Iran News Links 10 January 2020

10 January 2020 • 22:30 — The New Dark Age

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Qasem Soleimani: Iran was targeting four US embassies, says Trump

What Passes for Reality Is Not Worth Respecting

10 Ways Trump’s Actions Against Iran Hurt Americans, the Region, and the World

Update On The Ukrainian Plane Incident Near Tehran

Behind Trump’s Soleimani Assassination + 10 Important US Political Events of 2019–audio

Iraqi Prime Minister Tells Pompeo To Remove US Troops, Pompeo Refuses

In the Year Ahead, Both Perils and Prospects Exist for the American Left

Sheep-Dogging on Steroids: The New Democratic Party Anti-War Activists

Iran’s Hero Has Fallen, and Now the World Is an Even More Dangerous Place

Ukraine Airliner Tragedy Evokes Memories of US Iran Air Shootdown, Cubana Flight 455 Attack9

Ajamu Baraka: Countering The Amateurism Of US Foreign Policy

The Deeper Story Behind the Assassination of Soleimani By Federico Pieraccini

Ukraine has no claims to Iran concerning plane crash investigation

Why Do We Allow This Madness To Continue?

Iran plane crash: ‘More time needed for investigation’ – Ukraine

I Use Krylov’s Fables All The Time. (Friday’s Rant).

Ex-UK ambassador to Tehran backs Corbyn’s assessment of the murder of Iranian general

Today’s Links 10 January 2020

From Resistance to Assistance: Little Pushback to Trump’s Iran Assassination

America’ System of “Checks, Balances and Reality” Crumbles as It Seeks War with Iran: Send in Pope Francis, Not the Marines

Savage. Brutal. After the Assassination of Soleimani, Can We Just Admit that the United States Has No Morality at All?

Iran: Nothing is forgotten, nothing is forgiven

The Assassin’s Creed in the Age of Endless War and Trump

Final Details for No War on Iran Demonstration

NIAC Statement on House Passage of Resolution to Halt Iran War

“We Want Iran To Behave Like A Normal Nation”: US Imposes Sanctions On Virtually Entire Iranian Economy

Trump Administration had Set a Trap for Soleimani

Video: US Simulates A War with Iran Scenario

“Fake Intelligence”? Washington Blames Iran for Ukraine Airliner Crash. Was the Plane Brought down by a Missile?

Seething US-Iran discord to contribute to ruble’s strengthening, say experts

Trump, Soleimani and Terrorism

America’s Dangerous Iran Obsession

10 Ways Trump’s Actions Against Iran Hurt the US, the Region, and the World

From Resistance to Assistance: Corporate Media’s Pathetic Pushback to Trump’s Iran Assassination

[Video] No war with Iran: oppose imperialist aggression

Iran plane crash: Teen brought up in London among dead

A Window for Peace

US policy of maximum pressure on Iran will bear no fruit, says Russian diplomat

Coincidence? Trump Admin Had Five Pentagon Officials Resign Prior To Assassination Of Iran General

Study Finds Bots and MAGA Supporters Pushing #IraniansDetestSoleimani Hashtag

History Of Major Wars Show They Can Explode Quickly And Disastrously

An Act Of Cowardice: US Assassination Of Soleimani Puts US-Israeli Fear Of Iran On Full Display

Britain’s Bo-Jo Brown-Noses Sicko Trump

A Trump Voter’s Lament

US-Iran conflict escalation to contribute to ruble’s strengthening, say experts

Ukraine’s security chief discusses Iran plane crash with Canadian, UK, Swedish ambassadors

UIA-752: Who Gains From Politicizing The Tragedy In Tehran?

“Trump Didn’t Get the Message!” Iran’s Military, Iraqi Militia Pledge More Retaliation!

Veteran Suicides – An Unintended Consequence of America’s “Big Stick” Foreign Policy

Was the Tehran jet crash a criminal act?

Recorders recovered from Ukrainian plane’s wreckage in Iran to be opened on January 10

Conservative Vets Group: ‘Bring Our Troops Home!’ With Dan McKnight

Dangerous and Delusional… Trump Rants With Lies After Iran Strikes

Thousands Across US Send Message to Trump: ‘No Threats, No Bombs, No War With Iran’

Iran plane crash: Tehran rebuffs claims it shot down Ukrainian jet

Merkel to make one-day visit to Moscow on January 11

Press review: Iran-US conflict may morph into proxy war and EU eyes revising Russia ties

Missile strike on Boeing in Iran not ruled out or confirmed — Ukraine’s leader

And We Allow this Madness to Continue

Latest American Criminality a Serious Threat to World Peace

Iran ready to grant all interested parties access to Boeing crash probe

The AngloZionist Empire vs Iran: a discussion of the recent events

The Democrats pass Pelosi’s phony antiwar resolution

German government defends US war drive against Iran

New Zealand government backs US provocations against Iran

US, Canada blame plane crash on Iran as causes remain unclear

La Cina, non solo l’Iran, sotto tiro Usa in Medioriente

Pompeo discusses Iran and Libya with EU top official

Pompeo discusses Middle East developments with NATO secretary general

Pompeo discusses Middle East developments with UN secretary general

Canada’s Transportation Safety Board will visit Ukrainian plane crash site in Iran

Boeing ready to assist US authorities in investigating Ukrainian plane crash in Iran

US House passes measure that would limit Trump’s military action against Iran

Iran sends to ICAO preliminary report on Ukrainian plane crash

Iran welcomes participation of foreign experts in plane crash investigation — spokesman

House Democrats Send Loud ‘No War With Iran’ Message to Trump With Passage of War Powers Resolution

The US vs. Iran: Who Won & Who Lost?

No Shit, Pardon My French.

Has Nothing Been Learned Since 2003? Corporate Media Welcome Back Iraq War Hawks To Make Case for Iran

Iran slaps the US in the face after the murder of Martyr Soleimani as Trump backs down

MuzzleWatch: The context that goes unmentioned in coverage of the Soleimani assassination

Accident or Tragedy of War? Transparent Probe Demanded After US and Canada Claim Iranian Missile Downed Ukraine Jetliner

‘Unconditional support’ vital in investigating plane crash in Iran — Ukrainian envoy

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