Ukraine News Links 22-23 March 2022

Wednesday, 23 March 2022 — The New Dark Age

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Watch: Ukraine War: How Sanctions on Russia Will Backfire Against Western Imperialism, w/ Prabhat Patnaik

Defending Ukrainian “Democracy”: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

War In Ukraine Days 27-28: No Defense From Russian Strikes

Russian Colonel General On Ukraine: Without Hysterics And Insults

Military Situation In Ukraine On March 23, 2022 (Map Update)

Pentagon doubts existence of Russia’s hypersonic missiles

Ukraine Update: Vietnam And Malaysia Oppose Anti-Russian Sanctions

Washington Should Think Twice Before Launching a New Cold War

Defense Giants Quietly Making Billions on Ukraine War

Ukraine: The Information War, Conflict Scenarios, And ‘Post-Conflict Ukraine’

US Condemns Chinese Military Build-Up the US Itself Provoked

Escalation Without Consequences on the Op-Ed Page

Day 26 of “Operation Z” in the Ukraine

U.S. and NATO Allies Arm Neo-Nazi Units in Ukraine as Foreign Policy Elites Yearn for Afghan-Style Insurgency

Why Ukraine is Important to Powerful People in Washington: Lara Logan Sets the Record Straight on Ukraine-Russia

Lavrov’s History Lesson – Germany’s Downfall – Russian Forces Develop Routine

Was Bombing of Mariupol Theater Staged by Ukrainian Azov Extremists to Trigger NATO Intervention?

The Only ‘Agency’ Ukraine Has Is the Central Intelligence Kind

Ukraine’s Propaganda War: International PR Firms, DC Lobbyists and CIA Cutouts

Hungary Scrambles Fighter Jets After Plane Violates Airspace From Ukraine

Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On March 22, 2022 (Map Update)

Victories And Crimes Of Ukrainian Azov Militants In Mariupol

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: Why Does Ukraine Seem to Have So Many Nazis Nowadays?

Russian Forces Advancing In Donbas, Distracting Ukrainian Troops On Other Fronts: Day 26 Of Operations In Ukraine

NATO Has Been In Ukraine Since 2014, “Stay Behind” Is Operational In Kiev

Ukraine News Links 21-22 March 2022

WATCH author confront Canadian FM for ‘escalating’ Russia-Ukraine war

Chris Hedges: The Lie of American Innocence

US and NATO Allies Arm Neo-Nazi Units in Ukraine as Foreign Policy Elites Yearn for Afghan-style Insurgency

‘A good Russian is a dead Russian’ posters spotted in UK

Ukraine War Is Creating a New Cold War and the West Only Has Itself to Blame

How Much Less Newsworthy Are Civilians in Other Conflicts?

Ukraine’s Peace Deal Referendum Proposal Is A Demagogic Distraction

Ukraine, Russia and the Sporting McCarthyites

Biden’s Actions are Behind the Collapsing Dollar

About Rumors, Which May Not Be Rumors…

What Is Blocking A Peace-Agreement Between Putin & Zelensky

War Crimes, Mental Molestation and Language Rape

Larry Johnson Answers Some Importnat Questions.

Author Confronts Canadian FM for “escalating” Russia-Ukraine War

A Peculiar European “Peace”

West’s Social Networks have Outlived their Usefulness

Ukrainian Nazis have Created a “No-Sailing Zone” on the Black Sea

US Condemns Chinese Military Build-Up the US Itself Provoked

President Joe Biden Seeks to Destroy Russia and Punish the Russian People

The Lie Of American Innocence

CNN Promotes Neo-Nazi Commander From Ukraine’s Azov Regiment

US Signals It’s Discouraging Zelensky From Making Concessions To Russia

Washington Should Think Twice Before Launching A New Cold War

In The Heart Of The Beast

China Sees Parallel Between Ukraine, Taiwan

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