National Care Service?

8 July 2020 — The Lowdown

Boris Johnson promised to “fix social care once and for all”. After the last election, he backed this up with a pledge to provide a plan for solving social care within a year. We are still waiting for his plan, but in this week’s Lowdown, we show that there are more reasons than ever to leave behind an era of failed market based-solutions and build-up public provision.

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The failed profit model that manages misery

1 February 2019 — True Publica
The failed profit model for managing misery

By TruePublica: Welfare Weekly has another story to warm the heart of soulless neoliberals. “Civil servants working for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have been handed over £40 million in performance-related bonuses, despite serious problems with the rollout of universal credit and a startling increase in the number of successful disability benefit appeals.”

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The Department of Work and Pensions and Atos Healthcare: still failing UK’s most vulnerable By Jennifer Kennedy

9 January 2014 — Our Kingdom

Disabled people are forced to live on the breadline for months as Atos failed to give them an appointment. Sick people are told they can work months before dying. People are driven to suicide. The breaking of our support system for ill and disabled people continues… Continue reading

Social care in the community – the fight for independent living By Kate Belgrave

12 December 2013 — Our NHS

As the Care Bill returns to the Commons next week, the hospital closure clause isn’t the only problem with it. The Care Bill will make access to properly funded social care harder rather than easier for many – even as the government tries to strip away other lifelines. Continue reading