On TEDx, Gene Therapy, Profits, and Criminal Thinking By Phil Butler

7 March 2019 — New Eastern Outlook


And the headlines read, “Putin wants his own private internet.” This genius stroke of Neanderthal mass information came from TechRadar via the golden string of stupidity that emanates from Bloomberg. This “thread” I speak of is the connective tissue of the most ominous force in the history of our planet. How’s that for sensational? Now let me show you why America’s propaganda machine will be the end of us all. Very soon, thinking at all will be a crime.

TechRadar needs readers in order to sell ads. This is the crunching reality of this information age. The “free” and open society Google, Microsoft Apple, and all the rest sold to us for a couple of decades now, it was a fluffy white cloud of vapor floating in the blue sky of our idiotic delusions. Anthony Spadafora, the TechRadar writer who paraphrased and disseminated Bloomberg bullshit, he probably does not realize this. He just wanted an easy story, one about Putin that would snag some views from search and the social web, and paraphrasing other news is the most economical way to earn your writing income. It’s what most journalists are forced to do, one way or another. It’s also what those who own media leverage to turn news into propaganda. TechRadar is a popular technology website these days, but it was not always. The media outlet begun back in 2008, is supposedly about IT insights for business, but in today’s chaotic propaganda world, no media outlet is about what it says it is. Now let me quote from the original Bloomberg story that TechRadar is parroting to the world:

“Russia’s censorship deficit relative to China is about to narrow. Backed by President Vladimir Putin, lawmakers in Moscow are pushing a bill through parliament dubbed “Sovereign Internet” that’s designed to create a single command post from which authorities can manage and, if needed, halt information flows across Russian cyberspace.”

To continue. The guys who started TechRadar wanted to be the next TechCrunch, the money making technology and product review Messiah my old pal Michael Arrington created. But Chris Anderson of TEDx talk fame, the man who basically owns TechRadar through Future plc., he’s morphed all the media owned by his concern to “broadcast” the globalist narrative. Anderson, for those who do not know, was and is one of the chief evangelists of the “free society” of the internet pushed and manipulated by the likes of Google and the rest of the technocrat owned machine. You can read about Anderson’s evangelism of “The Matrix” the western world lives in another copy-pasted paraphrasing laziness from back in 2009 here. I’ll cite from the piece to help you get on board the liberal world order’s control strategy:

“Anderson also considers Google to be ‘the poster child of free,’ largely responsible for the sea-change in consumer’s attitudes to paying for digital entertainment and information (or not paying for, as is more often the case).”

You feel it, don’t you? 2008, 2009, Google wins the so-called search engine wars, Apple starts to dwarf the competition, Yahoo! Begins being flushed down the web toilet, at the same time Wall Street perpetrates the biggest ripoff in human history. The generation now pushing the American dream through its profound ambition, they were teenagers dining on this bullshit a decade ago. Grasp this, come to terms with it, the diabolical plan to take over this whole wide world. Oh, but some still doubt, you resist.

TechRadar was almost in the dead pool back when. Now it is the 93rd biggest media site in the US. The outlet has mutated from headlines like “8 hacks to make Firefox ridiculously fast,” to become an agent of fear mongering against the liberal order arch enemy, Vladimir Putin. But why? It cannot simply be that an entrepreneur inextricably linked to the whole liberaö-tech-order is in collusion with the Bloombergs of the world. Then there’s this non-executive chair of Future, a guy named Peter Allen, who’s the big boss of Diurnal Group pharmaceuticals, Advanced Medical Solutions, The Clinigen Group, and Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd. Talk about tying up all the loose ends of humanity. The media group helping the Illuminati (half kidding) take over our minds is also planning to make trillions on the “Global Personalized Cell Therapy Market 2019-2028.” You read correctly. From Bill & Melinda Gates to the Clintons squeezing out billions for NOT saving Haiti, these people have their claws into everything that affects us. And you thought TechRadar was just about gadgets?

I cannot create and boost an advertisement on Facebook that even has a photo of a politician. Facebook tested a censoring bot on me because of my past experience in analyzing tech, my social media expertise, and my geopolitical influencer profile. Everyone who has voiced a dissenting view on the U.S. backed liberal world order versus Russia mess the last 6 years is being profiled and an attempt is being made to silence or muffle us all. An American citizen cannot voice and amplify his or her opinion or beliefs on Facebook! Congress is thinking of passing a law to criminalize criticism of Israel and its leadership. And ANY message the technocrats of this new order want broadcast – it hits every type of media from Hollywood to sports, technology, bug repellent, you name it.

Now. Tell me how Vladimir Putin and Russia wanting to protect Russians from cyber attacks is a crime? The time for believing no one, trusting no one, and thinking for yourself has come.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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