Syria: Marches in Most Governorates to Support Reforms, Reject Misleading Media and Foreign'Intervention

8 July 2011 — Red Ant Liberation Army News

July 6, 2011

GOVERNORATES, (SANA) – Popular activities continued in the Syrian governorates to express support for the reform program under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad, rejection of misleading media channels and any foreign intervention in the Syrian internal affairs.

Popular marches, sit-ins and solidarity stands were held in Aleppo, Tartous, Damascus Countryside, Daraa, Homs and Lattakia. Meanwhile, the Campaigns of supporting the national currency continued in most of the governorates.

More than one million people from Aleppo province participated in carrying a 2300 meters long and 18 meters Syrian flag, stretching from al-Bassel square to al-Lermon square, to express support for reform, rejection of foreign interference in Syria’s affairs, and adherence to national unity.

Participants gathered hours before the event, chanting patriotic slogans calling for unity, supporting reform, preserving safety and security, and rejecting media misdirection and instigation.

The participants also released balloons in the colors of the Syrian flag.

Participants said that the flag is a national symbol that unites Syrians, and that the gathering shows that the people of Aleppo province are united in defending Syria’s security and stability and supporting the reform process led by President Bashar al-Assad.

They also stressed that the Syrian people will remain united and resilient in the face of pressures and conspiracies, and that they reject foreign interference.

Thousands raised a 1000-meter Syrian flag in Hsein El-Bahr city and the neighboring villages in Tartous in support of the comprehensive reform program led by President al-Assad, voicing resolve to confront the conspiracy against Syria with the aim of undermining its steadfastness.

The participants said that this march is a natural response to those who seek to harm Syria and its people, stressing that the Syrian people realized the scale of the conspiracy against them from the outset.

In Ashrafiyet Sahnaya in Damascus Countryside, thousands carried a 250 meter long Syrian flag to express support for reform and national unity, denouncing the conspiracies against Syria.

An 8 meter high and 4 meter wide balloon bearing the phrase “Syria is fine” was also launched, while poets recited patriotic poems.

Participants affirmed that the Syrians will remain strong in the face of conspiracies, saluting the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country’s sake and affirming that defending the country is an honor.

In Daraa Governorate, huge mass rally was staged in Izraa town to express support of the reform program.

In Homs, Tens of thousands participated in mass rallies and festivities in support of the reform program, raising a 30-merter flag and stressing the unity of the Syrian people.

In Sheen area in Homs, thousands hold a 1400-meter flag in addition to banners that express the stance of the Syrians which is supporting the reform program.

Al-Baath Vanguards Branch and the Education Directorate in Homs organized a popular festivity in front of the Vanguards Branch building.

The participants chanted national slogans that stressed the unity of the Syrian people in the face of external conspiracies targeting the homeland.

Thousands gathered in al-Qahira Circle in Homs in marches organized by popular bodies to express unity of the Syrians.

The towns of al-Frighlous and Ain al-Dananeer in Homs also witnessed popular marches in which thousands expressed their pride in the Syrian nationality and support of the reform program undergoing in Syria.

In Tartous Governorate, the media institutions carried out a sit-in in front of al-Thawra building in Tartous to express support of the reform program led by President al-Assad and rejection of the external intervention in the Syrian internal affairs.

The journalists voiced appreciation of the countries’ stances which supported Syria and its people in the face of the external conspiracy.

They also participated in the campaign of supporting the national currency by depositing money at the Real Estate Bank in Tartous to support the stabilization of the Syrian economy.

Syrian Women’s Union’s Mashta el-Hilu Association organized a campaign for supporting the Syrian pound, as women headed to Savings Bank to deposit money.

In Lattakia, some party, university and trade union officials from the Province visited Besnada Martyrs Graveyard, laying a wreath on the graves and said prayer for the rest of the martyrs’ souls.

In Sweida, popular, NGO and trade unions set a national campaign for supporting the Syrian pound through depositing money in all the banks spread in the city.

Sweida Real Estate Bank Manager, Rakan Kiwan, said that the amount of the deposited money in the Bank hit SYP 21 millions and 174 thousands.

Head of Water Cooperative Association for Housing and Summering Hamad Hamed said that the Association has deposited SYP five millions by all the members to support the national economy.

An environmental campaign entitled “Syria is Alright” was launched by young people from National Union of Syrian Students, Sweida Branch, to express their supportive role to the reform program as it also constitutes a response to the sabotage acts.

Head of the Union, Omar al-Jbai, said that the campaign includes painting the sidewalks, planting 1000 trees and rehabilitating al-Shula Square.


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