Agneta: Age is not a ticket out of the struggle…

5 April 2018 — Films for Action

Agneta is a documentary film about the life of the now 80-year-old Swedish peace activist Agneta Norberg. Through Agneta’s extraordinary and humorous personality, the documentary explores questions of what it means to be an activist, how a third world war can be avoided, and what it takes for people with dissenting views to make their voices heard in the 21st century.

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Planning to join Elon Musk on Mars? Then pay no attention to this

5 April 2018 – Organic Consumers Association

[Although OCA is a US-based organisation, I only wish we had something similar here, in the UK. Friends of the Earth? I don’t think so. WB]


Fish Facts

Frankenfish Fraud FestThink “factory farm” and most of us envision millions of chickens and pigs crammed into dismally small spaces, or cattle on feedlots.

But there’s another kind of factory farm—fish farmsAnd they’re just as toxic to human health and the environment as their land-based counterparts.

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More than 3000 Google employees want company to drop Pentagon ‘war’ drone program

5 April 2018 — Drone Warfare

MarketWatch, which provides the latest stock market, financial and business news, reports that more than 3,000 Google employees have signed an open letter to management, published in the New York Times.

Drone gizmo 2

Citing the company motto, “Don’t be evil” the letter urges the company to pull out of a Pentagon program that uses artificial intelligence to aid with video imagery which could improve the targeting of drone strikes – Project Maven.

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