The Truth About 5G

26 July 2016 — nPower Movement

Is there a clandestine force working behind the scenes in the United States, censoring truth about the “5G” rollout? Watch this — then decide.


1) Call, email & write your reps: 2) Subscribe for news about liability actions, and watch the film: 3) To join Kevin Mottus for on-the-ground awareness campaigns (DNC July 25-28 & DC in Sept), email: 4) Minimize your EMF exposure: &… 5) Do whatever it takes to clear on who you are. READ THE STORY:… WATCH ‘TAKE BACK YOUR POWER’ — WINNER OF AWAREGUIDE TRANSFORMATIONAL FILM OF THE YEAR: MUSIC:


1) Book: “Captured Agency”, by Norm Alster, Harvard Ethics Dept:… 2) $25M US Gov’t study finds cellular radiation causes increase in cancer (May 2016):… 3) Thousands of studies that cumulatively prove negative effects caused by wireless radiation:…… 4) LeBron James remembers his spring surgery on jaw tumor:… 5) Telecom and Insurance Companies Warn of Liability and Risk… 6) 34 Scientific studies showing adverse health effects From Wi-Fi: 7) Radiofrequency science charts to visually compare studies, radiation intensities and biological effects:… 8) Apple manual states to keep your iPhone away from your body at all times:… 9) Study: Mobile phones are cooking men’s sperm:… 10) Brain surgeon Dr Charlie Teo warns against mobiles, wireless home appliances:… 11) American Academy of Pediatrics warns: Limit children’s exposure to cellphones:… 12) More than 60 international warnings on Wi-Fi and microwave radiation:… 13) A List of Teacher Unions and Parent Teacher Organizations Taking Action On Wi-Fi (USA, Canada, UK, etc): http://safetechforschoolsmaryland.blo… 14) TED Talk on ‘smart’ meter harm, from a former Environmental Engineer in Silicon Valley:… 15) Insurance giant Swiss RE has given electromagnetic frequencies the highest possible long-term risk rating:… 16) Insurance giant, Lloyd’s of London, will not insure wireless:… 17) Risk Management Magazine – The Invisible Threat: Radiofrequency Radiation Risk… 18) US CDC retracts cellphone radiation warning following pressure from industry lobbyists:… 19) WHO involved in suppression of additional science showing harm, since 2011: 20) CEO of 1 Billion-dollar U.K. company speaks out on microwave sickness:… 21) Dozens of specific scientific abstracts that all show harm:… 22) Solutions: Reducing Wirelesss Radiation and EMF:… 23) Solutions: Reducing Your EMF Exposure:… 24) How to Install Wired Internet in Your Home:…

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