EU Ex-Spy Chief Admits NATO Uses Info Operations To Influence Societies Of Third States

2 November 2018 — South Front

From the Horse’s Mouth

The EU and the NATO see the current situation in Ukraine as a part of the ongoing Russian “hybrid” operation, former head of EU intelligence Commodore Georgij Alafuzoff stated on October 30. He claimed that there is a concern that this “process” may continue in Baltic states and shape the future of Western Europe. Alafuzoff added that Finland and Sweden could also become targets of these “hybrid” efforts.

The ex-spy chief emphasized that currently the NATO is contributing signficant attention to informational operations, which “in some cases” are even capable of changing “the geopolitical potential” of states – their culture, national mindset and moral order of the society. Alafuzoff said that “the West” is the only side that has tools and measures for this and it’s doing this “successfully”. He added that US, EU intelligence plays an important role in “understanding” of the situation.

Russia at this moment of the history has no formed and systematically promoted strategic culture. Furthermore, there is no uniqe national or supra-national  idea or national mission, which would be clear for the Russian population. This allows “Western” ideology and narratives to dominate within the Russian media sphere shaping the society, particularly young adults. Russian Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky has recently confirmed this by saying that that Russian youth “improperly” understand the history of their own country. This is the generation, which appeared in Russia during “the past 20 years”. Medinsky noted that this part of the society gets its historical knowledge from video games, articles in the Internet and Hollywood movies.

One thought on “EU Ex-Spy Chief Admits NATO Uses Info Operations To Influence Societies Of Third States

  1. Alan says:

    Rather understated. Analogically a group of burglars are in your garden armed with crowbars whilst you discuss they could potentially be up to no good. I know you shouldn’t accuse without solid facts yet little short of invasion I think it’s probably safe to assume NATO’s intention is the aggressive subjugation of Russia.


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