NATO Newslinks 16 April, 2010

NATO strikes killing more Afghan civilians
USA Today
By Paul Wiseman, USA TODAY KABUL — Deaths of Afghan civilians by NATO
troops have more than doubled this year, NATO statistics show, jeopardizing
a US …

Afghanistan war: Kandahar hit by two car bombs
Christian Science Monitor
The attacks come ahead of a major NATO offensive in the Afghanistan war. A
man stands at the scene of Thursday night’s suicide bombing in Kandahar
city, …

NATO troops in Kyrgyzstan surprised by revolt
Washington Post
I couldn’t believe it,” said Michalak, a private with Polish troops
fighting the Taliban alongside other NATO forces. The Manas air force base,

UN slams NATO for civilian killings
Press TV
The UN’s envoy to Afghanistan slams US-led NATO forces for killing
civilians, calling on them to do their “utmost to minimize harm” to
ordinary Afghans. …

Taliban snatch UN workers
The Press Association
Fighting in the north has proved an increasing distraction from Nato’s main
forces on Kandahar, the largest city in southern Afghanistan. …

NATO Show Slated for Rio Hotel
CSNews Online
The National Association of Tobacco Outlets (NATO) will hold its inaugural
NATO Show at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas from April 12-14, 2011, where it
will …

NATO Special Representative: Intensified Dialogue is untimely for Azerbaijan
Trend News Agency
NATO Special Representative to the South Caucasus and Central Asia, Robert
Simmons, believes it is early to apply the Intensified Dialogue in the …

Russia’s New Place in NATO
The Moscow Times
Another factor is the increasing number of schisms that we are seeing among
NATO members as their numbers grow. The war in Iraq and NATO’s current …

Azerbaijani delegation to raise Karabakh issue at NATO’s PA session
The NATO Parliamentary Assembly will hold its regular meeting in Riga,
Latvia later in May. First vice speaker of the Azerbaijani parliament, …

NATO chief seeks 10000 more troops for Afghan polls
Montreal Gazette
BRUSSELS – NATO needs 10000 more troops to help provide security for
elections in Afghanistan this year, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop
Scheffer said …

US to complete missile defense in Europe by 2018
WASHINGTON, April 15 (Xinhua) — A senior Pentagon official said Thursday
that the United States will be able to cover its NATO allies in Europe with
a …

Harris completes site acceptance testing with NATO
Trading Markets (press release)
Harris delivered, installed and integrated the communications system, which
included operation and maintenance training for NATO controllers and
technical …

Finns involved in major NATO operation in Afghanistan
Helsingin Sanomat
About 30 Finnish soldiers are taking part in a major military operation in
the north of Afghanistan. According to the chief of staff of the Finnish
crisis …

Expert: Ukraine will not leave GUAM, if it will damage relations with Azerbaijan
Trend News Agency
Trend: Recently, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has liquidated the
Interdepartmental Commission for Questions of Preparing Ukraine for Joining

The Smolensk Air Disaster: United States Must Stand United with Poland
Few worked harder than Kaczynski to advance Polish–American cooperation
in areas including missile defense, the war in Afghanistan, NATO reform,

4 German troops killed in Afghanistan
Plain Dealer
While NATO spokespeople would not release details of what led to the
troops’ deaths, German defense officials said the four soldiers were killed
during …

Merkel firm on Afghan mission despite deaths
The Local
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has expressed her understanding for those
who doubt her country’s involvement in NATO’s Afghanistan mission following
the …

Canada wants to use Pak bases for Afghan pullout
Daily Times
By Iqbal Choudhry ISLAMABAD: As NATO countries are planning to leave
Afghanistan, the Canadian government has requested Pakistani authorities to
allow them …

Kazakhstan: US, NATO Seek Military Outpost Between Russia And China
RIA Novosti
On April 11, the day before the two-day Nuclear Security Summit held in
Washington, DC, US President Barack Obama met with his Kazakh counterpart
Nursultan …

Navy helps free hostages on ship
The Press Association
A Royal Navy warship has secured the safe release of 15 people from a
vessel hijacked by Somali pirates, Nato said. HMS Chatham was involved in a
three-day …

Time to reinvigorate the trans-Atlantic partnership
The Hill
This sale threatens to shake the NATO alliance to its core, bolstering
Russia’s offensive military capabilities as it intensifies its campaign of

New (Local) Music Thursday: Nato Caliph Goes Retro, Metal Soldiers Anacrusis …
Riverfront Times (blog)
By Annie Zaleski, Thursday, Apr. 15 2010 @ 11:10AM In this week’s paper,
DX Ferris caught up with local metal soldiers Anacrusis, who will be
playing live …

US to support Diggers in Afghan region
Sydney Morning Herald
He said Admiral Stavridis, commander of US European Command and NATO
supreme commander, expressed total satisfaction with Australia’s
contribution and was …

Military flights disrupted by ash cloud
Defence Management
The cancellations will affect UK and NATO aircraft taking part in the Joint
Warrior 10 training exercise off the coast of Scotland, which involves 50

Volcanic dust cloud suspends military training
BBC News
Disruption to flights caused by a volcanic eruption in Iceland comes as UK
and Nato air crews take part in Exercise Joint Warrior. …

U.S. Admits Killing Afghan Women During Special Ops Raid
Legal Info
Initially, officials with NATO made a statement that during the raid, the
military command discovered the “bodies of three women who had been tied
up, …

Why don’t State Department land troops in Karabakh? – political scientist
However, the United States and NATO pretend not to know about the
occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenia. ‘If the United States listened
to my opinion, …

Greece – MFA – Briefing of diplomatic correspondents by Foreign Ministry …
ISRIA (registration)
On the first day of this Meeting, the proceedings will focus on the NATO’s
new Strategic Concept and the reorganization of the Alliance’s
headquarters, …

Unfinished Business in Southeast Europe: Opportunities and Challenges in the …
US Department of State
The twin pillars of this process are NATO and the European Union. Progress
for the continent has come from transnational cooperation and institutions
that …

Statement By Mina Corp on Recent Media Reports
PR Newswire (press release)
Mina Corp has contracts with the US Department of Defense to supply fuel to
the Manas Transit Center in Kyrgyzstan to provide vital support to the NATO

NATO-Caused Civilian Casualties Increasing in Afghanistan “ The …
By Spencer Ackerman
USA Today obtained statistics from NATO’s International Security Assistance
Force, Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s command in Afghanistan, that show an
increase in civilian casualties attributable to NATO forces during the
first three months …

NATO: Pentagon’s Gateway Into Former Warsaw Pact, Soviet Nations …
By richardrozoff
NATO had regularly conducted large-scale military exercises in alleged
defense of Norway, Denmark and other members, but had never been deployed
outside member states’ territories, counting on the thousands of American
nuclear warheads …

UN slams NATO for civilian killings
By Publisher2
(Press TV) — The UN’s envoy to Afghanistan slams US-led NATO forces for
killing civilians, calling on them to do their “utmost to minimize
harm” to ordinary Afghans. The United Nations secretary general’s special
representative to …

“NATO not currently on agenda” | ICT magazine
Defense Minister Dragan ?utanovac said that Serbia’s entrance into NATO is
not being discussed currently, and won’t be any time soon. “No one is
setting NATO as a condition for joining the EU, although, all countries who
have become …

NATO Aims To Fight Afghan Crooks,4/16/2010 6:03:23 AM
NATO officials in Afghanistan often say the only way they will win the war
is to break the grip of “malign actors” — crooked officials and other.

Billeting -Security – Nato Secret : Kandahar
By yanyan
I am not the pc on this. OBJECTIVE: The Billeting Clerk should have a
lengthy background dealing with the military. He will provide a Billeting.

Deaths of Afghan civilians by NATO troops have more than doubled …
By cpmondello
KABUL — Deaths of Afghan civilians by NATO troops have more than doubled
this year, NATO statistics show, jeopardizing a U.S. campaign to win over
the local population by protecting them against insurgent attacks. …

War News Updates: Pakistan Frustrated That U.S./Nato Permitting …
By Bookyards
Fresh from a bloody victory against the Taleban in this rugged frontier
outpost, the commander of Pakistani forces has lashed out at the Nato
operation across the border in Afghanistan, where he says hundreds of
militant fighters have …

Meeting Fri 23 Apr 1100hrs – Riunione Ven 23 Apr 1100hrs – naples …
Hi, Ciao,Versione Italiana:no questo Blog non è morto… lo metterò molto
presto aggiornati con gli ultimi risultati.Aspettando, tutti i manager
devono assistere ad una riunione prevista il venerdì… Hosted by

Kazakhstan: U.S., NATO Seek Military Outpost Between Russia And …
If developments proceed in the manner they are headed, the Afghan war will
secure for the Pentagon and NATO a bulwark in the heart of Eurasia and a
permanent military presence in a country bordering almost 5000 miles of
Russian and …

natowelch: Code Creep
By Nato Welch
Code Creep. Cross-posted from I have more things I want to do
with Facehook’s API. The thing about Facebook that overwhelms every
objection is but this: Everybody uses it. I can scream about rent-seeking,
despotic, …

EXCLUSIVE Bactria Revisited: Does Alexander Have Lessons for Obama …
By Shazia Z. Rafi
With NATO countries set to withdraw troops by 2011, there is but a year to
“stabilize” Afghanistan. Those in favor of withdrawal say that
Afghanistan cannot be unified, that continuous tribal wars have always been
the country’s history, …

Mistral’s strategic reality – Evolutsia.Net
By Evolutsia.Net
For Georgia, a country aspiring to NATO, and for the Baltic states, who are
currently NATO members, the prospect of Russia being able to manipulate
NATO effectiveness and unity devalues the whole value proposition of NATO
in the first …

whatever happened to the warsaw pact “ Niqnaq
By niqnaq
NATO was founded in Apr 1949 by a country not on the European continent,
the US, and eleven subordinates which had fought on both sides of the World
War that had ended four years earlier: Belgium, Britain, Canada, Denmark,
France, …

Military Dimension Of Energy Security | European Dialogue
By 6
The stage of discussions among the experts preparing proposals for the NATO
strategic concept has come to an end; the stage of consultations in the
capitals of the Alliance states has commenced. Afterward they will have to
identify the …

By ajohnstone
Thus NATO troops could be called upon to assist Afghanistan in protecting
the pipeline. Since pipelines last 50 years or more, this could auger a
long commitment in Afghanistan. Indefinite occupation is a recipe for
ongoing bloodshed …

BBC News – Nato firing kills Afghan civilians in Kandahar
At least four civilians die and 18 others are wounded as Nato forces fire
at a bus in Kandahar, sparking angry protests.

NATO helicopter downed in southeastern Afghanistan – Afghanistan …
A helicopter belonging to international forces in Afghanistan has gone down
in the country’s southeast, NATO reported Friday. Taliban and Afghan
officials …

NATO unites to thwart cyber threats — Defense Systems
NATO strives to find the correct balance between open communications and
network protection in the context of cybersecurity, says NATO’s commander
Adm. …

Nato Helicopter Crashes In Afghanistan Killing Four People …
Four people have been killed in a Nato aircraft crash in southeastern

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