It’s all about Assange… and it’s not

1 April 2019 — New Matilda

In one sense, this special digest is all about Julian Assange. And in another sense, it’s not.

If you’re new to New Matilda (we’ve had a substantial influx of free subscribers in the past few months – the highest in the 14 year history of the site in fact), then you might like some background.

We have a history of publishing on issues that don’t always meet the approval of our readers. That’s because preaching to the choir is easy, but challenging the choir to rethink on a few issues is much more interesting.

Julian Assange is one of those issues. Many in the left have already made up their mind on Assange – that he’s either (a) a rapist, or (b) helped put Trump into office. Or both, and worse.

This five-part series, written by Dr Lissa Johnson, challenges both those scenarios, but also goes a lot deeper by explaining the history of propaganda and, importantly, how it impacts on you and I. Why do we form the views we do, and how do we get there?

It is the most heavily referenced series ever published on New Matilda, testament to Dr Johnson’s extraordinary attention to detail, and her determination to put in front of you information that you can check for yourself.

Lissa is one of the nation’s foremost clinical psychologists, and an expert in the field of ‘groupthink’ (my phrase, not hers). I commend this series to you, and am enormously proud (and grateful) to publish it.

New Matilda exists, at least in part, to challenge official narratives. Our theory is that if you agree with everything you read all the time, then you probably should stop reading. And we do it all on a shoestring, and often against our own economic interests. That’s part of the beauty of independent publishing, and part of the pain.

If this series – which took months to write and research – moves you in some way, and you haven’t already subscribed, you can support our work here. You can make a one off contribution here, and if the series has caused you to have a conniption and vow to never read New Matilda again, the unsubscribe link is at the bottom of this email… and the Cool-Aid is at the rear of the building.

Normal digests resume this week (we’ve had a bit of a bug in the system, which has now been fixed) and for my part, I’m still on the road, heading north from the Far West on Monday/Tuesday, with more Outback Tour stories to follow.

Chris Graham Editor/Publisher

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