US-UK-France Strike on Syria, The Chain of Events: Statements, Facts and Speculations By South Front

16 April 2018 — Global ResearchSouth Front

Featured image: The guided missile cruiser USS Monterey fires a Tomahawk missile in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations, April 14, 2018. (Navy photo by Lt. j.g Matthew Daniels)


1. Early on April 14, the US, the UK and France delivered a massive missile strike on Syria using warships, fighter jets and strategic bombers. US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis described the strikes as “harder” than the 2017 strikes on Shayrat military airfield. However, he added that no further launches had been planned for the moment. Continue reading

Washington seeks permanent deployment of special forces brigade to Africa By Eddie Haywood

16 April 2018 — WSWS

Republican Senator James Inhofe of the Senate Armed Services Committee last week sent a letter to Secretary of the Army Mark Esper outlining a proposal that would constitute an increase in troop levels deployed under AFRICOM, as well as broadening the American military’s footprint across Africa.

In his letter, Inhofe requested the Army secretary give his views regarding the assignment to AFRICOM of one of the six new Security Forces Assistant Brigades (SFAB). The special brigade, if deployed, would provide an additional 500 troops on a permanent basis for AFRICOM.

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Frack Off April Newsletter: Fracking Industry Counts Cost Of More Delays

16 April 2018 — Frack Off!


Over a year into the fracking industry’s latest offensive against local communities the sustained resistance it has provoked its having significant effects. Any major fracking project you can think of is either stalled or running well behind schedule. With over 300 community groups (and rising) pitted against an industry currently starved of investor cash due to low oil prices, the impact of these delays (and the associated increased costs) are not inconsiderable. The fracking industry is busy gathering geological and social data (how much costly disruption would there be to production) with the intention of securing further investment when oil prices inevitably rise again, and the current resistance is slowing down gathering of geological data while producing social data which will worry potential investors.

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If you don’t want Facebook, what do you want? By Dan Hind

11 April 2018 — Return of the Public

Facebook is once again in the news. Last month a joint investigation by the Observer, the New York Times and Channel 4 revealed that a UK company, Cambridge Analytica, had used information about Facebook’s users to target voters during Donald Trump’s successful campaign to become president in 2016. But the threat that the data giants’ business model poses to individual autonomy and to democratic process is not news.

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Attacking Syria. Trump's 'Dirty Game': Selected Articles

15 April 2018 — Global Research

Attacking Syria: Thumbing Noses at Constitution and Law

By Ray McGovern, April 15, 2018

As was the case 15 years ago when the U.S. and UK launched a war of aggression against Iraq, the pretext was so-called “weapons of mass destruction” (WMD) — this time the claimed use on April 7 of chlorine (and maybe the nerve agent sarin — who knows?) in Duma a suburb of Damascus.  And this time French President Emmanuel Macron was allowed to join, as junior partner, the gang that can’t lie straight. Continue reading