Information Clearing House Newsletter July 14, 2011: US Attack Kills 50 People In Yemen

July 14, 2011 — Information Clearing House

300 Somali Children Left for Dead in Drought
Andrew Wander, a spokesman for Save the Children, said his agency provides care to more than 300 unaccompanied children who were found on roadsides after their parents died or abandoned them. 

Taliban Warns Kabul Administration
By Afghan Resistance Movement
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on those Afghans who work in the ranks of the invaders of Afghanistan, particularly, this call is directed at those influential, educated and experienced Afghans to rethink and abandon their subservience to the non-believing invaders. 

Gunboats and Gurkhas in the American Imperium
By Muhammad Idrees Ahmad
A complicit government in Pakistan, enabled by US interlocutors, continues to support US drone strikes. 

“Why Libya? Why Qaddafi?”
By Husayn Al-Kurdi
Why are NATO war forces unleashed and all manner of military and logistical assistance being proffered to the anti-Qaddafi forces, styled as “rebels” and “freedom fighters” by their sponsors in America and Europe? 

Prosecute White House Rights Abuse Crimes or Other Countries Must
By Deborah Dupre
Report leaves no doubt White House War Crimes warrant prosecutions and if Obama refuses, other nations must. 

Israel Expands its Borders Into Europe
By Dahr Jamail
Recent clampdowns on Palestinian solidarity activists underscore Israel’s ability to outsource its security operations. 

God’s Lobbyists: The Hidden Realm of Religious Influence
By Zachary Newkirk
When it comes to the government lobbying efforts of most religious institutions, their activities are notably shrouded in darkness. 

Prisoners Near Death As 1,700 California Inmates Continue Hunger Strike
By Marie Diamond
A hunger strike started by prisoners at Pelican Bay to protest appalling conditions has spread across California as inmates at 13 prisons joined in solidarity. 

How Propaganda Shapes Political and Economic Outcomes
By Max Keiser
Max Keiser reports on Americans collecting government social welfare benefits without knowing it and US Congressman taking financial bets against its government debt. 

Debt Ceiling Kabuki; Wall Street is “Out on a Limb” Again
By Mike Whitney
Barack Obama stormed out of a meeting with Republican leaders on Wednesday when negotiations broke down over raising the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling. 

The Military Industrial Complex: The Enemy from Within
By John W. Whitehead
It’s not the sick, the elderly or the poor who are stealing us blind and pushing America towards bankruptcy. 

Can Libertarians Save America?
By Dylan Ratigan
Party tribalists (80% of voters) are played for suckers. 

Greed, Excess and America’s Gaping Class Divide
By Matt Taibbi
The political champions of middle America are at this very minute campaigning in congress to extract more revenue from elderly retirees and broke-ass students while simultaneously fighting to preserve a slew of tax loopholes for the rich. 

Jailed For Banking While Black
As a result he lost his job, his car was towed and sold and Chase has yet to provide an apology and compensation
US Attack Kills 50 People In Yemen:
The dawn raid in Abyan province was conducted by an American unmanned aircraft which fired missiles at a police station occupied by “insurgents” 

Air strikes on militants in south Yemen kill seven:
The official said there were likely more casualties in the two air strikes north of Zinjibar, capital of Abyan province, but that militants had dragged bodies away from the area. 

India: Mumbai: 21 killed in three simultaneous blasts:
Three bombs ripped through India’s commercial capital, Mumbai, on Wednesday, killing 21 people and wounding over 100 in the deadliest attack in the city since the 2008 assault that left 166 people dead. 

Afghan official: NATO murdered six civilians:
‘A father and his son were killed in one house and in another house, they killed a father, his son and a daughter. A woman was killed in the third house,’ Zadran said. 

Karzai brother service: Four killed in Kandahar mosque hit:
A blast has hit a mosque in Kandahar during a memorial service for the assassinated half-brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, officials say. The explosion killed four people, including the top cleric of the provincial council. 

Assassin who killed Afghanistan President Karzai’s brother hanged in public square:
A group of men hung the corpse against the wall in Kandahar for around 20 minutes before they carried it away, the Daily Mail reports. 

Taliban Warns Kabul Administration :
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on those Afghans who work in the ranks of the invaders of Afghanistan, particularly, this call is directed at those influential, educated and experienced Afghans to rethink and abandon their subservience to the non-believing invaders. 

Another French occupation force soldier killed in Afghan battle: –
A French soldier was killed Thursday in a skirmish with insurgents in Afghanistan, just a day after five others died in a suicide attack in the war-torn country, the French presidency said. 

Imran Khan- led PTI calls for military action against drone attacks:
The Pakistan Tehrik-e- Insaf (PTI) has said the United States-led drone attacks in the tribal areas were unacceptable and tantamount to state terrorism against Pakistani citizens and added that it was time for the government to order military action against such strikes. 

Four killed in Syria as West pushes for UN action:
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported two deaths in the central city of Homs, while the Arab League of Human Rights said two people were killed in Deir Ezzor, a city in eastern Syria. 

Activist: Bomb hits gas pipeline in eastern Syria:
A human rights activist says a bomb has damaged a natural gas pipeline in eastern Syria. It’s the first attack on the country’s oil industry amid a monthslong uprising against the regime. 

Ex-spy tells UK’s Iraq Inquiry that the intelligence agency cut corners to please British govt:
The ex-spy said his agency, MI6, validated intelligence that was later withdrawn after sources were deemed unreliable.,0,3150881.story 

Ex-Army Corps Workers Charged in Iraq Bribery:
Three former employees of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and two other men were charged with participating in a bribery and kickback scheme involving more than $50 million in contracts in Iraq. 

Israeli soldiers kill 21 year old Palestinian:
Ibrahim Sarhan, 21, was shot dead while emerging from a mosque, during the Israeli search operation in the Al Farah refugee camp near Nablus. The young man did not belong to any Palestinian political group Palestinian sources say and did not appear to represent any particular threat. 

Arab League to request full Palestinian membership at UN:
Security Council set to hold open debate on Middle East on July 26, but Israel has made it clear that it opposes any unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehood. 

Dozens of Israeli law professors protest ‘unconstitutional’ boycott law:
32 academics sign petition aimed at Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein; Netanyahu maintains that he ‘approved the law’ and is ‘against boycotts’ aimed at Israel. 

Libya says 1,100 dead in Nato ‘war crimes’:
LIBYA’S prosecutor general charged on Wednesday that Nato air strikes in support of rebel forces since the end of March have killed more than 1,100 civilians and wounded about 4,500 others. 

Rights group accuses Libyan rebels of abuse:
Libyan rebel forces have been responsible for looting, arson and the abuse of civilians in their push toward Tripoli, Human Rights Watch alleged on Wednesday. 

Libya warns rebel-held east of water shortages:
Adding muscle to their demands for a cease-fire, Libyan officials warned Tuesday that the rebel-controlled eastern half of the country could be cut off from water supplies without a truce to allow for maintenance work on a power plant pumping water up from the desert. 

Muammar Qadhafi Speech July 9 at Sebha, First Mathaba:
In Libya there is no government … no autocracy … no elections … this people is practising power … all adults men and women exercise power … they have a say in the political, social and economic matters. 

Egypt dismisses almost 600 police officers:
Egypt fires almost 600 officers as part of a clean up of the unpopular force following protests against its actions. 

Russia offers ‘phased’ approach on Iran:
According to the plan, Iran can revive negotiations to alleviate individual concerns of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) about its nuclear activities and be rewarded along the way by partial removal of sanctions. 

Colombian colonel sentenced for faking civilian murders:
A Colombian army colonel has admitted his unit murdered 57 civilians, then dressed them in uniforms and claimed they were rebels killed in combat. 

How the US Props Up Criminals and Murderers All in the Name of Our Catastrophic Drug War:
The US appears to be repeating its historically catastrophic strategy of propping up human rights abusers and simplistically relying on militarization to root out social problems. 

Ex-mayor of N.M. border town pleads guilty to gun running:
The ousted mayor of a tiny New Mexico border town has pleaded guilty for his role in a conspiracy to run guns to warring Mexican drug cartels, authorities said on Wednesday. 

ATF/Mexico Gun Scandal Heats Up:
Operation Fast and Furious, the U.S. government arms sting that allowed guns to walk over the border into the hands of Mexican organized crime, made headlines here in Mexico over the past weeks after a Congressional hearing in mid-June brought out new allegations. 

Julian Assange extradition appeal hearing – day two live :
Robert Booth at the high court and Paul Owen at the Guardian office bring you full coverage of the second day of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s battle to avoid being sent to Sweden to face rape and sexual assault allegations 

UK: Rupert Murdoch summonsed to appear before MPs:
 Rupert and James Murdoch have been summonsed to attend next week’s select committee session on phone hacking 

Juan Cole Sues To See If Government Kept a File on Him:
The intelligence community may have had a file on a liberal blogger and academic. Now he wants to see what, if anything, was in it. 

Kenyan ‘held at secret CIA jail’:
A Kenyan who disappeared from Nairobi’s Eastleigh suburb two years ago is being held at a secret CIA prison in Mogadishu, claims a US magazine. 

23 senators fear terror suspect may get fair trial:
“The American people must be assured that terrorists are not brought into the United States for trial only to be released as a result of an acquittal” 

Prisoners Near Death As 1,700 California Inmates Continue Hunger Strike To Protest Appalling Conditions:
A hunger strike started by prisoners at Pelican Bay to protest appalling conditions has spread across California as inmates at 13 prisons joined in solidarity 

Italian austerity budget passes Senate:
The deficit-reduction package is a mix of revenue-raising measures, such as higher hospital fees and a tax on holdings of state bonds, and cuts in spending by the central and local governments that come mainly into force in 2013 and 2014. A freeze on public sector wages and hiring will be extended by a year. 

Italy eyes privatization as market tension eases:
The Italian government bolstered an austerity package on Wednesday with plans to sell stakes in state-owned companies, and political consensus on debt-cutting measures helped calm nervous markets. 

Euro plunges deeper into crisis as Greece’s credit rating slashed to ‘junk’:
Credit rating agency Fitch yesterday indicated it expected the Greek government to default on its loans, cutting the country’s rating from B+ to CCC. 

Nikkei down after Moody’s US debt warning, support holds:
Moody’s said it may cut the United States’ triple-A credit rating, sending the dollar near four-month lows and pressuring exporters. 

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590”
Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,790 
Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,588

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan
Total Cost of Wars Since 2001

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