Big Tech’s war on refugees and immigrants

19 July 2018 — SumOfUs

Across the world, companies like Microsoft and Salesforce are helping ICE and Frontex lead their war against immigrants and refugees.

Call on tech companies to side with immigrants and renounce their contracts with ICE and Frontex!


In the US and EU, Immigration Customs Enforcement and Frontex carry out the everyday enforcement of xenophobic immigration policies. But they’re not alone: tech companies like Microsoft and Salesforce are equipping immigration police with the tools they rely on to track, identify, and incarcerate migrants and asylum seekers.

While Trump’s immigration enforcement agencies continue to make headlines around the world for their enforcement of his heartless immigration policy, many tech giants like Microsoft are complicit. Despite the widespread outrage and plea from employees to cancel its contract with ICE, Microsoft continues to equip ICE with surveillance technologies that it claims makes the immigration agency’s operation more “efficient.”

Call on Microsoft and other tech companies to renounce their contracts with ICE and Frontex and stop profiting from the wave of xenophobia sweeping Europe and the US.

Microsoft isn’t the only one: Salesforce offers cloud services to ICE, and LinkedIn has a contract with ICE that grants the agency “unlimited library access.” In Europe, Frontex relies on Microsoft BI, a data analytics software, to manage its databases.

William, in a time when governments across the world have embraced a xenophobic nationalism, we need to insist that companies like Microsoft say no to anti-immigrant policies.

It’s no secret that ICE and Frontex rely on tech to carry out their work. From government contracts with data-mining firms like Palantir to the use of GPS tracking bracelets on asylum seekers, modern technology is a key cog in the EU and US deportation machines.

Tell Microsoft and Salesforce: don’t let your tech and services be used to separate families.

People across the world are standing up to rising xenophobia. Just a few weeks ago, over a hundred thousand people marched at rallies across the United States to protest Trump’s immigration policy—giving us an opportunity to pressure tech companies to end their contracts with ICE and Frontex. 
If we raise our voices together, we can remove the high-tech services that ICE and Frontex rely on by calling on tech companies to put children and families above profits. 


Thanks for all that you do, 
Reem, Mark and the team at SumOfUs


More information:

15 Organizations Doing Business With ICE — and How Much They’re Making, Time, 27 June 2018.
Microsoft Employees Protest Work With ICE, as Tech Industry Mobilizes Over Immigration, New York Times, June 19, 2018

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