Syria News Links 30 April 2018

30 April 218 —

Syria announces Yarmouk camp evacuation agreement

Two killed, 13 wounded in shelling in Syria’s Homs – Russian reconciliation center

Aggression: Imperialism strikes Syria again Continue reading

Racism, Russophobia and the Western Media: Selected Articles

29 April 2018 — Global Research

Whether It’s Russiagate, Skripal or Syria, the Media Have Lost Their Grip on Reality

By Paul Mansfield, April 29, 2018

“Blame Russia” for absolutely everything world we currently occupy has reached a point almost beyond return and is scaling heights that would turn Joseph McCarthy green with envy. Whether it is internally produced political turmoil and scandal, or because of generally reckless and failed foreign policy endeavours, the US and UK governments are more wiling than ever to pin the blame on Russia without fail. Continue reading