Covid-19: New evidence on face masks

19 November 2020 — Sebastion Rushworth MD

by Sebastian Rushworth, M.D.

A few months back I wrote an article about the state of the evidence on face masks. At that point, there were no good studies looking at the effectiveness of face masks in preventing the spread of covid-19 specifically, but there was a systematic review that looked at all randomized trials that had been done on face masks for the prevention of respiratory infections more generally. That review found that surgical face masks reduced the probability of getting a respiratory infection by around 4% in absolute terms (17% in relative terms).

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Masks Aren’t Helpful in Beating COVID-19: Europe’s Top Health Officials

6 August 2020 — Global ResearchFoundation for Economic Education

The top medical experts in the world can’t decide if masks are helpful in reducing the spread of COVID-19 or just make things worse.

Denmark boasts one of the lowest COVID-19 death rates in the world. As of August 4, the Danes have suffered 616 COVID-19 deaths, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.

That’s less than one-third of the number of Danes who die from pneumonia or influenza in a given year.

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Interview: “My Afghanistan – Life in the Forbidden Zone” by Nagieb Khaja, Ian Sinclair

19 April 2013 — New Left Project

Nagieb Khaja, a well-known journalist and filmmaker in Denmark, has travelled extensively in Afghanistan since 2004. In 2008 he was kidnapped by the Taliban. His new documentary ’My Afghanistan – life in the forbidden zone’ provides civilians in Helmand province with camera phones, thus giving a voice to those normally ignored by the Western media. Continue reading

Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: August 12, 2011

12 August 2011 — Stop NATO

  • South African President Condemns NATO Over Libya
  • Denmark Extends NATO War Mission In Libya
  • U.S. Drone Warfare: Tyranny Of Flying Terror
  • NATO: Over 1.3 Million Reservists In 34 Member, Partner Nations
  • Canadian Military Priority: Boost ‘Operational Capability In The Arctic’
  • Russian Arctic Force Could Include Paratroopers
  • With 1,500 Troops On The Ground In Kosovo, Germany Says ‘Map Of The Balkans Has Been Decided’
  • Israel, Saudi Arabia Bid For U.S. Military Equipment In Iraq, Afghanistan
  • Romania: U.S. Marines Conduct Urban Warfare Training
  • Poll: Chinese See U.S. And Japan As Main Military Threats

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Busi Mhlongo – We Baba Omncane live@Nantes & Roskilde

25 September, 2009

South African diva, singer and songwriter Busi Mhlongo – Live recordings from the Fin de Siecle Festival in Nantes France, 1997 and the the Roskilde Festival in Denmark 1999. Cameras by Dick Jewell and Marcus Conway. edited by Lianne Cox. Taken from the DVD Busi Mhlongo Urbanzulu live by MELT 2000 cat. No MZADVCD014. featuring Spector Ngwayi, Thierry Mvie, Serge Ngndo, Brice Wassy Ndodile Shezi & Thembisa Khuzwayo. Tragically, she died earlier this year from breast cancer.

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Danish Anti-terror law imprisons Irish writer for supporting FARC and Venezuela’s Bolivarian process

15 March, 2010

VHeadline News Editor Patrick J. O’Donoghue reports: The next e-mail I will be getting from my compatriot Patrick Mac Manus will be from jail … he has just been sentenced to 6 months prison by a Danish judge for collecting and donating money to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

Funnily enough, the court admitted that it couldn’t prove conclusively whether US$9,242 collected for the FARC and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) reached the groups. It was enough to show that Mac Manus’ group “Rebellion” tried to transfer the token sum of solidarity.


Imprisoned colleague Patrick Mac Manus

65-year old Patrick Mac Manus had been indicted in 2007 but because of a severe bouts of illness, the trial had been postponed.

MacManus and his group say they are determined to fight the Danish anti-terrorist law passed shortly after 9/11.

Seven members of a group that collected money for the FARC through the sale of T-shirts and other activities were put on trial last year … the money collected was destined for a FARC radio station and an PFLP printing office.

During the trial, Irishman Mac Manus — who has lived and worked in Denmark for many years — denied the charges and declaring it was all political satire to provoke a national debate on the anti-terror law. Solidarity with FARC will continue, a defiant Mac Manus stated, in reply to the prison sentence.

The Danish State will receive a greater challenge from a trade union group that collected money and sent it to the FARC and an association of WW2 Danish resistance fighters against the Nazis.

Patrick Mac Manus has written about Venezuela, defending the government of President Chavez, and contesting the spin coming from the Colombian government as a result of the dodgy “Raul Reyes laptops.” Like many others, he considers the FARC to be a belligerent force that has been fighting a corrupt and murderous state for more than 40 years. It might be on the defensive after suffering some serious defeats, but it is still at war.

The Colombian government has declared itself at war with the FARC and ELN and seeks a military victory with the aid of the United States of America … NO amount of imprisonment or repression in Fortress Europe will change that fact.

Patrick Mac Manus is paying the price for rebellion against the anti-terror law

Who is next?

Patrick J. O’Donoghue

Denmark Aims to Criminalize Climate Protests

1 November, 2009 — Climate and Capitalism

As the Copenhagen climate summit approaches, the Danish government is rushing through a harsh new law that allows preventive detention, increases fines and extends sentences for demonstrators

Derek Wall (Another Green World) shares this proposed letter to Danish authorities, written by an ecosocialist activist in Copenhagen. He encourages activists worldwide to send similar protests to the Danish embassies in their countries.

We write to express our concern about the proposed ‘hoodlum’ law which is planned by your government. The bill that will be put before the Danish parliament, in a few weeks, has serious implications for anyone who is intending to demonstrate, or protest in any way, during the COP15 summit in Copenhagen this December.

It is clear from the timing, that your government intends this bill to become law by the time of the summit. We understand that the proposed bill will greatly increase the Police’s powers of arrest.

Among its main provisions: the extension of the period of ‘preventative’ arrest from six to twelve hours; an increase in maximum sentence for obstructing a police officer of up to forty days, even for a first offence; as well as a host of measures which greatly increase the penalties for breaking the law regarding public protests.

These measures, if approved, will effectively criminalize protests involving any degree of peaceful civil disobedience. At the same time, a climate of fear is being generated by certain elements of the Danish media about the prospect of thousands of climate activists descending on Copenhagen. We think this is no coincidence. It is therefore clear that the law is aimed at the many thousands of climate activists, from all over the globe, who will be coming to Copenhagen.

It appears to us that the Danish government and media is hostile to both the protesters and their message.

We therefore call upon the Danish government not to pursue this legislation and to allow protesters to demonstrate and congregate without police harassment.

More information on the proposed law.