Iraq, Massacre of a Country: “A War on Terror” when you are the Terrorist

9 April 2018 — Global Research

Iraq, Massacre of a Country: “A War on Terror” when you are the Terrorist

By Felicity Arbuthnot, April 09, 2018

“How can you make a war on terror when you are actually the terrorist?” (Unknown.)

America’s 2003 assault on Iraq, already devastated by thirteen years of sanctions, infrastructure destruction consequently unrepaired from the 1991 bombing was, in the ridiculous annals of names the US military gives to their slaughter-fests, entitled: “Shock and Awe.”

Turkey Publishes the Whereabouts of Five Secret Military Bases in Syria that Belong to France

By Voltaire Network, April 09, 2018

One of these bases is the cement factory of the transnational group, Lafarge-Holcim, which is currently under a French judicial inquiry for financing terrorist groups.

15 Years Since the Fall of Baghdad: A Broken Statue in a War Built on Lies

By Patrik Paulov, April 09, 2018

The war brought mass death, devastation, hunger, illiteracy, sectarian violence and the birth of the terrorist group ISIS, causing fatal consequences for millions of people both inside and outside Iraq’s borders.

Swiss Mining Corporations in Flagrant Violation of Human Rights – Swiss Government Complicit

By Peter Koenig, April 09, 2018

Violent attacks have been carried out by the copper mining giant Glencore’s security forces and Glencore-contracted national police on defenseless women and even children, on the poorest of the poor segment of Peru’s population.

Video: Dr. Chris Busby on Novichoks and the Skripal Russia Poisoning Affair

By Prof. Christopher Busby, April 09, 2018

Mainly, there is no way that the compound that was detected in the Skripal attack could be traced to a Russian laboratory (or any laboratory) by any lab unless the lab already had a sample known to come from the Russian laboratory (or the source laboratory).

15 Years Ago, The Battle of Baghdad, April 2003: Killing the Independent Media, Killing the “Unembedded Truth”

            By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, April 09, 2018

The underlying objective was to unseat the “unembedded media” and disrupt factual and objective reporting from the war theatre. The killing of the journalists was also a warning to media organizations from Asia and the Middle East, which were covering the war from Baghdad, without due accreditation of the US military.

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