‘Plan to make me look foolish failed’ – Craig Murray to RT on Skripal interview for Sky News

8 April 2018 — RT

Former UK Envoy to Uzbekistan Craig Murray had a bone to pick with a Sky News presenter after his detailed interview on the Salisbury poisoning failed to make it onto the network’s website. Murray told RT why it was “buried.”

“[The interview] was broadcast live, but Sky’s daytime audience is not all that large,” Murray told RT. “A lot of people missed it and wanted to see it on their website but it wasn’t shown there at all, and they said it would be.”

In his interview with Burley on Sky News, Murray and the presenter clashed about Sky News’ Porton Down interview, with Murray suggesting that an extra question may have been recorded after the original interview and tacked on to the end.

“What I’d said was that the interview had been heavily edited and she took exception to that and said it hadn’t been heavily edited,” he told RT. Murray argued that it has been done to keep the Conservative government on-side. The former diplomat believes that the goal during the interview was to ridicule him on air, without any intention of publishing his full speech online.

“I think the plan was to try and make me look foolish with the aggressive interviewing, but that didn’t work. I think that’s why they then buried it.”

Burley, who has been an anchor for Sky News since 1988, gave Murray a piece of her mind after the former diplomat took to Twitter to ask why his conversation never made it onto Sky’s website.

“Maybe you just weren’t that interesting,” Burley replied.

Her comments unleashed a war of words on social media, with some viewers calling her “rude” and “unprofessional.”

Earlier this week, scientists at the Porton Down chemical weapons lab near Salisbury said they were unable to prove that a nerve agent used in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter had come from Moscow. London insists that the substance in question was nerve agent A-234 (also called ‘Novichok’), allegedly produced by Russia. Moscow denied the allegations.

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