Black Agenda Video Update — Two More Eyewitness Libya Videos

14 July 2011 — Black Agenda Report – News, commentary and analysis from the black left

Although US drones are flying in, and US bombs are falling from Libyan skies, the president insists that the US is not waging war in Libya. The facts however, say otherwise. This week’s Black Agenda Video update includes two members of US citizen fact finding delegations, the Bay Area’s Dedon Kamathi and Atlanta’s Lucy Grider Bradley.

Eyewitness Libya: Askia Muhammad Interviews Dedon Kamathi.

Kamanthi traveled to Libya in May, and among much else, recounts how a NATO bomb hit the building that the Dignity delegation had visited the day before, and which it had intended to return the following day, and details of his overland journey into Libya from Tunisia. He was interviewed in early June by veteran journalist Askia Muhammad.

Eyewitness Libya: Atlanta’s Lucy Grider-Bradley Speaks

Ms. Grider-Bradley tells of visiting casualties of US bombs in Libyan hospitals, and recounts her meeting with her member of Congress upon his return. She also met the family of one black Libyan who was lynched by anti-Khadaffi “rebels”. Ms. Bradley, along with others recently returned from Libya, will speak at Eyewitness Libya’s Atlanta Report Back at 4PM Sunday, July 24 at the Shrine, 936 Ralph David Abernathy Dr in Atlanta.

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