UK in anti-Syrian conspiracy – Press TV

20 February 2012PressTV

Britain has been openly calling for intervention in Syria based on allegations that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is suppressing the “people” whom Prime Minister David Cameron wishes to see as the absolute majority calling for Assad’s ouster.

Cameron said last week “we need to take all the action we can” to “get rid of this brutal dictator [Assad].” 

However, a closer look at the situation in Syria and the poll results on Assad’s popularity clearly suggest Cameron and his cohort are hatching a carefully calculated plot to streamline foreign intervention in Syria through a media war based on the totally fabricated concept that Assad’s government is discredited and needs to go. 

It is worth mentioning here that a YouGov Siraj poll commissioned by The Doha Debates and funded by the Qatar Foundation found last month that 55 percent of Syrians support Assad’s government. 

By those standards, Cameron rather than Assad is a despotic minority ruler holding a tight grip on “the people.” 

A Guardian/ICM poll showed in December that Cameron’s government is supported by only 39 percent of the population with his personal approval rating standing at just around 48 percent. 

What is more is that those involved in armed clashes with Assad’s forces are not exactly “the people.” 

Earlier this month British troops were revealed to be directing ammunition deliveries and tactical support to armed terrorist groups in Syria

All doubts about Assad administration fighting armed terror groups rather than democracy-seeking members of the population ended last week when the CIA director James Clapper said in a report that Christmas bombings in the Syrian capital “had all the earmarks of an al-Qaeda attack.” 

The Syrian government had announced at the time that al-Qaeda was behind the two car bombings that killed nearly 50 people but the west were quick to challenge the announcement as false. 

Clapper added in his report that “al-Qaeda in Iraq is extending its reach into Syria.” 

It is public knowledge that Saudi Arabia, which is considered the closest ally of Britain and for that matter the US in the Middle East, provides arms and financial support to Salafi movements across the region of which al-Qaeda is a prime example. 

Saudi Arabia also sent troops to Bahrain to help the monarchy suppress popular protests calling for a democratically elected government and, guess what, Britain has kept supporting both the Bahraini crackdown and the Saudi deployment. 

Against that backdrop, it is easy to see Cameron’s talk of supporting “the people” against Assad’s “dictatorship” is nothing more than a campaign of lies to — as he said – “get rid of” Assad’s government, which is represents one of the only Arab governments, which has resisted the west’s efforts to turn it into a puppet.

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