Stand up against censoring copyright laws!

24 May 2018 — Savethelink

The message is clear: The Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive is a broken disastrous proposal. It contains a plan for licensing fees for sharing news links which would result in weakening the foundation of the Web, a loss of media diversity and harm acess to information across Europe.

It also requires websites to build censorship robots that monitor and block your content, scanning for copyright infringement, and blocking what the big media groups decide should be. This would prevent content from being created at all, and these systems would be unable to distinguish legal, legitimate uses of copyright – such as for parody or for criticism.

Here’s how you can help win this fight.

Write to your MEP and ensure they are speaking up and stopping rules that impose the link tax and censorship through content filtering. We have a template letter, but please edit it and add your own views.

We know that phone calls are incredibly powerful for influencing decision makers, so ring up you MEP and share your voice on how these rules will affect you.

Tweet your MEP directly Make it clear you want them to stand up for creativity on the open internet.

Sign the Save the Link petition + sign up for regular emails on how to fight back against these proposals.

Share this site by taking to Facebook, Twitter, or email to pass the message on!

Have a website? Install the link-counting widget on your site, which shows how valuable links are to make the web function. In the future you might have to pay fees for each one of them.

Share any of our resources and infographics.

Or get to grips with the details with our informative guides:

Are you an organisation or company?

Want to know how you can take part? Add your information to our Join page or email with your name and organization, and we’ll follow up with more information on how you can become part of the Save the Link network

Are you an artist or online creator?

We want to know how you think these rules affect you! Do you think they are in your interest? We are looking for input from artists, and ways to help you speak to your communities and politicians with authority, please email

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