Information Clearing House Newsletter 5 December, 2010: Weekend Update – Assange Accuser Worked with US-Funded, CIA-Tied Anti-Castro Group

5 December, 2010 — Information Clearing House

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Are You Brave Enough To Take A Stand and say: “The world needs Wikileaks.”
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WikiLeaks Server Goes Down
Julian Assange Facing ‘Hundreds Of Death Threats’
“There are hundreds of mirrors of WikiLeaks now,” he said. “It’s a test for Internet censorship. Can governments take something off the net? I think not. There are copies of the website everywhere.

Mirror WikiLeaks Anonymously
Censoring = Fortifying the Censored!

By Reggie Middleton
If even a percentage of users did this, there would be tens of thousands of WikiLeaks mirrors hidden around the globe. Quite simple, really. And it makes the shutting down of seem as utterly foolish as it was.

US Cables are Dispatches from a Beleaguered America in Imperial Retreat
By Neal Ascherson
There’s more to the WikiLeaks dispatches than leaks. Look behind them, at the writers, and you see the loyal rearguard of America: an imperial power in retreat.

Germany Accuses US Over ‘Missing’ Afghan Funds
By Ian Traynor
Berlin claims that €50m contribution disappeared into US treasury coffers with 15% ‘administrative fee’ taken by army.

Washington’s Manic Obsession with Iran
By William Blum
How will the White House and Israeli propaganda machines and the US media deal with this?

Assange Accuser Worked with US-Funded, CIA-Tied Anti-Castro Group
By: Kirk James Murphy, M.D.
Julian Assange’s chief accuser in Sweden has a significant history of work with anti-Castro groups, at least one of which is US funded and openly supported by a former CIA agent convicted in the mass murder of seventy three Cubans on an airliner he was involved in blowing up.

WikiLeaks Exposes Israeli Mafia’s Growing Influence
By Justin Raimondo
Cable reveals Mafia-government connection — But US media don’t care to dig for the story.

Ron Paul: ‘What we need is more WikiLeaks’
By Stephen C. Webster
Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul is no stranger to breaking with his party, but in a recent television appearance the libertarian-leaning Rep. went even further than any member of Congress in defending whistleblower website WikiLeaks.

Obama’s Israel Policy:
Speak Softly and Carry a Very Big Carrot

By Maidhc Ó Cathail
Even those familiar with the long and shameful history of America’s appeasement of Israel were taken aback by the Obama administration’s extraordinary offer to Netanyahu.

Chickens Come Home to Roost
By Paul Balles
Why is the American public generally unaware of Israel’s theft of U S military secrets? The Western media adamantly refuses to report anything critical of Israel.

“It’s for your own safety!”
Surrendering Our Civil Liberties

By Cindy Sheehan
Complacency over airport scanners is further proof Americans are allowing their rights to be taken from them.

Two Afghans, two NATO occupation force soldiers killed in suicide bombing :
The bomber detonated his explosives near a flea market in Gardez, the capital of Pakitai province, said Rahullah Samoon, spokesman for the provincial governor. The market is erected inside base of the Afghan 203rd Army Corps, where NATO’s operating base also located.

Mass-mirroring Wikileaks:
Wikileaks is currently under heavy attack.

In order to make it impossible to ever fully remove Wikileaks from the Internet, we need your help. if you have a unix-based server which is hosting a website on the Internet and you want to give wikileaks some of your hosting resources, you can help!

WikiLeaks: Internet backlash follows US pressure against whistleblowing site:
Individuals redirecting parts of their own sites to Swedish internet host amid ‘censorship’

Covert war against Iran’s nuclear aims takes chilling turn:
Sophisticated cyber-worms, motorcycling assassins: but who is behind the increasingly sinister campaign against the Iranian energy programme?

Former Aussie PM asked US to be prepared to ‘use force’ against China : Wikileaks:
The former PM, who is also Australia’s current Foreign Affairs minister, reportedly maintained that deploying force should be an option ‘if everything goes wrong’ with regards to the communist state.

US cables portray Saudi Arabia as a cash machine for terrorists:
Hillary Clinton memo highlights Gulf states’ failure to block funding for groups like al-Qaida, Taliban and Lashkar-e-Taiba

US cables claim al-Jazeera changed coverage to suit Qatari foreign policy:
Qatar is using the Arabic news channel al-Jazeera as a bargaining chip in foreign policy negotiations by adapting its coverage to suit other foreign leaders and offering to cease critical transmissions in exchange for major concessions, US embassy cables released by WikiLeaks claim.

Senate GOP leader: WikiLeaks head a ‘terrorist’:
Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell is calling the founder of the online site WikiLeaks a “high-tech terrorist” for releasing classified material from the U.S. government.

Julian Assange’s lawyers say they are being watched:
Lawyers representing the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, say that they have been surveilled by members of the security services and have accused the US state department of behaving “inappropriately” by failing to respect attorney-client protocol.

US cables: Yemen offered US ‘open door’ to attack al-Qaida on its soil:
Dispatches reveal president’s secret deal to let US launch missile attacks on Aqap, but claim it as Yemen’s own work

African migrants dying in Yemen border town:
Thirty African migrants, some of them among thousands deported by Saudi Arabia, have died in recent weeks along Yemen’s border where a humanitarian crisis is growing, an aid agency said on Friday.

Abbas threatens to dissolve PA, let Israel take over West Bank:
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has warned he may dissolve his self-rule government and ask Israel to resume full control of the West Bank if troubled peace talks fail.

Brazil recognizes Palestinian state:
Brazil says it has recognized the state of Palestine based on borders at the time of Israel’s 1967 conquest of the West Bank.

Why The UN HQ Should Be Relocated: WikiLeaks cables:
CIA drew up UN spying wishlist for diplomats:
The disclosure comes as new information emerged about Washington’s intelligence gathering on foreign diplomats, including surveillance of the telephone and internet use of Iranian and Chinese diplomats.

US cables: Berlusconi ‘profited from secret deals’ with Putin:

Russian PM allegedly promised Italian leader a cut of energy contracts, leaked US dispatches say

US Cables: Afghan MPs and religious scholars ‘on Iran payroll’:
US embassy cables reveal Tehran’s alleged efforts to influence Afghan politicians, religious scholars and Taliban militants

US has lost faith in Mexico’s ability to win drugs war:
The US embassy cables:: American diplomats paint scathing picture of Mexican army, branding it as unfit to combat drug traffickers

Reporters Sans Frontières statement on WikiLeaks:
This is the first time we have seen an attempt at the international community level to censor a website dedicated to the principle of transparency.

WikiLeaks site’s Swiss host dismisses pressure to take it offline:
Swiss host Switch says there is ‘no reason’ why WikiLeaks should be forced off internet, despite French and US demands

WikiLeaks faces donations blow as it fights for survival:
WikiLeaks faced a fresh threat to its survival on Saturday as the online payment service PayPal cut off the account used for donations to the whistle-blowing website.

China Is `Scared’ of U.S. Monetary Policy, Rogoff, Rickards Say:
Policy makers in China, which holds $883.5 billion in U.S. Treasuries, are concerned the nation with the world’s biggest economy is debasing its currency

Millions Bracing for Cutoff of Unemployment Checks:
More than two million jobless Americans are entering the holiday season seized with varying levels of foreboding, worry or even panic over what lies ahead as they cope with the expected cutoff of their unemployment benefits.

Fed wants to strip a key protection for homeowners:
As Americans continue to lose their homes in record numbers, the Federal Reserve is considering making it much harder for homeowners to stop foreclosures and escape predatory home loans with onerous terms.

Want JP Morgan to crash? Buy silver:
The campaign to buy silver and force JP Morgan into bankruptcy could work, because of the liabilities accrued by its short-selling.

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq “1,421,933″

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq:  4,745

Number Of  International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,247

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

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