NO2ID Newsletter 14 April, 2010: Election special – promise to protect privacy

Dear supporter,
In previous newsletters we asked you to write letters to your local paper, and make your concerns about the database state known to your local candidates. If you haven’t already done so – or even if you have – there’s an ideal opportunity to take action right now.

This week, POWER2010 are focussing on privacy and government abuse of our personal information. They have set up a simple tool on their website which allows you to e-mail a customiseable letter directly to each of the parliamentary candidates in your constituency:

After you have sent your letter to the candidates, you can also add your name to a letter that will be sent to the local papers in your area next week. We strongly urge you to do so. Candidates across the country will be asked to promise that if elected they will vote to repeal the Identity Cards Act 2006, and to defend our privacy – and that of our children – as fiercely as they defend their own.

(If you wish, you can also use the tool to pass the link on to friends.)

Please take the time *today* to send a letter to each of your candidates, and to your local papers, using the link above.

POWER2010 provide a sample letter, calling on candidates to promise to end the “one rule for us, one for them” we’ve seen from this parliament on privacy and identity issues, but the message will be even stronger if you edit it or write your own reasons why they should publicly promise to protect our privacy before the election.

Thank you and best wishes,

Phil Booth National Coordinator, NO2ID

POWER2010 is funded by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust. For more information, see:

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