The Empire’s Media and the Quest for Veto Authority in the Americas by Joe Emersberger

6 June 2018 — FAIR

CSM: Pence replacing Trump at Peru summit. But name that matters most is Monroe.

Christian Science Monitor (4/11/18)

In April, the Summit of the Americas in Peru predictably led to articles fretting about declining US influence in the Western Hemisphere.  Analysts were quoted (Christian Science Monitor, 4/11/18) worrying that Trump’s belligerent and racist outbursts would weaken Washington’s power in the region.

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NSA: CyberWar Map

6 June 2018 — National Security Archive

New Feature of Cyber Vault Project

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Washington D.C., June 6, 2018 – The National Security Archive’s Cyber Vault Project announces the launch of the CyberWar Map. An interactive resource, it is both a visualization of state-sponsored cyberattacks and an index of documents in the Archive’s Cyber Vault relevant to the subject.

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Cousin of Palestinian Medic Killed by Israel Speaks Out

5 June 2018 — TRNN

Palestinian nurse Razan al-Najar was shot and killed by an Israeli sniper in Gaza while she was wearing a white medic’s uniform and had her hands raised. Dalia al-Najjar says her cousin “Razan showed everyone what it is to want freedom.” She tells TRNN’s Ben Norton, “Everyone is joining the protests because people want their freedom, and it’s a legitimate right for them to ask for it.” (inc. transcript) Continue reading

The UN Is Silent Amid Israeli Aggression in Gaza; Is It a Defunct Agency? Selected Stories

5 June 2018 — Global Research News

Israel Bombs Gaza Hours After Funeral of Murdered 21-year-old Paramedic

By Morning Star, June 04, 2018

Israeli warplanes blitzed the Gaza Strip today as the country continued to punish Palestinians for daring to hold peaceful demonstrations near the fence that seals off the territory. Continue reading

Beekeepers at the Bayer AGM

5 June 2018 — SumOfUs

Bayer’s annual shareholder meeting was a PR disaster — and it’s all thanks to you!

With the international spotlight of the world on Bayer, we made sure to get one message trending online on Twitter, into the press and right in front of the shareholders’ noses: Bayer’s profits come with a hefty price tag — the massive global die-off of our bees.

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