Reuters Bites Off Tongue in US War Against Venezuela – Rosneft Forces Withdrawal of News Fabrication By John Helmer

26 April 2019 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The Reuters news agency has published a retraction of an “exclusive” report on operations between the Venezuelan and Russian state oil companies, PDVSA and Rosneft, after disavowing the US-supplied source. Reuters has also acted after Rosneft applied for a criminal investigation of the media company’s operations in Russia by Moscow prosecutors.

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Debunking Myths of ‘Red-Brown’ Alliances By Max Parry

26 April 2019 — Off Guardian

Recently, a certain political concept has been resurrected that warrants interrogation. The notion of a ‘red-brown’ alliance has been thrown around so ubiquitously as a form of political slander that any substantive meaning to the term has been evacuated. Rather than accurately designating any associations that may exist between the left and far right, the idea of a ‘red-brown’ coalition, or ‘querfront’ (cross-front in German), is a generic abstraction cited to mischaracterize a perceived convergence of political opposites. In many respects, it is a stand-in for a similar hypothesis used by liberals — that of ‘horseshoe theory’, or the impression that the far left and far right intersect at both ends of the ideological spectrum — so as to be permitted diction for self-identified leftists. The application of the ‘red-brown’ smear produces the same result in that it situates politics from a centrist vantage point and likens the actual left to fascism. It disappears the anti-fascism of the left and anti-communism of the right while leaving the moderate center at a comfortable distance from the right-wing of which it is the more frequent collaborator.

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Sergey Lavrov’s remarks at the Moscow 2019 Conference on International Security by Sergey Lavrov

26 April 2019 — Voltaire Network

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I am grateful for this invitation to once again speak at the Moscow Conference on International Security organised by the Russian Ministry of Defence. On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I would like to welcome its participants coming from various countries and multilateral organisations.

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Trump Has Murdered Over 40,000 Venezuelans With Sanctions By Caitlin Johnstone

26 April 2019 — Caitlin Johnson

A new study from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) has found that tens of thousands of Venezuelans have died as a direct result of Trump administration sanctions put into effect in August 2017, and that tens of thousands more are expected to die as a result of additional sanctions put into place in January of this year.

Workers of the World Unite (At Last) By Ronaldo Munck

26 April 2019 — Great Transition Initiative

Once seen as the vanguard of a new social order, the contemporary labor movement has been written off by many progressive activists and scholars as a relic of the past. They should not be so hasty. Rather than spelling the beginning of the end for organized labor, globalization has brought new opportunities for reinvention, and a sea change in both trade unions and the wider labor movement. Most notably, globalization has forced unions to think and act outside the state to build transnational solidarity across countries and sectors. Emerging transnational unionism, if it perseveres, contains the seeds of a new global movement, a new international that extends beyond labor to embrace all forces working toward a Great Transition.

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Assange’s Imprisonment Reveals Even More Corruption Than WikiLeaks Did By Caitlin Johnstone

25 April 2019 — Caitlin Johnson

Consortium News has launched a new series titled “The Revelations of WikiLeaks”, geared toward helping readers come to a full appreciation of just how much useful information the outlet has made available to the world with its publications. Which is good, because there’s a whole lot of it. Understanding everything that WikiLeaks has done to shine light in areas that powerful people wish to keep dark makes it abundantly clear why powerful people would want to dedicate immense amounts of energy toward sabotaging it.

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From the BRICS countries to the townships: racial and social segregation continues

25 April 2019 — MROnline

From the BRICS countries to the townships: racial and social segregation continues

Originally published: CADTM (Committee for the Abolition of Illitigimate Debt) (April 22, 2019)

First part of a 2 part series

Over 25 years ago now the people of South Africa won the struggle to end the Apartheid regime.(1) Nevertheless, even though it is now against the law, de facto racial segregation is still apparent. Moreover the capitalist assault on the majority of the population is blatant. The class struggle is all the more clearly perceptible as the main social progress has been the rise to capitalist status of a small minority of Blacks. While there are white and black capitalists, the majority of the non white population are still living in serious to extreme hardship.

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BRI Forum Shanghai: How Western “Reports” Smear China By Andre Vltchek

25 April 2019 — Off Guardian

In poorer countries, people defend BRI

Laos’ new High Speed Rail track

The second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation is about to open in Beijing. It will take place from 25th to 27th April, 2019. The Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to deliver the keynote address.

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Venezuela Newslinks 26 April 2019

26 April 2019 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting

Solidarity with Venezuela now! Protect the embassy

US may soon attempt Venezuela-style ‘color revolutions’ in Nicaragua & Cuba – GRU chief

Abrams calls to ‘imagine’ Venezuela with billions of dollars from US and without Maduro

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