Money, Silver, Gold & Cars: ISIS Fighters Received Bonuses For Using Chemical Weapons – Report

15 November 2018 — South Front

Official ISIS documents, which have been obtained by the Russian RT TV, reveal that the terrorist group has financially motivated its fighters conducting attacks with chemical weapons.

According to the documents, many ISIS fighters received gold, silver and even cars for carrying out terrorist attacks. One of the documents reveals that this award program was created to encourage the terrorist group’s fighters to “fight the enemies.”

Head of the military documentation department of the Iraqi military intelligence department,  Lt. Col. Jaber Asaad, told RT’s correspondent that these documents are a clear evidence that ISIS used chemical weapons in Iraq.

“All this confirms that the group possessed chemical weapons that are banned throughout the world,” RT quoted the Iraqi officer as saying.

Lt. Col. Jaber Asaad also revealed that his department does have other ISIS documents, which contain full information about the terrorist group’s fighters in the city of Mosul, including personal details, when they joined the group, all of their movements and when and how they died.

Since 2014, many reports have accused the terrorist group of manufacturing and using chemical weapons, mainly mustard gas. The lethal chemical agent was reportedly used by the terrorists group during battles in the cities of Taza, Fallujah and Tikrit.

The U.S. and its allies rushed to accuse the Damascus government of carrying out every alleged chemical attack in Syria. However, they never called for an investigation into the chemical acitvities of ISIS, which raise many questions about their real goals.

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