Iran Newslinks 16 April, 2010

Ahmadinejad: Iran is Obama’s only way to stay in power
CNN International
(CNN) — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has penned a letter to
President Obama, telling his American counterpart that Iran is Obama’s only
option for …

6 powers step up talks on Iran sanctions
AP Six major powers trying to rein in Iran’s nuclear program stepped up the
pace of talks on possible new sanctions against the Islamic Republic on
Thursday …,7340,L-3876873,00.html

Iran: Bridgeable differences
The Guardian
From every conceivable viewpoint except Tehran’s, the International Atomic
Energy Agency is no closer to defusing the crisis over Iran’s continued …

Iraq awash in phony US money; officials suspect Iran
Seattle Times
In the Middle East, such capabilities typically belong to Iran and its
proxies, notably branches of the Lebanese Shiite Muslim militant group
Hezbollah, …

World Digest: Countries align against sanctions on Iran
Washington Post
Brazil’s foreign minister said there is an “affinity” between his country’s
opposition to new sanctions on Iran and the positions of China and India,

When Armageddon lives next door
Los Angeles Times
By Benny Morris Itake it personally: Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
wants to murder me, my family and my people. Day in, day out, he announces
the …,0,6295075.story

Daimler drops plans to sell Teheran missile-launch trucks
Jerusalem Post
The auto manufacturer seemed to time its criticism of Iran’s leadership
with the anti-nuclear proliferation conference held in Washington this
week. …

Malaysia Says Suspends Gasoline Supplies To Iran
Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak says Malaysia’s state-run oil company
has suspended gasoline supplies to Iran due to that country’s continuing

Chretien denounces Iran’s travel ban on former leader
Winnipeg Free Press
OTTAWA – Jean Chretien is denouncing Iran’s refusal to permit its former
president to attend a nuclear disarmament conference in Japan. …

Web Site: Iran Bars Ex-President From Leaving Country
Voice of America
Photo: AP A pro-reformist Web site says Iran has barred former President
Mohammad Khatami from leaving the country. The Web site Parlemannews says
Mr. …

Turkey’s FM set to hold talks in Iran, Azerbaijan
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Thursday he would visit Iran
and Azerbaijan next week. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said
Thursday …

Sarkozy urges Iran sanctions to curb ‘quest toward atomic arms’
… In a meeting with President Shimon Peres, French President Nicolas
Sarkozy on Thursday called for harsh sanctions on Iran to curb its nuclear
program. …

IRAN: Police seize 220 lbs. of crystal meth as drug war drags on
Los Angeles Times (blog)
Iran’s has been battling the opium and heroin trade for years, but it
appears now that a new homemade substance has found an market in the
Islamic Republic. …

US, China Share Concern over Iranian Nuclear Program
Media Newswire (press release)
“The resolution will make clear to Iran the costs of pursuing a nuclear
program that violates Iran’s obligations and responsibilities. …

No One Knows About Persian Cats (2009)
New York Times
And of course circumstances for iconoclastic, bohemian young people in Iran
are not what they are elsewhere. Both the pathos and the buoyant energy of
“No …

IBSA advocates peaceful negotiated solution to Iran’s N-prog
Economic Times
16 Apr 2010, 0048 hrs IST, PTI India, Brazil and South Africa today
advocated a peaceful and negotiated solution to Iran’s controversial
nuclear programme …

How US weapons technology is finding its way to Iran
McClatchy Washington Bureau
View larger image By Warren P. Strobel | McClatchy Newspapers WASHINGTON
— The shadow war between the US and Iran was briefly visible this week at
an …

Malaysian Oil Giant Halts Iran Gas Shipments
Wall Street Journal
By SPENCER SWARTZ LONDON—Malaysia’s state oil company said it stopped
shipping gasoline to Iran last month, adding to a growing list of firms
that have …

Carly Fiorina’s Troubling Business with Iran and Russia
Texas GOP Vote (blog)
Last December, the Boston Globe broke the story that Hewlett Packard has
been selling its printers in Iran through a subsidiary company since
despite the …

RUSSIA – IRAN – CHINA Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor to start up in August
Spero News
Sanctions against Iran over its nuclear programme “have nothing to do
with Bushehr.” Construction of the reactor at Bushehr began 15 years ago;

Strong Iran ties ‘vital’
Gulf Daily News
“We are serious, more than ever, to enhance bilateral trade and
consolidate the spirit of economic exchange between Bahrain and Iran for
the benefit of both …

The defense minister, the IDF chief and Iran’s nuclear plans
By Amos Harel Replacing the Mossad and IDF chiefs will cause a significant
shift in system of checks and balances regarding Israel’s policy on Iran.

China Firm Denies Iran Nuclear Role
Wall Street Journal
… nor with the French company. The issue of how to pressure Iran to halt
its nuclear program has been a point of contention between US and China.

Iran Pres. calls for Mideast ‘brotherhood’
Press TV
“Iran and Kuwait are two brother countries that have cultural ties and
share common interests,” IRNA quoted Ahmadinejad as saying on Thursday. …

Iran and New Year Challenges
Some Iran experts maintain that social unrests following presidential polls
in 2009 have led to the isolation of certain parts of the Iranian society,

CalPERS must comply with Iran divestment law
When it comes to the threat of a nuclear Iran, there is no gray. Only black
and white; right and wrong. That nation’s renegade regime has openly, …

Chicago Tribune
Tribune: Could you speak about Iran’s nuclear aspirations and the
implications for your country and for others in the region? Abdullah: I’ve
said many times …,0,7819337.story

Iraq’s Allawi courts Iranian support
The Associated Press
BAGHDAD — The Sunni-backed secular coalition that came in first in Iraqi
elections tried Thursday to improve relations with powerful Shiite neighbor
Iran, …

What’s ‘creative’ about Obama’s policy of defying the people’s revolution in Iran?
World Tribune
Case in point is Joel Rubin’s article “Thinking Creatively about Iran
Policy”. According to Rubin, President Obama’s dual policy of engagement
and sanctions …

Why does Erdo?an take so much risk for Iran?
After following the nuclear summit in Washington I may easily say: Obama
won’t allow Iran to build a nuclear bomb. It probably will be difficult and
take a …

Iran Publicly Hangs Three Convicted Rapists
AHN | All Headline News
Tehran, Iran (AHN) – Iranian officials hung three convicted rapists in a
public square Thursday. The men executed, abducted and raped 13 women, …

Najib must not dance to US’ tune on Iran
The Malaysian Insider
Iran has, on numerous occasions, declared their pursuit of nuclear
programmes to be limited to civilian purposes, and all its nuclear
activities are under …

Iran To Have a Nuke in Two Years | RedState
By streiff (Profile)
New York Times December 3, 2007 WASHINGTON, Dec. 3 — A new assessment by
American intelligence agencies concludes that Iran halted its nuclear

Is Russia selling out Iran? |
By Zand-Bon
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s criticism of Iran during his recent
visit to the United States came as a pleasant surprise for the Western and
Israeli press. Medvedev said, “Iran is causing some problems”, adding
that “the most …

Israel Slams Syria and Iran Over Arms – AOL News
(April 15) — Tensions between Israel and Syria are up after Israel accused
Syria of supplying long-range Scud missiles to Hezbollah in south Lebanon.
The Scuds, which have a range of more than 435 miles, would put Jerusalem
and Tel …

Brazil: ‘Affinity’ on Iran nuclear question with China, India
By Bradley Brooks
Brazil: ‘Affinity’ on Iran with China, IndiaBRASILIA, Brazil — There is

Daimler Goes (Almost) Nuclear In Iran | The Truth About Cars
By Cammy Corrigan
Daimler pulls out of Iran. Who will fill the void?

Commentary “ Blog Archive “ Congress Objects to Feckless Iran Policy
By Jennifer Rubin
Iran’s nuclear weapons program represents a severe threat to American
national interests. Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons could lead to the
proliferation of these weapons throughout the Middle East and beyond,
destabilizing the …

Iran: A View From Tehran “The New Year Challenges” | Enduring America
By Scott Lucas
Analysis from inside Iran can often be as interesting for what lies behind
the words on the page as for the claims on the surface. Consider, for
example, the.

Israel v. Iran, and Squeezing Obama on Settlements | Taylor Marsh …
By Taylor Marsh
In the end, if Israeli leaders and their “friends” in Congress and
beyond decide to put Iran ahead of their own sovereignty there is no way
Pres. Obama and other progressive Israeli friends can stop them. Also from
the Haartz article …

Brazil sees ‘affinity’ with China over Iran: FM |
By marketmaker
Brazil shares “great affinity” with China over what course to take on Iran,
Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim said Thursday, as UN Security
Council members mulled new sanctions against the Islamic Republic. …

Carly Fiorina’s Troubling Business with Iran and Russia …
By admin
The US government has now joined with German and Russian authorities to
investigate whether the Silicon.

World Threats “ Blog Archive “ Did Iran Already Buy Soviet Nuclear …
By Ryan Mauro
There has been rumors that Iran has obtained nuclear weapons from the
former Soviet Union since the early 1990s, revitalized in the late 1990s
due to books written by Yossef Bodansky. A former interrogator in the
Danish Armed Services’ …

insideIRAN | Khatami Prevented from Leaving Iran for Japan
By insideiran
Parleman News, the official website of the minority faction of the Iranian
parliament, reported today that former President Mohammad Khatami was
prevented from leaving Iran for Japan to attend a summit on nuclear
disarmament. …

Maggie’s Notebook: Iran Nuclear or Not – and if Not, When? Who Do …
By Maggie Thornton
We have grown accustomed to knowing nothing about Iran and their nuclear
capability. The IAEA lied to us for years, and then as Inspector El-Baradei
retired, he said guess what: I didn’t do my job. Iran lied to me. …

Reformist’s aide says Iran has barred opposition leader from …
By $util.encode.xml($!creator)
A close aide to one of Iran’s leading reformists says authorities have
barred the opposition leader from traveling abroad and attending a nuclear
disarmament conference in Japan.

By Raymond Morrison
Basij Force Islamic Republic Of Iran – Iranian Power – muster against
them whatever you are able of force and tethers (ropes) of horses, so that
you strike terror into the enemies of allah and your enemy, and others
besides them whom …

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran – Former …
By admin
The Iranian women’s rights movement is the most vibrant social movement in
Iran today. Having built an extensive grassroots base, Iranian women are
campaigning to fight legal gender discrimination. The government routinely
persecutes …

Non-Nuclear US ICBM Can Strike Iran In 30 Minutes [Weapons …
By hirdy
Defense Secretary Robert Gates has made an startling revelation today. The
US has long-range missiles armed with high-power-but-non-nuclear

BBC News – Iran unveils ‘faster’ uranium centrifuges
Iran’s president unveils new centrifuges that officials say can enrich
uranium six times faster than the first generation.

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