Re: The Sky takeover

21 October 2017 — 38 Degrees

Rupert Murdoch’s Sky TV takeover is being investigated by an important government watchdog. [1] They’ve been tasked with recommending whether the deal should go ahead. If they come out against it, it throws a huge spanner in Murdoch’s plans.

The watchdog is already hearing plenty from Murdoch’s lawyers about why the deal should get the green light. [2] If thousands of us contact them, it gives them proof that the public don’t want the deal rubber stamped.

Imagine their shock when they open their inbox to find tens of thousands of emails. Each one from people like us, worried about a toxic Murdoch takeover. It could give the watchdog the evidence they need to come out against the deal.

The deadline for responses is Tuesday. William, will you send in your views on Murdoch’s Sky takeover? It’ll take less than two minutes and there’s some suggestions on what to say.

Murdoch’s Sky takeover spells bad news for our media and our democracy. If it goes ahead he’ll gain control over TV beamed into 22 million homes. With that kind of reach, he’ll have even more power over politicians desperate for positive news coverage. [3]

When Murdoch launched his takeover bid last December he was hoping it’d be quick. But hundreds and thousands of 38 Degrees members like you pitched in together to delay him at every hurdle. And so far, it’s worked. At every stage, we’ve been able to thwart Murdoch’s plans. [4]

We’ve got momentum on our side. Please can you take 2 minutes to have your say and make sure Murdoch doesn’t get his way?



Thanks for all you do,

Maggie, Cathy, David and the 38 Degrees team

[1] The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is currently conducting an investigation into Murdoch’s Sky takeover bid on two grounds: media plurality and commitment to broadcasting standards. You can read more about their investigation here:
CMA: 21st Century Fox / Sky merger inquiry:
The Guardian: Sky takeover bid inquiry to assess potential influence on Sky News:
[2] Murdoch has already submitted a 200 page report to the watchdog arguing for the deal to go ahead. You can read it here, just scroll down to the “inital submissions”:
CMA: 21st Century Fox / Sky merger inquiry:
[3] Rupert Murdoch’s media empire already includes The Sun and The Times newspapers, and he regularly uses his position to influence politicians:
The Guardian: From films to Fox News: Rupert Murdoch’s far-reaching media empire:
The Guardian: Rupert Murdoch accused of ‘astounding access’ to Downing Street:
Here’s an article from NPR – America’s public broadcaster – about Murdoch’s influence in the USA:
NPR: Murdoch And Trump, An Alliance Of Mutual Interest:
[4] 38 Degrees: Murdoch Sky takeover:
38 Degrees: Contact Ofcom about Murdoch’s Sky takeover:

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