Syria News Links 23-24 April 2018

24 April 2018 16:38:27 —

Might Trump Ask Israel to Fund America’s Invasion-Occupation of Syria?

CNN Wins Peabody Award for Coverage of Fall of ISIS in Iraq and Syria

“Were You Sad or Were You Happy?”. The Destruction of Syria’s Industrial Heartland

Syria crisis: Western countries plan to bypass Russia’s UN veto over Douma chemical attack

No Restitution, No U.S. Reconstruction Money for Syria

US CENTCOM Chief Makes “Secret and Unprecedented” Visit to Israel as Russia Mulls Arming Syria

US-Led NATO, Israel Plotting Escalated Aggression in Syria?

Nicaragua: Next in Line for Regime Change?

What Will Weapons Inspectors Find in Syria…and Does It Matter?

US strike on Syria challenges entire UN system, Russian Security Council says

Syria News Links 23-24 April 2018  

What Will Weapons Inspectors Find in Syria… And Does It Matter?

Iran FM: Trump administration ‘never in’ nuclear deal

Theresa May”s husband”s Investment Firm made a financial killing from the bombing of Syria

Iraq plans to launch new strikes inside Syria to eliminate Baghdadi: MP

US-led strikes on Syria violate all international rules, Russia’s defense chief notes

How Yulia and Sergei Skripal (and their cat) Saved the World!

The fiasco of the bombing raid on Syria, by Thierry Meyssan

Russia hopes contacts with France will clear up cooperation on Syria

Russia alarmed by West’s refusal to help restore areas controlled by Damascus

Starting Washington visit, Macron pledges endless war in Syria

West impeding restoration of monuments in Syria, Russia’s envoy to UNESCO says

Russia counts on SCO support in restoration of Syria as united country – Defense Minister

G7 unite to condemn Russia for behaviour that has ‘undermined international law’

Daesh Fighters Repositioned From Syria, Iraq to Afghanistan – Official

23 April 2018

U.S.: No Restitution to Syria

Might Trump Ask Israel to Fund America’s Invasion-Occupation of Syria?

Corporate Media “Could Care Less” About International Law

Syrian War Report – April 23, 2018: Militant-Held Pockets Crumbling In Western Syria

Over 1,000 militants with families leave Eastern Qalamoun in Syria during past day

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