Article 13’s endgame is here: Mail your MEP!

13 March 2019 — Open Rights Group

After years of controversial votes and international protest, the EU Copyright Directive is approaching its final MEP vote. This is our last chance to prevent Article 13 from ushering in an era where most online speech is at the mercy of upload filters.

Can you please write to your MEPs today and tell them to vote against the Directive?

Write to your MEPs

The UK’s role is absolutely critical. Only days before Brexit day, this vote could be one of the very last chances UK MEPs get to directly guide EU law. Not only that, but there are enough UK MEPs to tip the vote and change history. Let’s go out with a bang.

Article 13 isn’t about protecting the interests of artists. It’s about control and benefiting big business. The right to free expression online will suffer because upload filters don’t understand context and reliably overblock legal content. Basic freedoms must not be traded for copyright enforcement.

There’s a reason the Copyright Directive has been crawling through the Euro Parliament for years – it’s a bad law while it contains Article 13. Please tell your MEPs to do the right thing and vote no.

Contact your MEPs

Thank you for helping to fight digital censorship.

Jim Killock
Executive Director
Open Rights Group

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