Syria News Links 22-23 April 2018

23 April 2018 18:28:38 —

The Mainstream Media Fueled Military Action in Syria, Reprisals Against Russia over the Skripal Affair

Washington is the principal puppet master behind Syrian conflict, says envoy to China

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Airstrikes and Lawsuits: Cui Bono?

22 April 2018 — Global Research

Alleged Syria Chemical Weapons Attack: OPCW to Rubber-Stamp Official Falsified Douma Narrative?

By Stephen Lendman, April 22, 2018

The OPCW’s fact-finding mission delayed its arrival in Douma for 11 days, falsely saying it was too unsafe to come sooner.

The town was liberated, the OPCW team was guaranteed security by Syrian and Russian forces. It was safe for the fact-finding mission members to come 11 days ago. Continue reading

Beware of White Helmets Bearing News By Ann Wright

21 April 2018 — Consortium News

The celebrated White Helmets of Oscar fame appeared to have made their own feature film in Duma on the night of the alleged chemical attack, as Ann Wright explains.

At the center of the controversy over an alleged chemical attack in the Damascus suburb of Duma on April 7 are the White Helmets, a self-described rescue operation about whom an Oscar-winning documentary was made.

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