Syria News Links 22-23 April 2018

23 April 2018 18:28:38 —

The Mainstream Media Fueled Military Action in Syria, Reprisals Against Russia over the Skripal Affair

Washington is the principal puppet master behind Syrian conflict, says envoy to China

Russia capable of providing S-300 to Syria within one month — source

Airstrikes and Lawsuits: Cui Bono?

Russia says it could move missile system to Syria, warning Israel of ‘catastrophic consequences’ if it attacks

France’s President Macron Says He Wants to Build “The New Syria” Together with the US

The ‘Mad Dog’ Speaks: Mattis Drops Syria Chemical Weapons Bombshell: “We Have No Evidence”

Chemical Confusion: From Salisbury to Syria

In phone call with Putin, Macron asserts Western strikes on Syria were legitimate

Turkey’s Military Offensive in Afrin

Lavrov: No decision made yet if S-300 is to be provided to Syria

Putin, Macron discuss OPCW mission to Syria — Kremlin

Lavrov slams Macron’s remark on need to stay in Syria as colonial stance

US concerns have nothing to do with the JCPOA

Revolution in a Warming World: Lessons from the Russian to the Syrian Revolutions

Video: Douma Chemical Attack Is Staged

The West”s Trauma of its Dissolution

Macron: US should stay in JCPOA as long as there is no better option

Press review: Russia set to bury cyber feud if US concurs and S-300s coming soon to Syria

Lavrov blasts US-led strike on Damascus for torpedoing progress in Syrian peace process

Chemical attacks on Iran: When the US looked the other way

Might Trump Ask Israel to Fund America”s Invasion-Occupation of Syria?

Emmanuel Macron will urge US to keep troops in Syria during US state visit

Double Standards on Chemical Warfare Denounced

The Security Council meets in Sweden avoiding the public eye

Senior Iraq/Syria Cultural Advisor

Video: Carla Ortiz Debunks the Alleged “Humanitarian Mandate” of the “White Helmets” in Syria. They Work Hand in Glove with Al Qaeda

Dear Salafist Wahhabist Apologists

US Acting State Secretary Sullivan discusses Syria with UK Foreign Secretary Johnson

ISIS Spokesman Calls for Attacks on Arab Nations

22 April 2018   G7 To Maintain Tough Line On Russia Over Syria, Ukraine Conflicts

Iraq says it killed 36 Islamic State ‘terrorists’ in Syria airstrike

US Media Fudge Rebels’ Douma Surrender Date to Imply Alleged Assad Chemical Attack Turned Tide

A Shocking Lack of “Intelligence” in Our Missile Strike on Syria

Iraqi troops kill four Islamic State militants near borders with Syria

Alleged Syria Chemical Weapons Attack: OPCW to Rubber-Stamp Official Falsified Douma Narrative?
The emergence of a Christian United Front against the war in Syria

Syria’s Children: “Condemned to Live”, Shackled by the Scars of US-NATO Terrorism

Iraq announces killing 36 terrorists in raid on IS in Syria

Iraq’s April 19 air strike in Syria killed 36 IS militants: spokesman

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