Syria News Links 30 April 2018

30 April 218 —

Syria announces Yarmouk camp evacuation agreement

Two killed, 13 wounded in shelling in Syria’s Homs – Russian reconciliation center

Aggression: Imperialism strikes Syria again

Syria Attack: ‘Nobody Looking for War, But Things Could Spiral Out of Control’

Qatar ransom boosts Iran-backed ‘terrorist’ group ahead of Iraq elections

Netanyahoo To Again Cry Wolf – But Something Bigger Is Up (Updated)

Iran: Fighting ‘terror’ publicly, mourning the dead secretly

Israel’s strategy of banking on a muted Iranian response in Syria may backfire

Iraq to continue pounding Daesh positions inside Syria

Syria’s war: Rebels to leave southern Damascus in evacuation deal

Israel Defense Forces refuse to comment on media reports about missile strikes in Syria

Syria war: Missile strikes on military sites ‘kill pro-Assad fighters’

“Cruise Missile Left” Complicit in American Escalation Toward World War III

West’s aggression will only enhance Syria’s determination to defend sovereignty – Assad

Land Component Command Headquarters in Iraq Holds Deactivation Ceremony

Statement on Syria: 30 April 2018

Next Steps for US Policy in Syria and Iraq

Iran denies 18 fighters killed in ferocious strike on Syrian army bases

UN Syria Envoy Plays into the Hands of Those Who Want to Stymie the Astana Peace Process

Weapons Inspector Refutes U.S. Syria Chemical Claims

Regional Winterization Assistance Final Report – Syria and Iraq situations (Syria, Turkey, Lebanon …

Racism, Russophobia and the Western Media: Selected Articles

Full-Scale US War in Syria Coming?

Syria: SDF reclaim territory hours after government capture

Pro-Regime Syrian Forces Take Control Of At Least Two Villages Near Iraq Border

Cutting Through the War Propaganda. Listen to What Syrians are Saying

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