, democratic Europe.


    * Panagiotis Sotiris, Syriza activist  
    * John Hilary, Director, War on Want
    * Hilary Wainwright, Co-editor, Red Pepper
    * John Palmer, former European Editor of The Guardian and founder of the European Policy Centre
    * Natalie Bennett, Leader, The Green Party

**Please arrive in time to get through Parliament security**

This event is part of the People’s Parliament discussion series. 

Join this event on Facebook.

We hope you can make it!

Kitty Webster
Red Pepper

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