Emails reveal White Helmets tried to lobby ex-Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters

Emails have emerged revealing how the controversial Syrian activist group the White Helmets tried to lobby Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters with Saudi money. The revelations have been published on Max Blumenthal’s project.

In an email from October 2016, Roger Waters is invited to a fundraiser organized by Saudi billionaire Hani Farsi to honor the work of the White helmets. In it, he is also encouraged to watch a documentary about the group.

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Novichok News Links 14-19 April 2018

19 April 2018 —

19 April 2018

Russia exposes British lies on Skripal, but trail leads to US By M.K. Bhadrakumar

The Skripals Have Survived but They Are Not Safe: The Novichok Fraud Should Bring Down the UK Government
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Syria News Links April 18-19 2018

19 April 2018 12:19:05 PM —

19 April 2018

Syria, Iran and “Chaos in International Relations”

Why Each US President Ends Up As Ruthless Interventionist These Days
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Russia exposes British lies on Skripal, but trail leads to US By M.K. Bhadrakumar

19 April 2018 — Asia Times

On April 18, Moscow disclosed that it has formally handed over to the OPCW proof to the effect that the Novichok agent purportedly used in the Salisbury attack actually happens to be patented as a chemical weapon in 2015 in the US and produced in that country. (By the way, unlike Russia, the US is yet to destroy its chemical weapon stockpiles, as required under the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1997.)

Moscow says it has proof that the agent used in the UK attack is a chemical weapon patented in the US. So was this a covert operation aimed at ratcheting up tensions between the West and Russia?

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As Israel marks 70 years, what have been the true costs? By Jonathan Cook

18 April 2018 — Jonathan Cook

The National – 18 April 2018

Independence Day celebrations tomorrow should be a moment for Israelis – and the many Jews who identify with Israel – to reflect on what kind of state it has become after seven decades.

The vast majority of Israelis, however, are too busy flying blue-and-white flags from their cars, venerating their army as the “most moral in the world” and poring over the latest official statistics in the hope that more Israeli Jews than Palestinians were born over the past year.

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